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Northeast: The assembly at Buckie had four weeks’ gospel effort in June with Noel Burden from Prince Edward Island, Canada, followed by a week of profitable ministry from Hebrews 1.

The gospel was faithfully preached with at least sixteen unsaved people present during this time, including some townsfolk who had not been to the hall before, as well as some believers who gather elsewhere. One elderly lady regularly attended throughout the whole series. Around 4,000 invitations were distributed, followed by door-to-door visitation daily. The assembly is looking to the Lord for fruit from the seed sown.

The assembly in Avoch held another of its special meetings in the Primary School on Sunday, 13th June. The speaker was Iain Murray from Aberdeen who told how he and his wife Christine experienced God’s transforming power in their lives, at and after their conversion. Attendance at this meeting was excellent with unsaved family, friends, and neighbours present. Good support was also given by assemblies from far and near, and by others from neighbouring villages.

The assembly at Glenburn, Prestwick enjoyed a time of blessing during two weeks of gospel meetings with Jack Hay at the beginning of June. Around 5,000 invitation cards were distributed and a week of prayer meetings held before the meetings began. Specific subjects were chosen for each night, advertised in advance, and always a good number of unbelievers were present along with a few believers from the denominations who attended regularly. A local woman was saved and she has since been attending the breaking of bread meeting bringing her husband with her - pray for his salvation, he has serious health problems as a result of an accident 16 years ago. The assembly is thankful for the support given by Ayrshire assemblies and is still looking to God that others will be saved.

The assembly that meets at Fountain Hall, Aberdeen held two weeks of gospel meetings in the middle of May. Blair Martin preached the gospel each evening and had access to a number of schools during the day, taking the gospel into classes and school assemblies. 6,000 invitations were given out in advance of the meetings and the local believers worked hard to bring contacts to hear the gospel. Over the two weeks around 25 adults/late teens attended and many gave good attention to the clear messages presented. The assembly was encouraged by this special gospel effort, continuing in prayer for blessing.



Ballybollan: The Annual Conference took place on 12th July.

Broughshane: D McGarvey is expected for open air meetings during the first two weeks in August.

Bushmills: Bible Readings were held from 12th - 23rd July with R McKeown. The passages considered were 2 Thessalonians chs.2-3 and 1 Timothy chs.1-2.

Carnlough: The annual open air meetings commenced on Lord’s Day, 18th July and continued from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd.


Ballykeel (Mourne): Dr Stephen Allen had a special meeting with the assembly on 18th June considering the subject "Living Life - Facing Death". A large number gathered.

The Annual Conference took place on 24th June. A good company gathered to hear helpful ministry by JG Hutchinson, B Glendinning, W Martin, G Woods, J McCann, and F McCauley. The saints were encouraged.

Ballynahinch: Gospel Hall. D Williamson and K Newell cocluded six weeks of gospel meetings at the end of June. The meetings were well supported by local believers and some from the town who had never been in the hall before attended. Please pray for the gospel which was clearly presented: no-one was left in any doubt as to the reality of eternity and the need for salvation.

Warringstown: S Barr and T Topley have found a sustained interest amongst local unsaved people and are continuing at the beginning of July after some twelve weeks in a portable hall. The Lord has been pleased to bless in salvation and it is known that eight people have professed to be saved. It is a great cause for giving thanks and praising God that His hand has been opened in such a way with some new to the gospel and some that have been prayed for over a lifetime getting saved.


Currien: Gospel Hall. Prayer and support for gospel meetings in the will of the Lord in mid August is greatly desired for this fairly isolated area. The meetings will be conducted by D McGarvey.


Redhills: D McGarvey and T Francey had a most encouraging short spell in the gospel. The area was well visited and the preachers well received at the doors. Good numbers of locals attended in response to the invitations and good interest was shown.


Omagh: Gospel Hall. A Paterson and G Woods conducted seven weeks of gospel meetings which concluded at the end of May. Good numbers attended including local townspeople.

Strabane: Gospel Hall. J Rogers, M Radcliffe, and W Fenton shared in the preaching in four weeks of gospel meetings which concluded at the end of June. A number of people from the local community did attend.

Tullylagan area. Tent meetings commenced here in early June conducted by N Coulter and B Glendinning.

Martry: Gospel Hall. The annual meeting for believers on 11th June was well attended by believers from many assemblies. The ministering brethren were S McBride, J Fleck, J McCann, B Smyth, S Nelson, and G Woods.

