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Perth: After many years in the centre of Perth, at the beginning of June the assembly moved to their new Gospel Hall on the western edge of the city. The building had been part of a hotel complex, and over nine months the believers worked hard to renovate and prepare it for their use in serving the Lord in this new area surrounded by two large housing estates. During two Open Days many visited the premises, door to door work around the Hall continues, and prayer is sought that the testimony will be effective in this new location in reaching many more with the gospel. A teenage girl was baptised on one of the first Lord’s Days in the new hall.

Other Areas and Activities: Over the summer period many assemblies take opportunities at local Gala days and district Fairs to display and present gospel materials on Book Stalls. Two such events in June at St Monans and St Andrews led to good contacts and conversations. Tract distribution, both systematic and on special summer occasions, also continues, and in August, week-long Holiday Clubs for children are planned by many assemblies. Pray for blessing through all such efforts country wide.

In Cairnbulg, near Fraserburgh, Sinclair Banks and Iain McLean had gospel meetings over 3 weeks in the Village Gospel Hall. A good number of unsaved people attended, some each night, with good support from believers nearby.



Ahoghill: Open Air Meetings around the village with D McGarvey were held from 1st-12th June. A good interest was shown.

Ahoghill: Gospel Meetings are planned to commence on 4th October with W Fenton and D McGarvey responsible.

Ballintoy: Local brethren are having encouraging Open Air Meetings each Lord’s Day during June, July, and August visiting local villages and the seaside areas. Meetings have now concluded at Ballywatt. They were much appreciated by the locals who attended as W Fenton and U Badger clearly preached the Word.

Ballyclare: S Wells had ministry meetings from 22nd-25th June.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Children’s Meetings in Galgorm Community Centre were held from 15th-19th June with I McClean. There was very good interest with parents present on the last evening. An encouraging week. The assembly has open air meetings from June - August in Ballymena’s People’s Park each Lord’s Day and in the town centre on Thursday evenings.

Ballymena (Harryville): Open Air Meetings were held from 18th May-5th June around the housing areas. The local brethren were encouraged by the response.

Broughshane: Annual Open Air Meetings are planned from 3rd-14th August around the village with D McGarvey and local brethren.

Bushmills: Annual Bible Readings and Open Air Meetings were held from 13th-24th July with R McKeown helped by local brethren. The passages under consideration were 1 Thessalonians 4.7 to 2 Thessalonians chapters 1-3.

Clough: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on 9th August with D McGarvey and M Radcliffe. Prayer appreciated.

Dundessert: Gospel Meetings commenced on 21st June in Templepatrick, at Ballydonaghy Road outside Crumlin. N Coulter and B Glendinning are responsible. Please pray for blessing in this needy area.

Kells: One week of Open Air Meetings around the village is expected to commence on 26th July. J Rodgers is to be responsible.

Lisburn: The Wallace Avenue assembly convened an outreach effort in a portable hall on the Moira Road area of the city for 4 weeks which concluded on the 19th June. The gospel was faithfully preached by L Craig and P McCauley, and fair numbers attended although there was very little response from the local people of the area.

Portrush: J Hay is expected for Ministry Meetings from 26th-31st July.


Lurgan: The assembly has been conducting a short spell of gospel meetings in a community centre. This would be counted a difficult area, but the believers have been happy to see large numbers of children attending plus a few adults. The speakers were D Gilliland and D Callaghan.

Drumacanver Gospel Hall: S Wells had a week of very profitable ministry, concentrating on some outstanding men of the Bible. The meetings were well attended and supported by surrounding assemblies.


Drumlough, Rathfriland: The Annual Conference was held on 20th May and a large company was present to hear profitable ministry given by brethren W J Nesbitt, W Martin, B Glendinning, B Currie, and J G Hutchinson.

Gransha: Tent meetings were continuing at the beginning of July with some interest. The preachers are R Pickering and J Wishart.

Portavogie, New Road: The Annual Meeting of believers was held on 4th April. The assembly was greatly encouraged by the ministry and increase in numbers of saints who gathered. Those ministering were J Flanigan, S Ferguson, T Sloan, J Paterson, M Radcliffe, B Currie, A Davidson, B Glendinning.


Martry (Ballygawley): The Annual Conference was held on 13th June. A large company was present to hear profitable words from M Radcliffe, T Matthews, B Hull, J Lennox, and W J Nesbitt.

Sion Mills: The Annual Conference on 27th June was well attended and ministry was given by S McBride, S Jennings, D Gilliland, G Woods, L Craig, and B Glendinning. D Gilliland continued in ministry from 29th June for one week. Subject: "The Alphabet of the Holy Spirit".


