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Prior to two weeks’ meetings at the beginning of November with Stephen Grant, the small assembly in Tarbolton worked hard distributing invitations, knocking doors and following up leads. After a slow start, good numbers of unbelievers came along each night. On the Friday nights testimonies were given, and again teens of local people and some from a wider area attended. Craig McKie from New Cumnock, assisted by local believers, also held children’s meetings during the two weeks. Pray that this time of personal sowing may yet yield fruit in souls being saved.

Ian Robertson continued into November with gospel meetings in the needy town of Auchinleck. Good numbers of unbelievers continued to attend.

A group of young men from Ayrshire assemblies have been systematically distributing tracts one Saturday each month to villages and towns which have not had any gospel activity for many years. In the middle of November the villages of Coylton and Annbank were reached with gospel leaflets and a pointer to the "God Loves Ayrshire" website that provides more gospel literature. Pray that this will result in the salvation of needy souls.

Northern Scotland

During November, Graeme Smith was able to distribute a pack of around 60 Christian books into each of the 12 schools which he visits in east Aberdeenshire. These are a mixture of biographies and reference books with some DVDs and maps. His prayer is that these will be well used and some placed into school libraries for pupils to read in their own time. SU groups in schools continue to be well attended and last week the pupils listened carefully to the story of the Prodigal Son and God’s way of salvation. He is now into the third week of the 8 week Bible Alive programme teaching around 400 pupils for 1.5 hours each week. One teacher who was not present at the first session came to the second after hearing the reports from her class. Pray that the door will remain open for these visits as Satan is always active to hinder.

Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter have had gospel meetings in Buckie. The meetings were well attended with over twenty unsaved people in the hall over the five weeks. Also some believers from the district who used to be in assembly fellowship but no longer meet anywhere have been attending. One man professed to be saved and others showed interest, particularly a Roman Catholic man who appeared to be under conviction. Pray that there might yet be further blessing in salvation and restoration.



Ballinaloob Gospel Hall: S Jennings had one week of ministry meetings from 14th-18th November. Much enjoyed by all those who attended.

Ballinashee Gospel Hall: B Currie had one week of ministry from 7th-11th November. This was helpful to all who attended.

Ballycastle Gospel Hall: Special Gospel Meetings in the Old Builder’s yard, Armoy are continuing at 1st December. Speakers: B Glendinning and B Eadie.

Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue) Galgorm Site: Special Gospel Meetings in a large portable hall (courtesy of L Craig) on this excellent site (kindly granted) concluded on 27th November after six weeks. It was a time of blessing and encouragement, not only in salvation but in the large numbers attending, including many visitors. The hall was packed to capacity and M Radcliffe and J Rogers were helped by the Lord to preach the word plainly and powerfully. Much visitation was undertaken and many new contacts established. The saints were refreshed and there was much praise to God.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: J Fleck had ministry meetings from 28th November - 2nd December. Good numbers attended which was very much appreciated by the assembly.

Ballyvaddy Gospel Hall: These meetings had to be cancelled due to Mrs Hay having had an accident. Prayer appreciated.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had ministry meetings from 5th-8th December. D McAllister had ministry meetings from 14th-17th November. Very much appreciated with good interest.

Burnside Gospel Hall: S McBride and N Fleck are now in their fourth week of gospel meetings which are most encouraging with a good number of local people present, some on a nightly basis. Prayer is requested for such, not forgetting those who are attending and who are related to the believers from other assemblies. The believers are looking expectantly to the Lord for blessing in salvation at this time.

Bushmills Gospel Hall: R Plant had one week of children’s meetings from 7th-11th November. As a result of this effort that concluded in numbers of one hundred, it has been decided to establish a weekly children’s meeting on Monday evenings, DV.

Clonkeen Assembly (Randalstown Hall): R Plant had a most encouraging week of children’s meetings from 14th-18th November with a number of parents attending and remaining for the meetings. Opportunity was given to visit a number of local schools. A very profitable week.


Cardy: The assembly was greatly encouraged and challenged by five nights ministry with I Jackson on the subject of "Glimpses of Christ after the Resurrection".

Dromore: Gospel Meetings conducted by R McKeown and M Turkington have concluded after six weeks. Attendance was encouraging and the gospel was well and clearly presented. Prayer requested for blessing in salvation.

Portavogie: The Gospel Meetings conducted by W Boyd and J Bingham in a portable hall concluded with strong local interest. Prayer requested for those still seeking salvation.

Bangor, Central Hall: A Gamble was with the assembly for four nights of well attended and very profitable ministry on the subject "The Glories of Christ" in Hebrews.

