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Gourock: The saints at Bethany Hall have been busy over the last few months. During June, July and August our gospel services went out into a local public park and several who never attend the services in the hall heard the gospel. In September/October the assembly had a visit from Peter Brandon for two weeks of gospel meetings. The gospel was preached clearly and good numbers attended. During the day coffee meetings were held in the homes of several of the saints. A good number heard the gospel with several professing faith, others were assured in their salvation, while the whole assembly was uplifted and challenged by his ministry.

The assembly in Kilwinning had three weeks of gospel meetings in September with evangelist Roland Pickering. These meetings were organised with the support and fellowship of Ayrshire Gospel Outreach. The gospel was presented clearly and powerfully each evening and there were unbelievers present to hear it every night. The response from the town was disappointing despite the fact that 6,000 special leaflets were distributed, door to door visitation was undertaken, and personal invitations were given to people on the streets and elsewhere. It is not known if any trusted the Lord, but prayer is requested for those who showed a little interest, e.g. the man who requested a Bible, the families of believers’ children, others who came to the meetings, and those who did promise but never came. The assembly appreciated the support and fellowship of the Christians from other assemblies, some travelling from Lanarkshire on more than one occasion. The saints were encouraged by the exaltation of our Lord Jesus in the gospel preaching and we trust that He will be further glorified in the salvation of precious souls.



Ahoghill: The Conference was held on 3rd November. A report will be given (DV) in the next issue.

Ballinaloob: Gospel meetings commenced on 28th October in this country area. Speakers: D Davidson and W Fenton.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel meetings commenced on 28th October. Speakers: S Grant and P McCauley.

Ballywatermoy: Ministry meetings were held from 22nd-24th October. S Ferguson was responsible, and the ministry given was appreciated.

Broughshane: Gospel meetings are commencing (DV) in a portable hall at Mr Davison’s yard, Ballygarvey Road on Lord’s Day, 13th January, at 7.00pm. Week nights at 8.00pm. Speakers: B Currie and A Caldwell. Prayer appreciated.

Ministry meetings will take place in the Gospel Hall from 7th-11th January with S Wells prior to the gospel effort.

Clough: The Conference was held on 10th November. A report will be given (DV) in the next issue.

Kells: Special meetings with J Rodgers and A Caldwell continue in a portable hall between Kells and Connor villages. Good numbers are attending including many visitors. Prayer valued.


Ardmore Gospel Hall: There was a full hall for the Annual Conference on 29th September. It was a profitable time, with ministry from R Hill, W Barr, P McCauley, and L Craig.

Drumacanver: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in early January with W Fenton and S Wells. Prayer valued.

Lurgan Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was again well supported from a wide area. The Bible Readings were helpful and profitable with searching and timely ministry by various speakers. Bible Readings were conducted by D Gilliland, J Allen, T Wilson, and P Coulson.

Markethill Gospel Hall: J Wishart and S Barr conducted three weeks of gospel meetings in this small town. The area was well visited with invitations and tracts.

Portadown Gospel Hall: J Fleck had a profitable week of ministry with the assembly here during the last week in October.


Edenderry Gospel Hall (Shaws Bridge): Gospel meetings commenced in the village on 21st October. The preachers are D McGarvey and J Bingham. Please pray for blessing.

Plantation Gospel Hall (Lisburn): The assembly is convening a series of gospel meetings at Sprucefield midway between Lisburn and Hillsborough. The meetings commenced on 28th October and are being conducted by D Gilliland and S Gilfillan. Please pray for this outreach area.


Aughrim Gospel Hall: R Jennings (Vancouver) had a week of well-attended ministry meetings on "The sufferings and work of Christ". The Christians were both challenged and encouraged.

Ballylintagh: Very good numbers attended meetings conducted by J Flanigan when he gave much appreciated teaching on "The Upper Room ministry of the Lord Jesus".

Coleraine: Gospel meetings in a portable hall at W Neilly’s farm on the Gateside Road were conducted by W Fenton and M McKillen and concluded on the 23rd October after six and a half weeks. The meetings were well-attended with many local people and the unsaved families of the believers coming on a regular basis. The interest was good and a number of people were deeply concerned about salvation. The coming Day will reveal what God hath wrought.

Drumenagh: D McGarvey and R Reynolds had five weeks of gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall. Above average numbers of people from the district were present, with a number attending for the first time. There were those who showed concern about their soul’s salvation.

Limavady: S Maze and D Donaghy preached the gospel for five weeks in a portable hall in the district of Aghanloo. The meetings were well supported by believers and there was also good attendance on the part of the unsaved. Encouragement was given at the commencement and the close of the series with blessing in salvation.

Raphoe: S Patterson and S Gilfillan have had four weeks of meetings in a portable hall in this small market town in County Donegal. The meetings were characterised by faithful preaching, encouraging prayer meetings, and good attendance on the part of the unsaved. This all resulted, under the hand of God, in blessing in salvation.


Cookstown: A Colgan and L Craig have been engaged in a series of gospel meetings in this area.

Donemana: The Annual Conference was held on 18th October. Taking part in the ministry were R Gault, B Glendinning, G Woods, T McNeill, J Martin, and D Rogers.

Dungannon: J Martin and W Martin commenced gospel meetings on 28th October.

Fintona: U Ussher had three evenings of profitable ministry with the assembly.

Gillygooley: S Nelson and A Wilson continue in the gospel in this country area outside Omagh in a portable hall. They are finding it difficult to have the local people attend on a regular basis.

Lungs: The Annual Conference was held on 6th October. B Glendinning, J Wishart, M Radcliffe, R Gault, and S McBride ministered the Word.


Monaghan Town: J Martin and W Martin preached the gospel for seven weeks in a disused shop in Monaghan town. At the beginning interest was poor, but it built up over the weeks. The last week brought encouragement with one professing salvation.



Birmingham, Northfield: The Annual Homeworkers Report Meeting saw a good number hear a most interesting report from R Plant. He spoke at length on work at Showgrounds, and on encouraging interest amongst children.

Coventry, Upper Hill Street: F Beevers and M Penfold ministered the Word at the Annual Conference in October. Good ministry with excellent support from the assembly and visiting saints.

Solihull: The assembly was heartened by the ministry and support from visiting saints, when D Bees and A Wiseman were the speakers at this year’s Annual Conference.


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