A gospel effort has just commenced in a large local hotel in Monaghan town. This is a new venture for the assembly and prayer is very much valued for our two brethren, T Topley and T McKinley.


Gortade: The assembly had two weeks of gospel meetings in a community building in the village of Upperlands. Brethren from the Gortade assembly and neighbouring assemblies were responsible for the preaching of the gospel. An encouraging number of people from the district attended, including a woman from Poland - people who had never been to a meeting in the Gospel Hall.

Letterkenny: G Stewart and S Patterson have finished seven weeks of meetings in a portable hall in the country district of Glenmaquin near Letterkenny. Several people expressed interest in being saved but as yet there is no news of any trusting Christ. There has been encouragement during the months of May and June in that one young man has been received into fellowship in the Bridgetown assembly and a young lady added to the number in the Magheracorran assembly.

Laghy: S Gilfillan and J Fleck continue in the gospel in a portable hall. An encouraging number from the district are attending, as are believers on holiday in the area.

Limavady: J Rodgers and M Radcliffe have finished seven weeks of gospel meetings. The attendance from the district was encouraging but lacked consistency, nevertheless some of them expressed an interest in what they had listened to. The attendance of the Christians’ children was a source of encouragement.

Magherafelt: The assembly has been greatly encouraged by six weeks of gospel preaching by D Gilliland and S Gilfillan resulting in five people making it known that they had trusted Christ for the salvation of their souls.


Prior to their Conference, the small assembly at Red Row, Northumberland had a few nights of gospel meetings , with Joe Baxter, in May. Our brother spent time on the doors and had some good conversations but, sadly, promises to come to the meetings were not kept. However, the seed has been sown and we would urge prayer that the Lord will, in His good time, bless in salvation.

There were special children’s meetings at Pallion Road, Sunderland from 20th to 24th April. Ian Campbell was the speaker and, although only a few gathered at the start of the week, the numbers increased and good interest was shown throughout.

The coffee mornings at Pallion arranged for a Tuesday morning have continued with much to encourage. Passers-by have called in, and parents and children from the Sunday School have visited. Old links have been renewed with a few, and new links have been formed. Prayers would be valued.

The assembly at Hope Hall, London held a Gospel Campaign from 31st May-5th June with David Tinkler from Cheshunt. Prior to the Campaign 5,000 leaflets were distributed through the doors and this was followed up by door knocking. Many people were polite, but non-committal.

David’s main theme was based on John 3.16, with other passages included. A small number of unsaved came in to the meetings and they heard a sound message. This was followed by light refreshments. As far as we know, nobody was saved. The Lord can bring them to Himself.


Birmingham: The city hosted the 100th Annual Rotary International Convention in June, which brought delegates from over 100 countries to the city.

A brother from Oklahoma City, USA, had a tract in three languages specially produced, and with his family and local believers distributed copies to delegates at various venues in and around the city.

Birmingham, Aston: J Hall ministered the Word at this year’s Annual Conference. The saints profited from his ministry both on the Saturday and on the weeknights which followed. It was encouraging to see a number of other assemblies represented.

Burghill: The Annual Conference at this rural Herefordshire assembly was an excellent time of ministry with help from A Maunder and C Roberts. The latter stayed over to give further help and encouragement. Many of the visiting believers had travelled a considerable distance to give their support to an assembly in a county which once had quite a number of assemblies in the rural villages.

Wallingford: During May, B Martin had a week of challenging ministry on "men of God".

Bicester: In May Robin McKeown had an excellent and edifying week on assembly principles.

Eastbourne Bible Readings: The May Eastbourne Bible Readings proved helpful on the epistle to the Hebrews with P Coulson and R Catchpole.

During the month of June, gospel meetings were held in Eastbourne with B Martin, Kilburn (London) with D Tinkler and Ealing (London) with J Palmer in a Tent for 4 weeks. Good numbers of unsaved came in to the Ealing meetings.

Two weeks of gospel meetings in Hanslope, Bucks, with J Stubbs and M Penfold saw a few villagers in and some new contacts coming regularly.

Tent meetings in some School grounds in Bicester from 26th July-23rd August with T Wright and W Martin are ongoing. Prayer valued.

N Patel held gospel meetings in Wembley Gospel Hall over 6 weekends in June/July. A Hindu man has recently been saved bringing much joy. N Patel also had 2 weeks of gospel meetings in Lewisham Gospel Hall during July.


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