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Ayrshire: Ian Robertson continued with Gospel Meetings in Auchinleck for three weeks at the end of October and into November. Good numbers of people attended, many with serious issues in their lives due to problems with addictions of one kind or another. Pray that deliverance will come to them through God’s salvation.

Alastair Young, Dalry, has been continuing his usual school visits since the summer holidays finished. Many of these were arranged before the summer and are due to continue through until June, 2012 (DV). There are some subtractions and some additions to try to fit everyone in, but the overall numbers remain about the same as before. He has spoken to many adults as well as children at "Harvest Services" in two schools in the autumn. The "Real-Life" courses have been sent out as well, and it is good to know of some who have already returned their answers. We hope that many will find the Lord through what they read.

Dumfriesshire: It is good to be able to report that two precious souls have been saved in Lockerbie as the gospel meetings continue with Jack Ritchie and Tom Jenkinson.

Lanarkshire: Ainslie Paterson and Garry Woods have been preaching the gospel at the assembly in New Stevenston. Some interest has been shown and prayer would be valued that souls would be saved.

Graeme Paterson, Plains, intends to use the bus he recently acquired for visits to schools during October and November. The bus will be used as a mobile classroom. Some of the subjects to be covered are 400 years of the King James Bible, Remembrance Day, Sacrifice, and Moses. It is expected that over a thousand young people will pass through the bus during that time and be exposed to the message of the gospel.

Christmas opportunities: Once again we face the challenge of breaking into the traditions and frenzy of a typically British run up to Christmas! However, there are many unique opportunities during this month for evangelism. Many excellent specially-produced tracts with a Christmas theme are available for mass distribution, Carol Services will be arranged in many Halls, Sunday Schools and Children’s Clubs will use the season’s focus before their holiday break, and personal contacts can be made through cards and visits. Pray that these and other methods of "sowing the seed" will reveal the Saviour who came not only to Bethlehem but also to Calvary to lay down His life for our sakes.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 5th November. Speakers: J Grant, M Radcliffe, R Thomson, P McCauley. R Thomson ministered on Lord’s Day, and J Grant continued in ministry Monday-Friday.

Ballycastle Gospel Hall: Special Gospel Meetings in the Old Builder’s Yard, Armoy commenced on Lord’s Day, 6th November and are continuing nightly Monday-Friday. Speakers: B Glendinning and B Eadie. Interest would be appreciated.

Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel Meetings continue in a portable hall on a site in Galgorm (kindly granted) adjacent to Wrightbus. J Rogers and M Radcliffe are responsible. There has been help to preach the gospel with many attending including visitors. Most nights the hall is packed to capacity. Invitations have been distributed around the large area and the speakers are also involved in personal calls. There has been blessing; please pray for more.

Ballymena (Harryville)/Clonkeen: From 17th October, D Alves shared a week of ministry with these two assemblies.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: Meetings in the town hall concluded on 28th October. Sadly, T Meekin was taken seriously ill on Friday, 21st and had to be hospitalised. Prayer would be appreciated. A Colgan concluded the meetings for the last week. Good numbers in attendance - an important exercise.

Burnside Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings in a portable hall at Grange Road, Parkgate commenced on Lord’s Day, 6th November, and continue Monday-Friday at 8.00pm for a number of weeks (DV). Speakers: S McBride and N Fleck. Pray for blessing and interest.

Bushmills: R Plant had one week of children’s meetings in the Gospel Hall from 7th-11th November. Good numbers attended.

Clonkeen Assembly (Randalstown Hall): R Plant is expected for a week of children’s meetings from 14th-18th November.


Killykergan: A Nesbitt gave five nights of helpful and practical teaching on "Scriptural Principles for Christian Living".

Letterkenny: S Gilfillan gave practical teaching on assembly principles with good support from other assemblies.


Enniskillen: The assembly in Enniskillen was encouraged by the recent visit of D McGarvey in the gospel. Many homes were visited, useful contacts made, and literature distributed. Pray for God’s continued blessing in His living Word.


Lurgan Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was large and profitable. Bible Readings were conducted by D Gilliland, J Stubbs, G Williams, and D Alves.


Donemana: The Annual Conference was held on 13th October. The speakers at this year’s meeting were G Woods, R Rabey, B Glendinning, D Rogers, J Wishart, and A Davidson.

