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Hamilton: The assembly at High Parks had Robert Plant for two weeks’ children’s meetings in March. Numbers were not large, but consistent interest was shown by the children. Some local schools were visited on different days, and a Bible Exhibition was also there for one of the weeks. In this way a number of school children and their teachers were challenged by the Word of God.

Castle Douglas: Terry Topley and Sam Maze have been visiting in the Castle Douglas area, and during March held meetings in the Gospel Hall. The Lord has been pleased to give some blessing. Prayer is valued for this needy area that more souls will be saved and that the assembly will continue to be encouraged.

Dreghorn: The assembly has been really encouraged recently to see a local man saved. He had been bringing his children to the children’s meeting and started to attend the gospel meeting on a Sunday evening as well. A few weeks ago at the children’s meeting he made it known that he needed to be saved and couldn’t put it off any longer. One of the brethren spoke with him and the Lord saved his soul. Asked about the difference this had made he said that it was a life changing experience not only for himself but also for his children.

Salsburgh: Following the Summer work of 2009 in Salsburgh, it was  agreed to continue with children’s meetings and gospel meetings on the 1st Friday of every month. The gospel preaching was shared by Roy Marshall and Blair Martin, and the children’s work by Graeme Paterson, Derek Robertson, and David Bell. Please remember the small assembly and the interest shown in the village. Please pray especially for Jim McCluskey, who has attended faithfully. He has big problems in his life because of alcohol; he really needs the Saviour. Graeme Paterson has also now access to the local school. We are thankful to the Lord for opening this door.

Summer work for 2010 D.V. has been arranged as follows: Open Air Rallies at Kirkmuirhill, Chapelhall, Overtown, Newmains, Salsburgh, and Greengairs. Open Air Meetings and Tract distribution at Greengairs, Chapelhall, Uddingston, and Overtown in June. There will also be 2 weeks’ children’s meetings and 1 week’s gospel meetings in Salsburgh in August. The servants are Blair Martin and Roy Marshall for visitation and gospel preaching. Graeme Paterson will be responsible for the Children’s meetings.



Ahoghill: The Annual Missionary Conference on 26th March was very well attended with very good interest.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): D Gilliland’s ministry meetings from 28th to 31st March on "Our Heritage – Reformation, Revival and Recovery", were exceptionally well attended and very profitable.

Kells: Bible Readings were held with R McKeown from 12th - 16th April considering Ephesians.

Kells: D McGarvey will commence gospel meetings from Lord’s Day, 25th April for a number of weeks. Prayer appreciated.

Kingsmoss: Gospel meetings commenced on 18th April with W Fenton and P McClarty. All welcome to this new Gospel Hall.

Lisburn: Four assemblies are combining for a series of gospel meetings in the Lagan Valley Civic Centre from 25th April – 21st May. Speakers D Gilliland and D Alves. Prayer much appreciated for this united effort that many may come to this neutral public venue to hear the gospel message.

Sandringham: J Allen had very well attended ministry meetings from 1st – 12th March on "Future Events".


Annaghmore: Gospel series continues into the fifth week with B Glendinning and H Milliken. Some locals attending nightly.

Ballyshiel District: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in portable hall on 14th April. Speakers: J Rogers and R Reynolds.


Ballynahinch Gospel Hall: Kenny Newell and David Williamson intend to commence gospel meetings in this hall on 23rd May. Prayer would be much appreciated that the Lord would open His hand in blessing.

Ballywalter Gospel Hall: Blair Martin was in the third week of gospel meetings at the end of March. The meetings have been most encouraging with good numbers of local people attending and some showing an interest. The gospel is being sounded forth simply and clearly.

Ballywillwill Gospel Hall: J Reece (Canada) preached the gospel nightly during the last two weeks of March with a good interest from local people.

Craigavad Gospel Hall: J Rogers and T Armstrong along with the believers are seeing good numbers attending the preaching of the gospel with a good sense of the power of God. A young man in his twenties professed to be saved during the second week giving much joy. The area has been well visited.

Newry: J Grant conducted two weeks gospel meetings in a hired room of a hotel in the city. Special subjects of vital importance were taken up which stirred an interest among many who were not familiar with the truth of the gospel. The Word was faithfully sown in the hearts of many. Please pray that the Holy Spirit may be free to continue His work to the glory of God in salvation.


