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Aberdeenshire: Graeme Smith continues to visit schools in Inverurie and Newmachar. The message of the Bible is being well received and, having covered the story of Moses, he is due to start on the Ten Commandments for the second time. Given that "the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ", please pray that pupils will see their true condition before God, appreciate their need of a Saviour and be led to trust Him. Two Good News Clubs are also doing well with around 36 attending at a new time on Mondays - after school at 3.15 pm. The venue for the traditional Tuesday evening became unobtainable but this new one in the village hall right next to the school is so much better for an after-school club.

Ayrshire: In January the assembly in Kirkconnel was greatly encouraged to see further evidence of the Lord’s blessing when three local people were baptized on a Friday evening. The hall was well filled and faithful testimony was borne to the saving power of the Lord Jesus. Continue to pray for others to come to Christ.



Ahoghill: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on 6th February with Ian Jackson and to continue until 18th February.

Ballymoney: Ministry Meetings were held from 17th-21st January with W Martin.

Ballywatermoy: Special Ministry Meetings were held from 24th-28th January with W Martin.

Bushmills: 31st January. Very well attended meetings. The hall was packed and there was good interest as B Currie ministered effectively on "Elijah".

Glengormley: On average, over 90 children attended each session of a series of children’s meetings which were conducted by L Craig.

Kells: Gospel Meetings are continuing at the Tully site in Larne Road in a portable hall. Large numbers are attending. Speakers: J Rogers and S Wells. Fellowship, prayer, and interest would be appreciated.

Larne, Craigyhill: Ministry Meetings were held from 17th-21st January with W Boyd. The meetings were very well attended by the assembly and the ministry was much appreciated.

"If the Lord will..."

Ballybollan/Clonkeen/Crosskeys: These three assemblies have combined for a special series of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall at Gault’s Filling Station, Largy Road (site kindly granted) commencing on 27th March and continuing. Speakers: N Fleck and T Wright. Prayer and interest would be valued.

Ballymena, Harryville: The assembly has arranged special Gospel Meetings commencing on 6th March in a portable hall at W Moore’s premises and car park in Woodside Road, Ballymena (kindly granted). Speakers: J Rogers and L Craig. Interest in prayer and attendance would be appreciated.

Clough: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence (DV) on 6th March and continuing. G Woods and R Reynolds are responsible. Pray for blessing.

Larne, Craigyhill: The assembly is expecting M Radcliffe early in March for Ministry Meetings on the subject of "The Tabernacle" using a large model.

Glengormley: Special Ministry Meetings are expected to commence (DV) on 18th April with Sandy Higgins.


Armagh Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced at the end of January. Speakers: J Fleck and N Turkington.


Ballymacashon: P McAuley and L Craig commenced Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall. So far the extensive visitation has been encouraging and local unsaved people have been in attendance.

Ballymagarrick: D Gilliland was with the assembly for one week and gave very instructive and challenging ministry on "Seven Special Days that Shaped the World" with large numbers attending.

Banbridge Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe and D Gilliland have commenced gospel meetings and are experiencing good local interest.

Bangor: S Jennings conducted much appreciated Bible Readings with Bethesda Assembly each Wednesday evening in January on Genesis 14-16, and good local interest was given from other Assemblies.

Newry: A Colgan had one week of very helpful and much appreciated ministry on "Assembly Principles".


Limavady: D Gillies was with the assembly for four nights and gave encouraging ministry from 1 Peter.


Ardstraw: Gospel Meetings commenced in the Gospel Hall on 8th January. The speakers are G Woods and D McGarvey. Local folk were visited by the speakers and this has resulted in many visitors amongst the good numbers attending. There is reported blessing in salvation.

Cookstown: The annual week of children’s meetings was encouraging this year with new children in attendance. L Craig was responsible for the meetings, and was given permission to speak to the children in the town primary school.

Newmills Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in a portable hall at the end of January with Robert Eadie and Samuel Maze. The speakers also held a Bible Exhibition.

Newtownstewart: The Annual Conference on 1st January saw a large crowd present as usual in a local school house. Ministry was given by G Woods, S Wells, A Davidson and J Smyth.

Newtownstewart: Ministry Meetings were held from 4th-6th January in the local Gospel Hall with J Smyth (USA).


Dunmurry: Ministry Meetings were held from 7th-9th February with D McAllister.

Newtownbreda: Gospel Meetings commenced on the 6th February and continue. Speakers: W Martin, S Gilfillan.

"If the Lord will..."

Parkgate Avenue Gospel Hall: D McGarvey and P McCauley are expected for Gospel Meetings commencing on 20th March. Prayer appreciated.


London: From Wembley, Nitish Patel writes about the salvation of another Hindu man just before Christmas. A student from Gujarat, he is the third from his community to be saved. He is a roommate of Bhavesh who was witnessing to him and bringing him along to the Bible Class. He told us on Christmas Eve that he had been saved a few days earlier and wanted to be baptised. We do not know how his family back in India will react. Please pray for him. Around 1,000 Gujarati/English calendars were printed in India and are being distributed in the area. Each month has a Bible verse and an invitation at the bottom to write for a free Bible and study course. A kind brother who is a jet pilot and frequently flies to London brings over our literature for us. We thank God for his help.

Pray for Martin and Margaret Baker as they continue to make journeys to Eastern Europe to support the Lord’s work there. They also continue to assist John and Janice Frost in their ministry in Tottenham among Polish people. In addition they enjoy fellowship with a Polish Christian couple working in London in their outreach amongst their fellow countrymen.

Bicester: Robert Plant had an encouraging week of well-attended children’s meetings and school visits during January. In the will of the Lord, on 25th-27th March Bert Cargill is to give three talks under the heading "Created or Evolved?", and Gene Higgins is expected for gospel meetings from 3rd-15th April. Please pray that the Lord will bless these efforts in the gospel.

Bromborough: Please continue to pray for the children’s work here. In early December Ian Campbell had a week of school visits and children’s meetings. He was well received in the schools and although numbers were low at the children’s meetings those attending did so regularly. A young boy, previously saved when Ian was there with the Lancashire Gospel Tent in 2009, gave a clear testimony and came each evening. He is well supported by his parents (believers who are members of a local Free Presbyterian Church), and other family members also came along. A young teenage girl publicly declared her salvation at these meetings but contact with her since has been rather intermittent. In January the assembly held a further week of school visits with Robert Plant. Most schools were very receptive and some previously reticent ones have been much more welcoming. In February a half-term Holiday Bible Club is planned and a local brother, Philip Armstrong, will lead the programme. Other regular weekly activities for boys and girls continue.

Hartlepool: Please pray for Alan and Pauline Barber in relation to the intensive school work they undertake in their area. On average Alan has the opportunity to visit ten schools each week to present the Word of God to pupils and teachers. He has a full programme until April, and prayer would be appreciated that the gospel would affect those who hear it.


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