Dyan (near Caledon): For a four week period during September and October B Glendinning and H Milliken had a series of Gospel Meetings in this needy area. The response to invitations from locals was disappointing.

Omagh Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in a portable hall on Beltony Road on the outskirts of the town on 16th October. Speakers: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan. Good numbers are attending including locals from the area. The meetings have been hampered by extreme weather conditions.


The assembly at Bloomfield had five weeks of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Dixon Park with David McGarvey and David Williamson. Over 4,000 homes were visited and a good number of local people came as well as families and friends of believers. The gospel was clearly and faithfully preached and there was a good sense of the Lord’s presence and help each night. A girl of 11 professed to be saved.


Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: N Mellish had four instructive and well-attended nights with the assembly on the subject of "The Priesthood of Believers".

Banbridge: The assembly had a good week of Children’s Meetings with T McKillen.

Bangor, Central Hall: B Martin and P McCauley continue in Gospel Meetings with encouraging local interest.

Bangor, Ebenezer Gospel Hall: The assembly hosted B Eadie’s Bible Exhibition for one week, and were most encouraged by the local response and interest. Many good contacts were made.

Dromore: Gospel Meetings have commenced with R McKeown and M Turkington with encouraging numbers.

Portavogie: The Gospel Meetings in a portable hall conducted by W Boyd and J Bingham continue with good interest and blessing in salvation.

Shanaghan: The Annual Conference was well attended and very profitable ministry was given by K Totton, G Williams, B Currie, M Radcliffe, A Davidson, B Glendinning and S McBride.


London: The Lord is continuing to give blessing in Wembley with some more Hindu people being saved. Nitish Patel has a burden to teach them and help them in practical ways also as each has their own problems and difficulties, some having been rejected by their families and now looking on the believers as their spiritual family to fill the void. Over the summer they had an extended gospel campaign lasting two months with meetings at the weekends and personal work outside the hall during the week. A man from Gujarat wanted a Bible in his own language, and, having heard about the resurrection, wanted to know about this "new thing". Another, who would not come into the meetings, raised many questions outside such as "Who is God?" and "How can we know the truth?". A Hindu young man, saved after hearing the gospel preached in the open air, has asked to be baptised. Pray on for God’s power to be seen in the salvation of yet others.

Every Wednesday Jonathan Black goes into the centre of London for tract distribution and open air preaching. He has found this rewarding, with some interesting conversations held with people who are seeking for something to fill the void in their lives - only Christ can do that. On Saturdays with others he goes around the suburbs with open air preaching and literature. Recently, while preaching in Ealing, a religious parade passed by and played their music loudly. After the preaching some came to ask questions about "the sinlessness of Mary" and the way to heaven. Pray that God will convict such of their sin and that they may find salvation in the finished work of Christ.

Yorkshire: The 16th residential Yorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre in Whitby with over eighty people in attendance from all parts of the UK. Phil Coulson led Bible Readings on Romans 12 and 13 and gave ministry on "Aspects of Priesthood". The excellent teaching and the warm fellowship was much appreciated.

Eastbourne Bible Readings: These Bible Readings have been held every year since 1949, their purpose being to encourage believers to gather for a week of Bible study and to promote Christian fellowship. Conversational Bible Readings are held each morning and evening except two evenings which are reserved for the ministry of the Word. Each evening there are times of fellowship in the hotel lounge, with hymn singing. Presently the Princes Hotel in Eastbourne is the venue. Afternoons are free for organised recreational activities. Many believers from Marine Hall, Alexandra Gospel Hall, St Leonards, and other assemblies support the meetings and these local assemblies benefit from visitors’ attendances on Lord’s Day for the Lord’s Supper and the Gospel Meeting. For further information please contact Mr Reg Carnal at 01747 853846.

Wales: David Morgan has had some gospel tent campaigns over the summer. Numbers attending have been small but the gospel has been faithfully preached. At Aberystwyth about 12 came in but showed no real interest which was disappointing for the little assembly. They were encouraged by the visit, however, as, though few in number, they regularly visit their district with tracts and have a sincere desire to maintain the principles of gathering.

David also spent four days outside the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells where many were able to hear the gospel over the amplifier as they returned to their cars in the evenings. In previous years as many as 40,000 people would have passed by but, with coach transportation now used, around 7,000 would be able to hear.


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