Aughrim: There was a full hall, and a good representation from other assemblies for the Annual Conference. D Craig and N Chambers gave challenging, practical and Christ exalting ministry.

Magheracorran: Very good numbers attended the annual conference when helpful teaching was given by JG Hutchinson, D Ussher, B Glendinning, J McCann and S McBride.

Gortade: Local brethren from the Gortade assembly conducted four weeks of gospel meetings in the community hall in Upperlands – a former Linen Mill. The attendance from the district was steady but numerically disappointing. The great encouragement was that one young man of fifteen was saved.

Moneydig: J Fleck and S Gilfillan expect to commence gospel meetings on 11th April. Prayer would be appreciated.


Cregagh Street: P McCauley and B Martin were encouraged during four weeks of gospel when one young boy professed to be saved. The area was well visited and the Word preached simply with power.


Fintona Gospel Hall: N Coulter and N Fleck concluded a series in the gospel in mid March. Good numbers attended the preaching with many unsaved young people from the families of Christians. The seed has been faithfully sown.

Killycurragh Gospel Hall: It is purposed in the will of God to have a special series of gospel meetings commencing in mid September. It is desired that much prayer would be stimulated for this isolated country area and that blessing in salvation would come to many. The preachers expected are J Rogers and D McGarvey.

Lungs Gospel Hall: J and W Martin commenced in the gospel in March. The interest is building and blessing is expected. Prayer valued.

Newtownstewart Gospel Hall: L Craig and G Woods concluded gospel meetings in mid March. The interest did not rise as they expected and numbers attending were disappointing.

Omagh Gospel Hall: J Paterson (Scotland) and G Woods expected to commence gospel meetings on 11th April. A prayerful interest appreciated.


Ballinamallard: The assembly had good support from other assemblies, and was greatly encouraged by two nights of teaching by I McKee on "Daniel’s Prayers and Friends".

Glassmullagh (near Lack): J McCann and S Nelson hope to erect a portable hall and conduct gospel meetings commencing 11th April. This country area has not had the gospel for many years. Please pray.


Monaghan: The Annual Conference was held on the 17th March. A large company gathered. Speakers were: D Ussher, R McKeown, W Boyd, S Nelson, WJ Nesbitt and S McBride. It was very encouraging for the local assembly with appreciated ministry.


Bicester: For two weeks in March, gospel meetings were held in a rented hall in Ambrosden. Around fifty unsaved folks heard the message preached by Ian Jackson, some showing a good interest.

During March, Alan Barber was with the assembly for a week of children’s meetings and school visits. It was good to see a number of new families contacted and starting to send their children to the meetings.

Banbury: Please pray for blessing on the distribution of "Seed Sowers" packages in the town of Banbury over the Easter weekend.

Wallingford: In March, Norman Mellish had a week of profitable ministry on the subject "Egypt to Canaan" illustrated by a chart.

Ealing: Three sessions on the subject of evolution and creation took place at Ealing in March, led by Michael Penfold. This was helpful especially in strengthening the faith of young people who face an increasingly atheistic culture in the school and the workplace.

Bath: Ian and Rebecca Rees write about some of their work as follows.

"Up to fifty children attended the February half-term Holiday Bible Club at Manvers Hall, run by Mark Lacey. I spoke on each of the five mornings. On a recent long weekend of ministry in Jersey I was encouraged to see the number of young people in fellowship there, and the good work that they are all doing. That assembly is growing steadily.

We intend to take about forty young people for a weekend of Bible teaching over the second Bank Holiday in May. Shortly after that we will be at the Royal Bath and West Show for four days; the theme in the marquee will once again be Six-Day Creation. On Easter Monday we are hoping to take over sixty young people to Tintagel for a week of Bible teaching. Preparation has also begun for two weeks of Bible teaching at the Cheddar Camps in August, where Rebecca will be responsible for the catering. Please join with us in prayer that those attending will grow in their Christian faith and go on to be men and women of God."

Stoke-on-Trent: The assembly at Trent Vale Gospel Hall, Claytonwood Road expect to have gospel meetings with P Brandon, 16th & 23rd May at 8.00pm., 18-20 May at 7.30pm. Prayer requested.


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