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In Michael Cordiner’s work with the soup kitchen things are normally quiet, but the other evening a fight broke out between two women. Thankfully a police presence helped to control the incident but pray that it will not adversely affect the on-going work. Lisa is very much opposed to anything to do with God but has responded well to some of the women who have listened to her and given practical help and care. Mary’s family are in foster care. She has been considering going into rehab; we believe God is able to transform a chaotic life like hers. Each has heard the gospel in the past so pray for their salvation.

In early October J Baxter (Livingston) and M Hunter (Kilwinning) conducted three weeks of Gospel Meetings in the Gorgie Gospel Hall, Edinburgh and visited many homes in the locality. A few locals attended the meetings while others were brought along by believers from neighbouring assemblies. A sense of the Lord’s presence was evident in the meetings. Continued prayer would be valued for the young woman who professed salvation on the final evening and for a number of others who seemed concerned.

During the month of September John Grant visited the assembly at Stornoway when he conducted a series of meetings. The subjects covered were: "Are the Scriptures relevant today?", "Is there a distinction between Israel and the Church?", "Does God have a plan for the future"?. The local believers appreciated the ministry and were blessed by it. The meetings were well supported by other believers from different parts of the island.

Year’s End Opportunities

Throughout the country, once again many assemblies and individuals are planning to take advantage of this seasonal opportunity of reaching out with the gospel. Many thousands of Christmas tracts will be distributed and thousands of 2013 Gospel Calendars given out. Carol Services in many Gospel Halls will bring in many local people who will not come so willingly at other times, and they will hear the gospel carefully and faithfully presented. Community contacts will be expanded into institutions ranging from schools to old folks’ homes, and to the homeless and destitute in many of our towns and cities. Pray that the Good Seed sown, along with expressions of kindness and care, will yet lead to the salvation of many souls in our land. In addition, the year’s end gives us all another occasion to reflect on the goodness and grace of God which brought us to Himself perhaps many years ago, and still calls us to be channels of this blessing to others.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire: intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Dundonald and Loans. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The assembly at Ahoghill held its Annual Conference on 3rd November. A variety of much appreciated instructive, challenging, and encouraging ministry was given by D Williamson, C Hutchison, L Craig, and J Riddle. J Riddle continued with the assembly until the following Thursday evening with helpful ministry from Psalms 33-36.

Ballintoy: The assembly arranged a special week of children’s meetings with P McMullan (Ballymena) from 5th-9th November.

Ballyvaddy Gospel Hall: J Hay had a few nights of well attended ministry meetings which were faithfully supported by the surrounding assemblies. The teaching was based on Acts 18 with a blend of practical and doctrinal issues being raised.

Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): Correction: There will be no meeting on 29th December – the Saturday Night Fellowship meetings conclude for the present season on 8th December with P Coulson. Please note that the last meeting of the year will be on Monday, 31st December at 11.00pm - speaker: D Gilliland.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings with R McKeown and W Boyd commenced on 28th October and are continuing. Prayer and interest would be much appreciated.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: The assembly had 4 weeks of Gospel Meetings in the Town Hall. Nightly there were people present from the town and the surrounding area, some hearing the gospel for the first time. The assembly was greatly encouraged by learning of blessing in salvation.

Clough: The Annual Conference was held on 10th November. A packed hall indicated a good interest with appreciated ministry from D Gilliland, S Ferguson, R McKeown and after the interval B Currie and S McBride.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: G Woods is expected for ministry meetings from 26th-29th November.

Rasharkin Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in mid-January, 2013. Speakers: G Woods, A Colgan.


Donemana Gospel Hall: R Plant had a week of children’s meetings which commenced on 17th September.

1st October - R Pickering had three nights of ministry meetings and also gave a report on a visit to India.

Believers gathered at this rural assembly on 18th October for their Annual Conference. Ministry was given by B Glendinning, S Harper, D McGarvey, J Wishart, T Wright, D McAllister, and S Gilfillan.


Lurgan: M Turkington and D Callaghan have just commenced gospel meetings in a community centre.