Bangor, Ebenezer Gospel Hall: S Harper conducted a week of encouraging and well attended children’s meetings.

Gransha Gospel Hall: B Currie was with the assembly for one week of very helpful ministry on "The House of God in the Old Testament".


Aughavey Gospel Hall: This assembly had a week of ministry meetings conducted by R Pickering in early November.

Omagh Gospel Hall: Large numbers attended the meetings in a portable hall on the Beltony Road right up until the end of the meetings which concluded on 2nd December. Speakers: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan. Assembly members distributed hundreds of tracts and invitations in the local area.


Dunmurry Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe expected from 4th-9th December for the weekend Gospel Meeting followed by 5 nights of ministry on The Life of Elijah.

Glengormley Gospel Hall: The assembly appreciated the visit of brother Phil Coulson for a week’s ministry on matters relating to "The Holy Spirit" which was very helpful and encouraging to the saints. Brother Billy Watterson spent a weekend in Glengormley, and also had a report on the Work of the Lord in Brazil. Reports from Noel McKeown (Venezuela), Stephen Harper (Malawi), and Uel Ussher (Venezuela) were also appreciated and Dr Clark Logan is due to give a report in December.

Parkgate Avenue Gospel Hall: P Coulson had a profitable week of ministry from the life of Samuel the prophet. He was to be in Cookstown the following week for ministry.


Enniskillen: The assembly were greatly encouraged by David McGarvey’s recent visit in the gospel. Not only was the Word faithfully proclaimed, but each evening the hall was well filled, and on the evening when we made a special effort to invite past pupils from the Sunday School the attendance exceeded one hundred!  We thank God, too, for a little fruit from the seed sown.


Drumenagh: L Craig gave one week of profitable teaching on "The Dispensations of Scripture".

Magherafelt: J Grant was with the assembly for one week of interesting teaching on "The Cross in the first five books of the Bible". The meetings were very well attended with good support from neighbouring assemblies.


Erryroe Gospel Hall are in their 6th week in the gospel at the end of November. A good number are attending with visitors nightly. Speakers: T Meekin and J Preston.

Monaghan Gospel Hall: held a ministry meeting in a local hotel on 12th November. Large numbers attended. Speaker: D Gilliland.


Gospel Hall: J Rogers commenced in the gospel on 28th November.


North East England: The Conference weekend at Wylam was held over the August Bank Holiday weekend as it has been for the past 100 years. Roland Pickering was with the assembly over the whole of the weekend and was joined by Alistair Sinclair. The ministry by both brethren was excellent and times of blessing were enjoyed by all who attended.The assembly at Harton held its conference on 10th September with Blair Martin and Iain Lewis ministering the Word. The ministry given was original and highly beneficial to all who gathered. The assembly has started a weekly coffee morning and have been encouraged by the response. They would value prayer for this work. At the end of September they had a week of children’s meetings with Ian Campbell. Interest and attention were excellent and two in their late teens who attended years before as children were contacted again. In September the Missionary Conference Weekend meetings were held as usual in assemblies in Tyne, Tees and Wear including Jarrow, North Shields, Wallsend, Sunderland, Thornley, Hartlepool and Nunthorpe. Missionary reports were given by Niklas Kreander who serves in Norway, Paul Willams who serves in Romania, and Andrew Shanks who serves in the Republic of Ireland. The variety of reports and the Lord’s working through His people in different lands was a great encouragement and provided material for much prayer and thanksgiving.The Tyneside Bible Readings for this winter series are under the title "On Resurrection Ground" and cover the closing chapters of each of the Gospels. As for many years, they began on the first Saturday in October when Ian Steele took his ministry from Matthew 28, then typical teaching from Leviticus 23 and explained in 1Corinthians 15. In November Robert Miller was responsible for the reading in Mark 16, then from the whole of Mark’s Gospel showed the Servant character of the Lord Jesus.The assembly at Pallion, Sunderland held its annual conference in October with ministering brethren Malcolm Radcliffe and Alan Gamble. Mr Radclife continued on the Lord’s Day and throughout the following week. Using charts, he gave teaching in relation to the Garments of the High Priest which was factually informative, Christ exalting, and valued by all who were present. The weekly coffee morning continues to give encouragement - regular visitors come each week as well as occasional visitors. The Holiday Bible Club in the October holiday had an average of 22 children daily. The children were enthusiastic and at least half of them were able to recite all five memory verses on the last morning.


Wesley Martin and John Fleck had a month of gospel meetings in Nantgarw during November. The local assemblies supported the effort well. There was not much response from the neighbourhood, but one young girl professed faith, bringing much joy to the believers.


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