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In October-November, the assembly in Tayport had four weeks in the gospel with Robert Eadie and Samuel Mayes as the preachers. They preached also in the Gospel Hall in St Andrews on Lord's Day evenings. Most of the meetings were quite well attended with a number of unsaved people being brought in to hear the messages preached. Many more people were invited but failed to come in spite of promises made. Pray that this effort will yet bear fruit to God's glory and for the strengthening of these testimonies in north-east Fife.


Joe Baxter was at Buckie for four weeks in the gospel during October and November. The number of unsaved attending was not large, but many good contacts were made in door-to-door work. Bridges were built and Joe is now in postal contact with some forty individuals. The support of believers from neighbouring assemblies was greatly appreciated, and a number of Christians not in assembly fellowship came regularly. Please pray that God will bless His Word.

In mid November the assembly at Lossiemouth had a very encouraging and profitable four nights of prophetic teaching by Phil Coulson. On the first night the trustworthiness of the Bible was shown by reference to Old Testament prophecies which have been fulfilled to the letter, in particularly the fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy about the great city of Tyre. On subsequent nights he described political, religious and military events, then ecological, social and economic events that will soon overtake this world, concluding with the millennial reign of our Lord Jesus and a new world order of peace, prosperity and happiness. Again, the meetings were well supported by neighbouring assemblies and here also it was most encouraging to see present over twenty believers not in assembly fellowship who were amazed at how simply these difficult matters had been presented. Pray with us that the Spirit may deepen both their desire and ours to know God through His Word.



Drumacanver: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in early January in this district with W Fenton and S Wells. Prayer valued.

Teague Gospel Hall: R Pickering was with this small assembly for gospel meetings during the month of November. The numbers in attendance were encouraging and there was blessing in salvation.


Cardy Gospel Hall: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was on display for one week during October when some 500 young people attended over the period showing a considerable interest in the Holy Scriptures. The following week S Grant conducted children's meetings with good interest. The results following have shown an increase in numbers attending the Sunday School and children's meetings. Please pray for every effort to reach young people for Christ.

The assembly is expecting Malcolm Radcliffe and Jonathan Procopio (God willing) to commence a series of gospel meetings on 13th January. A prayerful interest would be appreciated.

Edenderry Gospel Hall: At the end of November D McGarvey and J Bingham have been preaching the gospel for six weeks. The meetings have been encouraging with a good number of the village folk showing interest in salvation. The good seed of the Word of God has been faithfully sown in visitation and in the preaching.

Mullafernaghan Gospel Hall: R Pickering and T Wallace are expected (DV) for gospel meetings at the beginning of February. Prayer appreciated.

Shanaghan Gospel Hall: B Glendinning and R Fairley continue in the gospel in this country area. The meetings are now in the seventh week at the end of November, with good numbers in attendance and a nice interest.

Plantation Gospel Hall (Lisburn):D Gilliland and S Gilfillan are experiencing liberty in the preaching of the gospel at Sprucefield, the meetings being held in what was a large car showroom. The attendance and interest have been most encouraging.


Dungannon Gospel Hall: J Martin and W Martin are continuing in the gospel at the end of November with attendance and interest being built up.

Gillygooley (Omagh): A Wilson and S Nelson concluded seven weeks of gospel meetings that were held in a portable hall. A number of local people attended.

Omagh: The Annual Conference was held on 3rd November. Profitable ministry was given by D Gilliland, D Ussher, N McKeown, S Ferguson, B Currie, and W Boyd.


Ballinaloob: Gospel meetings with D Davidson and W Fenton are due to conclude on 5th December after six weeks of preaching. The believers were encouraged by blessing in salvation.

Ballymena, Cambridge Avenue:Gospel meetings with S Grant and P McCauley concluded on 16th November. There was good attendance with visitors and unsaved present each evening to listen to the Word of God faithfully preached.

Broughshane: Gospel meetings (DV) are commencing in a portable hall at Mr Davidson's yard, Ballygarvey Road, on 13th January with B Currie and A Caldwell. Prayer appreciated.

Ministry meetings will take place in the Gospel Hall with S Wells from 7th-11th January.

The assembly is expecting R McKeown for ministry during the first week of December. Subject: "Walking, Working and Warring for God".

Kells: Gospel meetings with J Rogers and A Caldwell in a portable hall on an excellent site in Connor village concluded on 16th November. Very good numbers attended nightly with many visitors coming to listen to the message. There was help to preach.

Portrush: J Rogers and I Gordon are expected for two weeks of gospel meetings during early December.

Ahoghill: The Annual Conference meetings were held from 3rd-10th November. The conference was well attended, and challenging and profitable ministry was given by P McCauley, W Banks, J Flanigan, and I Jackson. On the Lord's Day, W Banks gave a Christ exalting exposition of Psalm 110. I Jackson continued in ministry on "Foundational Truths" from the early chapters of Genesis. The teaching was considered to be a spiritual blessing to all present.

Clough: The Conference was held on 10th November. The believers were encouraged by a full hall with good interest. Profitable ministry was given by S McBride, J G Hutchinson, N McKeown, D McGarvey, W Martin, S Ferguson, and B Glendinning.

Rasharkin: B Currie had ministry meetings from 3rd-7th December.


Magherafelt: A Colgan and L Craig are in the fourth week of gospel meetings in the new Hall. The town and surrounding district has been visited well, but the response has been disappointing. D Gilliland was present for one week of well-attended and profitable meetings dealing with "The most important room in history (The Upper Room)". The gospel and ministry meetings are to mark the opening of the new Gospel Hall (report to follow).


Clontakilty: S Gilfillan and H Milliken hope to commence gospel meetings here in early January. Please pray for blessing as the Word is sounded out in this very needy area.


Longford Gospel Hall: In mid November S Patterson was with the small assembly for two weeks of gospel meetings. The Word was faithfully declared to both young and old.



Rathmines Gospel Hall: Brother Eugene Higgins (New Jersey, USA) had fifteen nights' gospel meetings during November. There was a sustained interest, and the attendance included a large number who heard the gospel for the first time. The believers were encouraged and some souls professed salvation. Prayer is valued for continued blessing.


Bicester, Hebron Gospel Hall:Eugene Higgins was in Bicester for 8 nights of gospel meetings during November, preaching in a rented Community Centre on a housing estate. On several nights around 70 gathered, which included more than 20 unsaved. These meetings were following up the Tent work done in the neighbourhood this past summer.

Yorkshire: The 12th annualYorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby with Ian Jackson as the speaker. Bible Readings on Colossians were held each morning, and ministry on Future Events took place in the evenings. A group of almost 100 believers from all parts of the UK enjoyed the profitable meetings and a time of warm fellowship.

Airedale, West Yorkshire: The small assembly was encouraged when a 10 year old girl professed faith in Christ during a week of children's meetings conducted by Philip Kaye.


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