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Over the last few years the assembly in Glenburn, Prestwick has held a monthly gospel meeting on a Saturday. Between September and March again the power of God was felt in the meetings which were well attended, believers bringing their families to hear the gospel. A few other locals also came and prayer is valued that souls will yet be saved. In the middle of March Jack Hay had a week’s ministry on the overall theme of Faithfulness. The support of believers from other assemblies was appreciated and the challenge of the Word of God was felt by all. On the last Wednesday of March around 30 senior citizens and neighbours gathered in the Gospel Hall for the annual dinner provided by the assembly. This gives a great opportunity to witness through kindness and to preach freely the message of the gospel. Rapt attention was given during the message and we look to God for the salvation of these older people.


For many years the Perth assembly has had a welcome access into many schools in the city and rural areas. These school visits continue regularly, monthly or quarterly, and are conducted by assembly members. In addition, twice a year there is a concentrated effort with a visiting speaker. This spring Gordon McCracken conducted over 25 school assemblies, sharing the gospel message, and many were invited to the Super Club at the Gospel Hall. This attracted 60 children every night and they gave Gordon rapt attention. The Hall was filled for the Super Club prize-giving, with many adults present. New contacts have been established and other children have started to attend the regular Sunday School.


Graeme Smith has just finished a 7 week block teaching primary 6 children in Newmachar, taking them through the whole Bible. Each week the main themes of the Bible were explained in chronological order - creation, sin, sacrifice, the blood and the commandments. The children now have a clearer understanding of the Word of God and in May D.V. these children will visit the Aberdeenshire Bible Exhibition in Inverurie Gospel Hall, reinforcing what they have learned so far.


Home Counties

Jack Hay had a good week of ministry meetings in Pamber Heath. Prayer is requested for a man who sought help in spiritual matters following the homecall of his mother who was in the assembly.

The assembly in Bicester is holding a month of Sunday evening gospel meetings in a Village Hall in a village nearby. John McCann (Brazil) helped in the first one while he was with the assembly for a report and a weekend.


John and Janet Frost in Tottenham report on their work, confronted by the tremendous physical and material needs of so many marginalised people, along with their even greater spiritual need. Usually about 30 unsaved on Tuesday mornings and up to 50 on Thursday mornings come to the Free Breakfast & Drop In, giving a good hearing to gospel messages in both English and Polish. Many copies of the Bible, New Testament, and other literature have been distributed in English, Polish and other languages. Those who are homeless request showers and clothing which are willingly provided as a practical demonstration of the love of God, with thanks to assemblies and individuals who have kindly provided such items. Among their contacts two have recently died in tragic circumstances, and two are awaiting trial for murders committed to feed their alcohol or drug/alcohol dependency.

The Tottenham Riots last August caused great havoc in the area. On either side of the Gospel Hall buildings had been attacked and premises looted, but mercifully the hall suffered no damage at all. People are still fearful of going out after dark, and there still appears to be a sense of unease amongst many.

In October a weekly English Class at the Hall was started. They were praying about this when a sister from another assembly offered to come and teach English. She now does so to about 25 people mainly Bulgarians, most of whom were not known to the believers. Pray that this class will be another link in the chain, building up friendships and ultimately reaching them with the gospel. This is in addition to the Sunday Ladies Bible Class which Janet and other sisters conduct. It too is challenging, not least because English is not the first language of many of them. It has been a great encouragement that three of these ladies have recently been baptised.


Co. Antrim

Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The Annual Missionary Conference was held on 30th March. The speakers were, S Baker, K Kurian, W Webb. A very good meeting with large numbers in attendance.

Ballintoy: A tent is being erected for Gospel Meetings at Brown’s Country House, 174 Ballybogey Road, which is expected to commence on 22nd July. M Radcliffe and W Fenton are responsible.

Ballycastle Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had Ministry Meetings from 26th-30th March on the early chapters of Numbers. Very much appreciated with very good attendance.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: B Currie is expected for Ministry from 23rd-27th April.

Broughshane Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 15th April and are continuing for a number of weeks in a portable hall on the Ballygarvey Road (site kindly granted by Mr U Davison). Speakers: E Fairfield and W Martin. Interest and prayer appreciated.

Bushmills Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings concluded on 23rd March. B Glendinning and A Steele were responsible.

Castlewellan Gospel Hall: The assembly hired a public hall in the town centre for three weeks of Gospel Meetings in April. The speakers were D Gilliland and S Gilfillan. Encouraging numbers attended. Please pray for blessing on the seed sown.

Kells Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had very profitable ministry from 2nd-5th April. Subject - "The Resurrection that changed everything". Large numbers attended.

Plantation: J Fleck is expected for Ministry week commencing 23rd April.

"If the Lord will…"

Plantation: Four assemblies, Plantation, Wallace Avenue, Dunmurry and Derriaghy have joined in an exercise about a special gospel effort in the Civic Centre Lisburn. D Gilliland and A Hull will be responsible for three weeks during August. Full details will be given in the next issue.


Tassagh Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings have concluded after nine weeks with a little blessing. Speakers were S McBride and N Fleck.


Gransha: The assembly held its conference (previously held on Christmas Day) on 24th March. The large company heard most profitable ministry from D Gilliland, J Fleck, R McKeown, S McBride, S Nelson and W Martin.

Newry: The assembly enjoyed 4 nights of very helpful ministry from W Martin on "personal and assembly relationships".

Portavogie (New Road): The annual conference was held on 31st March which was well supported with encouraging and challenging ministry from R McKeown, Dennis Williamson, W Boyd, A Davidson, K Kurien, C Hutchinson and J Baker.


Lungs: J Rogers and D McGarvey are continuing their series of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Fivemiletown. In response to invitations and tracts given out, a number of the local people have been attending regularly. Blessing has been seen in the salvation of souls.


Rosslea: Gary Woods held a fortnight of well attended Gospel Meetings in this border location. Please continue to pray for the seed sown.


Aughrim: Extra seating was needed to accommodate the large numbers who attended the annual conference on the 17th March. R Pickering and J Wishart gave challenging and edifying teaching with an emphasis, by both speakers, on Prophetic matters. Prayer is requested for five nights of children’s meetings commencing on the 14th May when the speaker will be S Walls. The annual open-air and tract distribution work commences in Castledawson, in association with the Aughrim assembly, on the 11th June, when local and visiting men will preach the gospel.

Portstewart: I Jackson was with the assembly for four nights of helpful teaching. R Plant and S Moore commenced Gospel Meetings on 15th April.

Tivaconavey: S Maze and B Eadie have finished nine weeks of gospel meetings. A man in his early sixties, who was brought to the meetings by a friend, professed to be saved during the eighth week.


Monaghan Assembly: The annual conference this year was large. Speakers were T Wright, R McKeown, S Ferguson, B Glendinning, G Woods, A Davidson and M Radcliffe.


Bloomfield Gospel Hall: D West had Ministry Meetings from 5th-9th March on Ecclesiastes.

Bloomfield Gospel Hall: R McKeown is expected for Ministry from 16th-20th April.

Cregagh Street: Gospel Meetings commenced on 22nd April with P McCauley and J Rogers. Interest and prayer desired.

Ebenezer: Gospel Meetings commenced on 15th April with P Andrews and David Williamson. Prayer appreciated.

Newtownbreda: L Craig had Ministry Meetings from 20th-24th February on 1 Samuel.


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