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As part of its gospel outreach the assembly at Lanark arranged for Bert Cargill to give a series of lectures over the weekend of 20th - 22nd May with the overall title Created or Evolved?. A fine auditorium in the new community centre complex in the town centre was chosen. After extensive publication by leaflets, posters, and adverts in the local press it was very encouraging to see around 80 people on the first night then around 50 on the next two nights. At least a third of the audiences was made up of local people who had not been contacted before; a small literature pack was given to each. Interesting presentations were given with the titles What does Science say? What do the Fossils show? and What about Life? Scientific facts and Bible statements were balanced to show the strength of the case for Creation, and each talk ended with a serious challenge in the gospel. Those who organised the event were greatly encouraged, and are now hoping and praying that eternal blessing will come to some of the new contacts made.

Over the last two weeks in May, the gospel was preached in the Low Waters Hall, Hamilton. Prior to the meetings the assembly had a week of prayer meetings, and invitations were distributed in the whole area. Visitation every day by Roy Marshall, William Robertson and Blair Martin resulted in one or two people coming. Most who attended, however, were personally invited by local believers and some saw their neighbours coming to the hall for the first time. It was very encouraging to see young Christians bringing school friends on various nights. Support from nearby assemblies was good in the prayer meeting, open-air meeting and gospel meeting each night. We leave the results of this effort with our sovereign God.


The assembly at Deans, Livingston has been conducting a series of gospel meetings with local evangelist Joe Baxter, assisted by Martin Hunter, for 4 weeks at the end of May, and good numbers of unbelievers have been attending. Some relatives and members of believers’ families who need to be saved have also been at the meetings. Pray that God will bless the seed sown.


Graeme and Fiona Smith were thrilled to hear a child explain that she had been saved a few weeks previously, had decided to be baptized, and invited her school teacher to witness this event. Easter parents’ nights were held in Aberdeen, and with the Good News Clubs conducted at Inverurie and Newmachar. These were all well attended by parents, some of whom left work early to be there. Also a boy from one of the Good News Clubs told his mother that he wanted to be saved. She related how he went to his room, all by himself, and later told her that he had "trusted the Lord". A Chinese lady who attends the Good News Clubs with her daughter has also trusted the Lord and is reading her way through the Bible. Commencing at Genesis she has reached Numbers - wonderful to think that she is reading about Moses and the patriarchs for the very first time. Pray for her as one day she may return to China to witness to her family.



Ballywatermoy: Gospel Meetings are continuing at 26th May in a portable hall in Cullybackey with W Martin and D McGarvey. Interest and prayer would be appreciated. There has been blessing which is encouraging.

Ballyclare Gospel Hall: Ministry Meetings were held from 13th-17th June with M Radcliffe.

Special Gospel Meetings in a tent at Logan’s Fashions, Cloughmills (site kindly granted) located on the A26 Frosses Road, 10 miles from Ballymena, commenced on 29th May. The speakers are W Boyd and R McKeown. Interest and support would be appreciated.

"If the Lord will…"

Kells: Annual Open Air Meetings are to be held in the village at the beginning of August (DV) with J Rogers and local brethren giving help.


Ballinamallard: David McGarvey revisited the village with a series of Gospel Meetings which commenced on 19th June. Please pray that the seed sown will continue to bear fruit to God’s glory.

Lisbellaw: During the week commencing 16th May Aaron Colgan held a week of well-attended Ministry Meetings, which brought refreshment to the hearts of the saints.


Portadown: J Rogers and J Fleck are now in the 3rd week of Gospel Meetings at the end of May. This effort is being held in a large portable hall erected in a supermarket car park. The meetings are very well supported, with strangers from the area attending well.

Glenanne Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings continue into their 3rd week at the end of May in this small country assembly. The district has been well visited and prayer would be very much appreciated. The speakers are B Currie and S Nelson.


Newtownstewart: American evangelist David Oliver had a short series of well-attended ministry meetings in mid May.


Parkgate Avenue Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings held with D McGarvey and P McAuley concluded on 20th April. People from the district attended well, many of whom were in the hall for the first time. There was a happy outcome with three professing salvation. Support from local assemblies was much appreciated, and the assembly at Parkgate was refreshed.


Cardy: The assembly hosted the Bible Exhibition.  During the day it was visited with enthusiasm by many children from local schools.  The very encouraging number of adults who came in the evenings showed much interest.

Drumlough, Rathfriland: The assembly was greatly encouraged by the Annual Conference held on 18th May. A good number was present and God’s help was evident in the excellent ministry given by brethren S Ferguson, B Currie, S Gilfillan, D Oliver, J Hutchinson and J Lennox.

Kinallen: Gospel Meetings were convened by the assembly at Growell in a portable hall in the village of Kinallen. Paul McCauley and Leslie Craig joined the assembly for visitation and the preaching of the gospel. The visitation proved very encouraging with quite a number of those contacted on the doors coming for at least one night to the portable hall. The Lord moved early in the meetings, blessing with salvation. The work continues, and prayer is requested that those in attendance will be saved.

Mullaghfernaghan:  P McClarty and I Steele gave helpful ministry at the Annual Conference on 14th May.  I Steele continued in ministry for two nights.

Newry:  The assembly was encouraged by four nights of ministry with J Baker on "Early Churches in Acts" - Jerusalem, Antioch, Thessalonica and Corinth.

Shanaghan:  S Gilfillan and C Beresford continue in Gospel Meetings.


Killykergan: A Nesbitt and A Steele have finished seven weeks of gospel meetings with blessing in salvation. The meetings were not only marked by a clear and warm presentation of the gospel but also by the numbers who attended – there were nights when it was necessary to bring in extra seating. The assembly was greatly encouraged.

Bellaghy: The Annual Conference was considered to be good, with ministry from L Craig, S Ferguson, B Glendinning, A Colgan and J Martin. The Bible reading on Acts 11 was ably led by W Boyd with good help from others.

Limavady: There was a good attendance for the Annual Conference. The Bible reading on 2 Timothy 4 was conducted by D McAllister (Zambia) and was considered helpful. Profitable teaching was also given by J Hutchinson, J Wishart, L Craig and S Patterson. F McIlroy gave a report of the Lord’s work in Zambia.

Bridgetown: G Stewart and G Woods, with the assembly, had two weeks of very encouraging gospel meetings in the local town of Ballyshannon. No-one can remember the gospel ever being preached in the town before. Three Catholic people attended as well as a number of others from the town. Visitation was very encouraging as was the support of other assemblies. D McAllister and R McKeown intend (DV) to commence gospel meetings in the hall on 7th August. Prayer requested.


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