Just outside Newtownhamilton, Gospel Meetings in a portable hall are continuing. Good numbers are attending. The speakers are J Fleck and W Martin.


Coleraine: T Wright and S Gilfillan have had six weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall. Only a few from the district responded to the widespread distribution of invitations, but some Christians were heartened to see members of their families attend who had not been to a gospel meeting for many years. A woman, who had been saved at the age of nine, was restored to the Lord as a result of listening to the gospel being preached.

Londonderry: B Glendinning and B Smyth preached the gospel for four weeks in Lapwing Way Gospel Hall. The assembly was encouraged by the fact that a few attended who had never previously been in the hall.

Straid: B Currie and J Palmer commenced Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall on 21st October.

Gorteade: S Higgins (USA) was with the assembly for five nights of teaching based on the first five chapters of Matthews’s Gospel. The ministry drew out the hearts of the listeners to the person of the Lord Jesus; it was faith-affirming and also practical in the challenge issued to live faithfully for Him. The truths taught were aptly illustrated by references to other parts of Scripture, thus drawing attention to the beauty, truth and design inherent in God’s Word. The meetings were very well supported from surrounding assemblies with quite a number of Christians travelling long distances.


Ballyduff Gospel Hall: The assembly was pleased to welcome Jim McMaster (Gateshead) for a weekend of Bible teaching on 1st Timothy, focusing on "Foundations for Christian Living". His weekend was busy with a meeting on Friday evening, four sessions on Saturday and the usual assembly meetings on the Lord’s Day, closing with a ministry meeting on the Lord’s Day evening after the gospel. His visit was much appreciated.

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: Four weeks of Gospel Meetings were conducted by L Craig and D Williamson during September. The district was well visited and the believers were encouraged by the attendance of neighbours and friends though generally only for one or two nights. The gospel was faithfully preached and the results are left with God.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: The saints were pleased to have Jim Allen for two weeks’ Bible Readings (8th-18th October) on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. With the aid of a large chart, brother Allen helpfully outlined the prophetic program both with reference to the Church and to the world. The meetings were well attended and it was encouraging to have the support of many Christians from other assemblies. There was good participation from both local and visiting brethren. Brother Allen’s visit was much appreciated as was his capable handling of these Scriptures which are so vital in our understanding of future events. Elton Fairfield was also in Sandringham for the Lord’s Day, 7th October, and also for ministry on Friday, 19th. It was a pleasure to have his company and his help.


Ballymagarrick: D McGarvey and A Steele are having encouraging gospel meetings in a portable hall in an industrial estate in Saintfield.

Bangor, Ebenezer: The first series of Gospel Meetings in the new hall, conducted by J Fleck and J Rogers, have concluded. Two people professed faith and the assembly has been greatly encouraged.

Kilkeel: A Nesbit and C Beresford concluded their Gospel Meetings. Prayer requested for blessing.

Mullaghfernaghan: The assembly very much enjoyed a week of ministry on "Prophetic Matters" with N Emmerson.

Portavogie, Ebenezer: P McCauley and P McClarty continue in the gospel with very encouraging local interest and blessing in salvation.

Newcastle: N Emerson was with the assembly for two weeks on the subject of "Future Events". There was encouraging local interest.

Newry: J Rogers and D Gilliland have commenced Gospel Meetings with good attendance, and encouragement in salvation. Prayer requested for blessing, especially as numbers in the assembly have fallen in recent years.

Shanaghan: The Annual Conference was well attended with very profitable ministry given by M Radcliffe, B Glendinning, R McKeown, S McBride, E Fairfield, J Martin, J Palmer, and J Lennox.

The assembly also enjoyed a very helpful week of ministry with A Davidson on the subject "The Mount of Olives".



