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Glenburn, Prestwick: Making Contacts in the Community. The Parents and Toddlers group which has been held over the last couple of years on a Friday morning has proved to be very successful. Around thirty mothers and grandmothers with their children attend each week. A number of these have come back to the monthly coffee morning and one mother recently brought her two older children to the Sunday School. A young woman who used to be in fellowship has also recently started attending, and encouraging conversations are held and worthwhile questions being asked by those who are coming.



Ballywatermoy: Ministry meetings with D Gilliland were held from 14th-18th December.

Broughshane: Gospel meetings continue with J Martin and W Martin. Large numbers are attending and the believers are thankful for blessing.

Burnside: Gospel meetings continue with S Gilfillan (Newtownstewart) and C Beresford (Moneyreagh). Good numbers are attending and there is a measure of interest.

Clonkeen: Jack Hay had meetings in Randalstown Gospel Hall from 30th November - 3rd December.

Glengormley: Due to interest, gospel meetings continued into a 5th week and concluded on 27th November. The preachers were J Rogers and I Gordon. The believers have been greatly encouraged by blessing.

During October/November A Turkington (Venezuela) and A Bergsma gave interesting reports and ministry around various assemblies in Co Antrim.


Lurgan Gospel Hall: At the end of November the gospel series was continuing into sixth week with good interest and some blessing. The preachers are R McKeown and G Woods.

Tassagh Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in mid January with R McKeown and J Fleck.


Annalong Gospel Hall: R Pickering and J Wishart were continuing in the gospel into a sixth week of meetings at the beginning of December. The attendance and interest has been encouraging with a number of unsaved coming. The area has been well visited with invitations and gospel literature.

Ballymagarrick: The assembly here arranged gospel meetings in a portable hall as an outreach at the Temple on the Carryduff to Ballynahinch Road. The gospel has been faithfully preached for five weeks by L Craig and P McCauley, concluding on 27th November. Whilst the attendance was good the interest locally was not consistent.

Dromore: Gospel meetings are expected to commence DV February 2010 with M Radcliffe and W Fenton.

Gospel Hall, New Road, Portavogie: In early November ministry meetings were well attended from assemblies in the area on a study of the book of Malachi with brother J Baker. These proved very profitable and challenging to all.


Londonderry, Lapwing Way, Gospel Hall: B Glendinning and D Ussher commenced gospel meetings on 1st November and were continuing during the month to preach nightly. The assembly is very small and the people in the estates in the area are most difficult to interest in salvation. Please pray that the good seed sown may yet bear fruit.

Portstewart: R Plant was with the assembly for two weeks and had very encouraging children’s meetings. The good interest was partly due to the effort put in by the assembly. The meetings concluded with a family service at which prizes were given out and refreshments enjoyed. Nearly all the primary schools in the town and area were visited and the messages given were very well received.


Omagh Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference on 7th November was well attended and a time of spiritual profit. The conference was addressed by G Hutchinson, D Gilliland, T McNeill, S McBride, and B Smyth. The Missionary Session was interesting as A Davidson gave an account of his recent visit to Russia, and T Matthews spoke on his work in Brazil. G Woods is expected on December 28th-31st for end of the year ministry.


Matchet Street Gospel Hall: R Eadie and S Maze commenced a series in the gospel in early November in this Shankill Road area of the city. Please pray that the Lord will work as they labour amongst the people.


Arva H Milliken from the assembly in Armagh had two weeks of gospel meetings with help from a local brother. Tracts and invitations were given out around the area and some locals did come in.


Monaghan: The assembly here had a special meeting to mark fifty years of testimony on Saturday, 21st November. The venue for the meetings was in a local hotel. A good number of believers from other assemblies north and south of the border came to support and encourage the local believers as they continue the testimony in this needy area. Speakers taking part in ministry were S Ferguson, S Maze, T McNeill, and W Martin. W J Nesbitt gave ministry on the Lord’s Day in the Gospel Hall.


