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During a week in March Gordon McCracken conducted eleven Primary School assemblies, including three on the island of Yell. As he now visits Shetland each year, he has become well known to school staff and is always made very welcome. Children's meetings were held each evening in Sound Gospel Hall, with between sixty and seventy at each meeting. The hall was well filled with parents and children on prize-giving night, many parents coming for the first time. Please pray for God's blessing on this work.


Gordon McCracken was with the assembly for a fourth annual Holiday Club during the first week in April - over 100 heard the gospel clearly presented each day. On the final night at the prize-giving the Town Hall was well filled with many adults and children. It was particularly noticeable how a hush fell over the large company while Gordon spoke of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, emphasising that the cross divides humanity. Prayer is appreciated that the Lord may bless His Word to all who heard.


Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter had a further series in the gospel for three weeks during April. About 11 unsaved folk came in and 8 local believers not in fellowship. Please pray for B - this is the nearest to salvation we have seen her in the 20 years she has been faithfully taken to gospel meetings. Remember also T who loved listening to Jim Smyth preaching in past days. There was a good spirit all through the meetings, but no open professions, and good support from some nearby assemblies. Pray on please for "signs following".


Ian Robertson writes of good contacts made at the Explorer Kids' Club held each morning for a week, with games, crafts, a missionary story, and a Bible lesson. On average 50 children attended each day and a good number of parents also stayed with their children.

Presently the house has its full complement, with five men staying and all seem quite settled. Only one of them makes any profession of faith but all are keen enough to attend all the meetings that are available: morning Bible studies, meetings two nights a week in the house, Bible Teaching and Family Service in the Hall on Lord's Days, plus any Saturday meetings in the area. We long to see God working in their lives. Through the charity shop Mary still makes good contacts and some attend the meetings as a result. The work of the shop, uplifting and delivering furniture, house clearances and removals keeps the lads occupied through the day.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Dalry. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: N Emerson had Gospel Meetings from 21st April-5th May.

The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was set up in the Gospel Hall in Ahoghill from 15th-19th April. During the busy week over 600 P6 and P7 pupils, along with their teachers and assistants, visited the exhibition. Many opportunities were given to explain God's way of salvation to the boys and girls and we continue to pray that blessing will result from this sowing. Following the week of exhibition Norrie Emerson continued with two weeks of Gospel preaching based on Biblical prophecy. Large numbers attended each evening and much encouragement and challenge was received by believers. The gospel was clearly preached and the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ was presented nightly as the only means of salvation. Many attended who remain the subject of much prayer.

Ballyclare & Ballymoney: Mr Ragu Rangarajan (India) gave reports of his work for the Lord in these two assemblies and other assemblies in the province during April.

Kells Gospel Hall: D McGarvey had a short spell of very well attended Gospel Meetings. He was helped each night by a number of local brethren. The Christians were very encouraged to see their friends and loved ones in each night and delighted to see some from the district in the hall for the first time.


Aughavey Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 21st April in Mr Uel Badger's yard situated at Ballymaguire Road, Stewartstown. Speakers: U Badger and L Craig. Prayer requested.

Fintona Gospel Hall: From 15th-18th April a large company gathered to enjoy ministry given by B Currie. His interesting subject was "Men of Scripture who were 'caught up' ".

Killycurragh: At the beginning of May, Gospel Meetings commenced with Robert Eadie and Samuel Maze. Prayer requested.

Sixmilecross: This short series of Gospel Meetings finished in mid April. The gospel was faithfully preached by S Nelson and J McCann and good seed was sown. Unfortunately few of the locals came in to hear the message of Christ's love for sinners.


Limavady: The Annual Conference was again very well attended by believers from over a wide area. A Sinclair conducted the Bible Reading on Psalm 73 and a harmonious and helpful spirit was in evidence throughout. The ministry of the Word was shared by L Craig, C Davidson, A Sinclair and D Gilliland. C Davidson was responsible for the closing meeting when he gave reports on his on-going visits to Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Magherafelt: R McKeown and R Kirkpatrick preached the gospel for four weeks in the Gospel Hall. One of the features of the meetings was the very encouraging numbers of unsaved people who attended. There was rejoicing over one young man of twenty who trusted in the Lord Jesus for salvation.


Dunmurry: Gospel Meetings commenced on 12th May with M Radcliffe and A Steele responsible. Prayer desired.


Manchester Area

The following comes with a request for prayer from Wesley and Alison Downs.

Last month has been very busy with the issues that people with problem lives bring, and with all the accommodation full for the first time. Please pray for D who was back with us for a third occasion. He has serious problems with drink and other things. He knows the Scriptures very well, able to quote many verses. He has been in many Christian rehabs, professed faith in Christ, and yet lacks the power of this in his life to give him victory over sin. He manages the hard work of dealing with the physical symptoms of coming off drink but then fails to resist temptation when it comes, very impulsively and quickly undoing all the hard work in stopping the drink. We would value your prayers for D - before long the damage to his body will start to tell on his general health.

We have a prayer meeting at the mill every Wednesday morning for the workers. C who professed faith last year, was coming but had never prayed. What a great joy to hear him this month at our prayer meeting pour out his heart with tears and such sincerity and honesty. When we recall that he was involved with white witchcraft in pre-conversation days and is now praying to his Father in Heaven, we have to say, "Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me!" and, "To God be the glory great things He hath done!"

A few months ago we asked for prayer for R. Recently he has been really struggling with his addiction and underlying hurts. He came to stay in the accommodation to see if this would help him but has really found it very hard to stay sober. Please pray that the Lord will help him to deal with the past deep problems he is battling with.

The mother and son who are staying in the basement have been making steady progress. M had one slip but notably his mum stayed firm in her commitment to stay sober. This is a real breakthrough as usually they would have pulled each other down in the past. A takes a good interest in the Bible times and is reading her Bible independently. Please pray for a work of God in their lives!


Aaron Colgan and Dan Gillies were with the assembly at Bedminster Road, for three weeks of gospel meetings in April, with a good number of unsaved folk attending.


Andrew Renshaw held two weeks of gospel meetings during April, with unsaved people present to hear the Word faithfully preached.


The assembly at Clifton Hall, South Norwood held a week of children's meetings over the Easter period. Good interest was shown with up to 60 children attending each day.


During April, Ian Jackson was with the saints at Newbury for a week of appreciated ministry on prophetic subjects.


A Seed Sowers effort in the nearby town of Banbury in April yielded some good contacts. At the Easter conference with D Gilliland and J Grant two baptisms brought additional joy. A week of children's meetings in early May with A Barber was appreciated. During April, Indian evangelist R Raghu gave a report of the Lord's work in Nepal and Sikkim, India, and also reported at Coventry, Hanslope, and Wallingford.


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