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Poetry: Back to Gilgal

W Blane

And Joshua returned, and all Israel with him,
unto the camp to Gilgal (Josh 10.43)
Back to Gilgal, back to Gilgal,
Let me, O my spirit, go!
Where the stones of death lie buried
’Neath the mighty Jordan’s flow;
Where the manna ceased from falling
On the resurrection day -
Back to where the shame of Egypt
From the host was rolled away.

Back to where the stones of witness
Silent by the river stand;
Where was ate the feast unleaven’d,
And the old corn of the land;
Where Jehovah’s ransomed army
For the Canaan conquest start;
Back where death and resurrection
Meet the eye and fill the heart.

When, by strength of God, victorious
Thou dost bear the spoil away,
Back unto the camp at Gilgal
Hasten in that joyful day!
If, defeated in the conflict,
Thou dost flee before the foe
Back to Gilgal, O my spirit -
In thy shame and sorrow go!

Till the land shall all be conquered,
And the palm thy hand shall bear -
Till the tent is pitched in Shiloh,
And Jehovah worshipped there.
Camp at Gilgal, start from Gilgal,
Back to Gilgal ever come!
Anchor by the ford of Jordan
Till all Canaan is thy home.


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