Kirkby-in-Ashfield: Stephen Baker (Liverpool) held a second series of gospel meetings, entitled Discover the Truth, with this small company during October. The focus this year was, "What does the future hold for you?". Assisted by the young men of the assembly who shared in the preaching, they held open air meetings in the pedestrian shopping precinct most days, together with leaflet distribution and door-to-door work. All 8,500 homes in the town had invitations and a verse from the Word of God delivered. A number of those spoken to accepted a gospel message on CD, a copy of Ultimate Questions, or a portion of the Scriptures.

Although there was some opposition to the open air preaching, and response by people of the town in attending the gospel meetings was poor, the assembly was encouraged by the support of local believers and the knowledge that a number had been reached with the gospel.

Curzon Street, Derby: The assembly here had a series of gospel meetings commencing on 15th November and running for three weeks. The meetings, held from Lord’s Day through to Friday each evening, were well attended with a number of outsiders present, some on a number of occasions. The saints were active in distributing invitations and in bringing along contacts they had made. The gospel was faithfully preached by John Fleck (Northern Ireland) and was followed up by prayer after each meeting.

The assembly was encouraged by the response generally, and prayer is requested that there might yet be those who will profess faith in Christ.

Nantgarw: For 4 weeks during October/November we had Gospel meetings with our beloved brethren Malcolm Radcliffe and Blair Martin. It was a real joy to hear the gospel preached so faithfully and so simply, yet searching and refreshing. Few from the village grasped the opportunity to come but believers from other areas were very supportive in bringing those not saved. One man, a workmate of a brother in the meeting, came 6 times. Altogether approximately 23 different people came in over the 4 weeks. We as a little company have been cheered and encouraged and continue to look to God for the increase.Your prayers are much valued.


Shillingstone: For the past thirty years, one of the brothers in this assembly has had a full page gospel message included in the bi-monthly village magazine, appending an invitation to everyone to attend the regular Lord’s Day gospel meetings. Though very few come to these, it appears from conversations on doorsteps during tract distribution that most people read their magazine from cover to cover, including the gospel message. Prayer would be valued that the Lord will bless this work to the salvation of men and women locally.

Bethany Hall, Weymouth: The assembly that meets here hosts a team of evangelists each summer for two weeks of beach mission, of open air preaching in the shopping areas, and, when the weather is inclement, the provision of refreshments in the hall with the opportunity of speaking to folk, largely holidaymakers but also local people, about their souls’ well-being. J Hawley and his fellow-workers, together with saints from local assemblies in Weymouth, conducted children’s meetings on the beach with many parents and other adults listening as well, and during open air preaching sessions much gospel literature was given out, as well as many CDs, and there were many useful conversations with individuals, families, and other groups of young and old. There was great joy when a middle-aged man, Tim, trusted the Lord in the second week and the prayerful interest of the Lord’s people is coveted for his spiritual growth.

Hampshire, Southampton: The assembly meeting at the Gospel Hall, Millbrook Road held two weeks of children’s meetings with Robert Plant in the autumn. Twenty-five boys and girls attended with up to fifteen coming each evening, and it was a great joy to see two sisters of seven and nine years of age trusting the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. Their father is an atheist and their mother has no interest in the gospel, so these girls need the prayerful support of the Lord’s people that they might grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Conference at Harton on 13th September. Excellent ministry was given on the occasion of the annual conference. The ministering brethren were Mr Scott Dunn and Mr Malcolm Radcliffe. The believers who gathered were blessed by the faithful ministry of God’s word. Mr Radcliffe continued with the saints at Harton on the Lord’s Day and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following. The meetings were well supported and much blessing was enjoyed.

In October the assembly at Harton had a week of special meetings for children. The speaker was Mr Ian Campbell who belongs to that assembly. The number of children attending was encouraging with as many as twenty-four present on one evening. Good attention and interest were shown throughout the week.

