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S Davidson

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Into All The World: Brazil

S Davidson, Santarem, Para

I have just returned today from a week’s visit to Manaus, Bom Jesus (State of Amazonas) and Rio Branco (State of Acre). At Manaus, in spite of many difficulties, the assembly is doing well and Jenair & Carla continue very faithfully in the work. It is a very difficult place in which to live as a family. There is much immorality, and with many so called evangelical churches attracting the crowds it would be difficult to describe all that goes on in the name of Christ and the gospel. We can see clear signs of the powers of darkness at work in these places. Please pray for the believers who are surrounded by this distraction and noise which continues until late at night.

With Jenair we visited the rural community of Bom Jesus, about 90 kms by road and barge from Manaus, where his father and mother live and work in the gospel. We had two meetings at the local school with all the school children and some teachers and the headmistress present for the gospel meeting and paying good attention. Another school has recently given permission for a weekly meeting with the students, so it is good to know that over 400 young people are hearing the gospel each week in these schools. They will each be receiving New Testaments shortly, so we trust that God’s Word will find a place in their young hearts. The gospel meeting later in the hall at the village was well attended and it was encouraging to see the good interest and some new converts present. The Lord has blessed in this work and Jair and Jeronima are encouraged by the blessing there. At this time of year the rains destroy the dirt roads making transport difficult, so please pray for the safety of the workers who live there as they bring people in to the hall from the surrounding district and those who visit each week from Manaus.

At the city of Rio Branco we visited Cleber and Mary (he is the man converted in Manaus whilst on the run from prison in Rio Branco) who faithfully carry on the gospel work near their home without much outside help. The group of believers is still small and there is much materialism and evangelical confusion in the city. Cleber’s mother and father have professed faith in Christ so please pray for this couple and others who have professed likewise, and that others may be saved and a local assembly established. As in Manaus, the Pentecostal groups are everywhere and often the noise is so great from across the street that the gospel meeting beside Cleber’s house cannot continue. This is done deliberately to seek to show their force.

One thing greatly impressed upon us in these places is how the Adversary is blinding the minds of the multitudes with material things and false teachers. The signs of the Lord’s coming are very evident everywhere. The literature work in Santarem carries on through the bookshop and keeps Ann busy. Many Bibles, books, tracts, etc. go out steadily so we know that God’s Word will "not return…void" and will be used as He pleases.



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