Ian Campbell had five days in the open air on a main street in Newcastle, using a magnetic board for texts and graphics. This attracts a crowd and gives openings in the gospel. Many people listened and many profitable conversations were had with a variety of people. A young Moslem Bangladeshi student was very open for discussion which centred on the uniqueness of Christ and His death for sinners. He seemed to grasp what was said and accepted a Gospel of John along with a phone number for further contact. Others included two young men scarred by a Roman Catholic upbringing and switched off to the gospel, and a Chinese student who had become a Christian in 2009 while in the UK but said that she only read the New Testament. To encourage her to read all the Scriptures she was given a Bible Reading scheme designed to go through the whole Bible in a year. An older man listened to the whole message and commented that he had never heard anything like that before and was also given a John’s Gospel. It was good to challenge the thinking of some students spoiled by the poison of evolution who said that God was redundant. Two young women, sisters in their early 30s, also listened to the whole message. Afterwards as they were told about the death of Christ their eyes filled up. They had heard the gospel before from their mother who was a believer. Later that day a text message from them said they had done the right thing today and were now following Jesus.

In Stockton on Tees Alan Barber has had good opportunities in schools particularly in the RE classes. "Christian Symbols" were under discussion - the cross, baptism, and the Lord’s Supper - and also the Scriptures being like a sword, a lamp, and bread. Many questions followed, such as the wearing of a crucifix, which gave opportunity to explain that the Lord was no longer on a cross but is alive for evermore. At the regular open air work a superstitious lady told Alan that God spoke to her through the number 3, but she did not read the Scriptures. The text he had on his board was John 3.16 - he told her of the 3 crosses and the 3 hours of darkness, and how the Lord who suffered for sins rose again on the third day. Pray that she may be saved.


By the end of the 2012 Olympics more than 300,000 tracts had been distributed, followed up with much prayer that some may be saved. There were many good conversations, but perhaps "London 2012" will also be remembered by many false religions and cults that used the opportunity to promote their beliefs. The Para-Olympics gave more opportunity to speak with athletes; Spanish tracts were given to some from Mexico. It was a privilege to present Christ in the midst of all the confusion.

Jonathan Black hosted the Bible Exhibition at Bermondsey again in October - over 160 people came in from the area, many more than last year, and most of them new contacts. Much foreign language gospel literature and Bibles were distributed - French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Chinese, and Greek - all within one week, proving that London truly is the most linguistically diverse capital in the world! Children from a local school also came and were given a pack with John’s Gospel and a picture of Joseph to colour, later seen completed in the school. It is not easy getting into schools in central London so we thank God for this opening. The plan is to follow up with around 5,000 calendars in December. Small numbers came the following week to hear the gospel, one man from the Philippines coming 4 nights and returning on Sunday night.

In Tottenham John Frost has seen some homeless and marginalized people coming along recently to either the All Age Service or the Gospel Meeting, including several who are heroin addicts. They give good attention to the message, and prayer is valued that the Lord will speak to them through His Word. The Thursday "Drop-In" has recommenced with good numbers including six new friends recently. Pray also for the English language class on Wednesday and the Tuesday "Free Breakfast" for the homeless.

Kirkby-in-Ashfield: In October the assembly held its second Evangelism Day for 2012 with help from young people from across the East Midlands. After prayer the day was used for personal tracting in the town’s precinct when several hundred tracts were given out and good conversations engaged in. It was encouraging to notice that many who received literature actually stopped and read it, something not seen before. We pray that the Word of God may work powerfully in these lives and that seeds of the gospel may remain in their minds. In the afternoon, about 750 homes in the neighbouring town of Sutton-in-Ashfield were visited, an area which had not been tracted for over 25 years. As a result of a group walking up a long grassy farm track to one house, the lady who lives there walked 1.5 miles to the hall for the gospel meeting. She stayed afterwards to talk for over 70 minutes and promised to come and bring her husband to the next meeting. Please pray for her and others contacted that there may be lasting fruit in the gospel.

Fleetwood: Neil Hartridge serves the Lord along the Fylde coast in North West England, seeking to reach out in personal witness and visitation. In three markets five days each week he does this work, and also weather permitting carries on a street work on Saturday afternoons in Cleveleys. Remember Neil and his wife Christine in this service in the gospel.

The 17th residential Yorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby with 70 people from all parts of the UK in attendance. Alastair Sinclair led Bible Readings on 1 John 1 & 2 and gave ministry on the subject of "The Tabernacle". The sound teaching and warm fellowship were much appreciated.


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