Missionary Conference Weekend: The 66th Missionary Conference Weekend was held in assemblies across the Tyne, Tees, and Wear area. Reports were given by Mr Robert Revie in relation to Ethiopia, Mr Richard McClenaghan in relation to Romania, and Mr Wendell Webb in relation to Armenia. The believers were encouraged and cheered by reports of the Lord’s work in all of these countries. Much material for prayer was gathered and many hearts touched at the description of the faithfulness of so many of the Lord’s people in these lands.

Tyneside Monthly Bible Reading and Ministry Meetings: A new series began on 3rd October with the gathering as usual in the Gospel Hall at Jarrow. The Scripture under consideration in this series of readings is the 1st Epistle of John. Mr Stephen Grant opened the passage and gave helpful introductions and skillful guidance throughout the reading. In the evening he gave excellent ministry in Philippians 4. That ministry was at once challenging and edifying. Mr Alan Gamble was with the saints on 7th November. He led the reading in 1 John 2.1-17. In the evening he ministered on Romans 8 to the great profit of all present.

Pallion Road Sunderland: The Annual Conference was held in the Gospel Hall on 10th October. Ministering brethren were Mr Archie Carew and Mr Robert Thomson. The meetings were well attended and the exercise of the brethren greatly appreciated by the believers who gathered. Mr Carew gave lessons from the life and prophecy of Jeremiah and Mr Thomson outlined truths from the Letter to the Colossians. Mr Carew continued with the believers at Pallion for the gospel on Lord’s Day and for ministry on each of the evenings Monday to Thursday inclusive. He took up the theme of the need for the Lord’s sufferings and crucifixion in the light of Old Testament Scriptures and the purposes of God.

The believers at Pallion have embarked upon a new work of distributing Christian literature in the area immediately around the hall. It is purposed that this outreach should be ongoing in the will of the Lord with distributions taking place to the same area on a regular basis.

Following on from an earlier exercise the believers arranged for a second holiday club for children during the October holiday break. There was good attendance and interest with an average number of twenty-four children each day. Activities and teaching were arranged by reference to the life of King David. Prayer would be valued both for the distribution of literature and for the work done amongst the youngsters.

The coffee morning continues and there has hardly been a week when no visitor has called into the hall. It is the prayer of the believers that those calling may come to know the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

A Bible Class has begun for the few youngsters who took part in the series last year and it is proposed to take up studies in the Gospel according to Luke.

Ian Campbell was in Ealing, London, for a week of encouraging children’s meetings during October.

Norman Mellish was in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, for a challenging week of ministry on "Egypt to Canaan".

Brian Currie had a week of ministry on Assembly Truth in Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton, during September.

John Stubbs had ministry meetings in Barrow in Furness, Bristol, Caerphilly and Bicester during October and November. His ministry at Bicester on "The Tabernacle" is available at www.hebrongospelhall.org

John Fleck is preaching the gospel in Curzon St, Derby, and the believers have been encouraged to see some sinners coming in nightly.

Stockton on Tees: Alan and Pauline Barber serve the Lord in the Hartlepool area. They work mainly in the schools and are greatly encouraged with the opportunities afforded to speak to hundreds of children and staff on a daily basis. Recently they have taken a greater number of lessons and this has provided the possibility to teach the children an outline of Scripture in a systematic way over a six week period.

They are continuing with tract and gospel literature distribution each weekend with a view to the preparations and busy planning for the Tall Ships Race which DV will visit Hartlepool in 2010. An application has been submitted to the council and they hope to take Robert Plant’s trailer to the event for distributing and displaying Christian literature. A half page advert will be put in the official souvenir program and will display John 3.16. It is anticipated that hundreds of thousands of people will visit this event making it an extremely worthwhile method of making the gospel known. As time draws near for the event they are hoping to organize open airs in the town centre as well as have the stand for literature at the marina.

There is a great deal of work to do in placing Seed Sower packs and tracts in cotton bags which clearly display a gospel text and it is felt that these bags will be kept and used rather than just be discarded.

Prayer would be greatly appreciated as their desire would be that the precious and worthy name of our Lord Jesus Christ will be exalted and that many will repent and believe the gospel.


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