Sion Mills: Gospel Hall. The Annual Conference on 26th June saw the hall well filled. The word was ministered to profit by J Wishart, R Pickering R Gault, J Grant and G Woods. J Grant continued for the following week in ministry on the life of Jacob.


Gorteade: W Fenton and M Campbell are expected to commence a series of gospel meetings on 5th September. Prayer would be appreciated.


Laganvale: Gospel Hall. The assembly has arranged a short spell of gospel meetings to take place (God willing) in October. This large area has been well visited consistently with gospel literature. Many students from Queen’s University and Stranmillis Training College reside within easy reach of the hall. Prayer is requested that many may be interested to come and that God will move in salvation. The meetings will be conducted by D McGarvey.


Peter Brandon held a series of gospel meetings for three weeks in May at Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent. Invitations were distributed on the estate surrounding the Gospel Hall and many personal invitations were issued. Andrew Renshaw also visited, following up earlier contacts. The first meeting was the Postal Bible School Annual Awards Day. Young people and their parents from as far away as Sheffield, Nottingham, and Craven Arms were in the audience and good attention was given by all. "After Church Rallies", midweek meetings, and Ladies’ Meetings in Butt Lane and Trent Vale all had encouraging numbers of unsaved present. Attendance built up from 50 to 70 on the last Sunday night. On each occasion there was rapt attention, and significant quietness at the end of the meetings. Andrew Renshaw was particularly encouraged by the attendance of some who had never been in the hall before, including a man who had been in prison for drug offences, now suffering liver damage. By contrast another man, the chief bell-ringer at Stoke Minster, attending on the two Sundays was moved to tears and said, "I’ve been a Christian for 60 years but I never believed as I have believed tonight". Nearby assemblies gave support and brought some who came under conviction. One of them, a 30-year old woman, made profession on the last Sunday and another, a nephew of one of the believers, came to the point of committal – please pray that this will happen. We look to the Lord that there will be further fruit.

At Winshill Gospel Hall, Burton on Trent a week of children’s meetings and school assemblies were taken by Robert Plant during a week in May. Around 1,200 children plus teachers were spoken to in the eight schools visited. Some of the schools have also shown an interest in having the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition which is expected in November. At the children’s meetings in the hall, numbers increased from 17 at the start to 36 on the final night’s prizegiving. Prayer is valued for the Lord’s blessing upon the seed sown and for the forthcoming plans to be made regarding the visit of the Bible Exhibition.

The assembly at Red Row, Northumberland were encouraged by the excellent support from a wide area for their annual conference in May. John Clegg gave ministry on the preciousness of Christ and Stephen Clegg gave a report on the prison work in South Yorkshire. Prayer is requested for a week of children’s meetings with Ian Campbell in October, God willing.

The small assembly at Bethesda, Kitty Briggs Lane, Grantham held a week of children’s meetings during the half-term week at the beginning of June. Between 20 and 30 children came each day, some having never been to the hall before. The Friday evening prizegiving was attended by some of the parents, including a number who had attended the assembly Sunday School when they were children. Prayer would be appreciated for the Seed sown and for the contacts made that children and parents might return to hear the gospel.

Hartlepool: It is only a few weeks away now to the Tall Ships Race at Hartlepool. Over 60,000 gospels of John and 60,000 tracts both printed for the occasion have been distributed. The towns of Hartlepool and Billingham have been covered.

The villages of Greatham, Elwick, Hart, Wolviston, Blackhall Colliery, Blackhall Rocks, Sedgefield, Newton Bewley are nearly complete also. We are distributing a John 3.16 text with a tall ship picture also. The trailer will be in position for Friday, 6th August to Tuesday, 10th August (d.v.) with a team of helpers. We have 30,000 cotton bags with a John 3.16 text.

A gospel, tract, text, and reply card will be inside each bag. Also there are another 20,000 gospels and 30,000 texts for distribution at the event. The banner to be displayed is complete and the half page announcement in the official brochure is also done. We do pray that as this event takes place the precious seed sown will bear fruit and above everything that the Lord will be honoured and glorified.

Ealing, London: The Grove Hall convened four weeks of gospel tent meetings at South Ealing in May and June. The meetings were conducted by R Pickering and the Lord’s help was experienced with over fifty different unbelievers attending over the course of the gospel series. Visitation of homes in the area was undertaken in conjunction with open air meetings at five locations in the borough. Prayer for ongoing gospel work in the London area is much appreciated.


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