December 2009

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From the editor: "Fear not" (Gen 15.1)
J Grant

Letters to a New Believer (5): The Importance of Reverence
D Newell

The Significance of Pentecost (2 )
E W Rogers

Book Review

Ye are the body of Christ (4) - 1 Corinthians 12
M Hayward

Woe unto the Pharisees (Mt 23; Mk 12.38-44; Lk 20.45-21.4)
J Gibson

The Pharisees broke The Ten Commandments
J Gibson

Give account of Himself
C Jones

Notebook: The Rapture of the Church
David R Alves

Question Box

Whose faith follow: Mr J Noble (1915-1989)
Malcolm Radcliffe

Into All The World: Visit to Borneo
S Grant

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers

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The Pharisees broke The Ten Commandments

J Gibson, Derby



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