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Ainslie Paterson was encouraged to see the good number who attended the meetings in Burghead once again. The David Livingstone Bicentenary was used as the theme with the gospel being woven through various incidents in his life. It was encouraging to see contacts made on previous visits coming along as well as some whom we saw for the first time. The door to door work also yielded a number of good conversations, which revealed that many of these folks have had exposure to the gospel at some time in their lives. The support of the believers from surrounding assemblies was also much appreciated. Prayer is valued for the Seed which has been sown in this village and district once again. In praying for Burghead do remember also the many towns and villages throughout Morayshire that have been tracted over the summer months.

Inverurie Area

Graeme Smith reports that around 200 Bibles were distributed to many primary 7 pupils in his area as they moved on to secondary schools. Pray that they will read and understand the "Good News" and that more schools will accept this free gift next year.

A French student who visited with Graeme and Fiona over the summer attended the gospel meetings and each night of the Holiday Club. Pray that she will read the Bible given to her and understand the way of salvation.

The Holiday Club went well this year with some new children attending. Many parents heard the gospel at the BBQ held on the last night. Please pray that the good seed sown will bear fruit in their lives.

N. Ireland


Bloomfield Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings commenced 15th September in a portable hall at Dixon Park with P McCauley and David Williamson responsible. Good numbers attending.


Annalong: R Eadie and S Maze brought the Belmont Bible Exhibition to the Gospel Hall for one week.  Excellent local response and feedback from up to 300 locals. All encouraged.

Ballykeel (Mourne): S Wells was with the assembly for three nights of helpful Ministry on "the life and times of Jonah".

Edenderry: D Gilliland gave four nights of most encouraging and much appreciated Ministry on the subject of "Some Bible Octogenarians".

Growell: The assembly held a week of very good children's meetings with Jeff Rogers in the Beechlawn School, Hillsborough.  The theme was "The Word of God" and approximately 150 children attended each evening.

Newry: The assembly had open-air meetings in several of the estates in the town, with J Rogers assisting the local brethren. Over 1,100 homes were visited.

Portavogie, New Road: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was held 9th-13th September. Excellent response both at schools and at the Gospel Hall.

Co Londonderry

Bellaghy: M Cain (Nova Scotia) and L Craig (Magherafelt) finished five weeks of tent meetings in the Hillhead district of Castledawson. The gospel was faithfully preached with good support from neighbouring assemblies - and the locality. A young girl, on holiday from Venezuela, attended the meetings nightly, and upon returning home to Venezuela, trusted Christ.


Bleary: T Armstrong and J Rogers commenced September 8th gospel meetings in the new Gospel Hall.

Co Antrim

Ballycastle (Lammas Fair): The Annual Open Air Meetings conducted on the sea front on 26th and 27th August were very well supported. Thousands of tracts were distributed by young brethren. Help was given by J Rogers, T McNeill, R Pickering, B Glendinning, R Plant, A Colgan and various local brethren. Edwin McKee and others also had a stand and contacted many visitors.

Ballyclare: At 23rd September, gospel meetings continuing with E Fairfield and W Martin. Large numbers attending and the saints rejoice in blessing experienced. Pray on.

Ballymena (Harryville): The assembly held children's meetings in Tullygarley Community Centre from 26th–30th August with N McClarty helped by local brethren.

Ballymoney: Gospel meetings in the town hall (kindly granted) commenced 29th September with M Radcliffe and A Steele.

Bushmills: It is expected to commence gospel meetings early January 2014 with S Gilfillan and A Caldwell.

Bushmills: Preliminary announcement - It is proposed to commence the Annual Bible Readings on Monday 7th July 2014, concluding on Friday 18th DV.

Kells: The assembly held a week of children's meetings at Woodgreen from 5th-9th August and also at Moorfields in a tent from 9th–13th September.

Larne (Craigyhill): The Annual Conference was held from 23rd–26th August. R Millar, J Stubbs, D McAllister and D Gilliland were responsible to open and lead the Bible Readings on "The making of a man of God" from Exodus 1-4. The ministry over the weekend was shared by J Stubbs, D McAllister, E Fairfield, R Millar and C Hutchison and was encouraging, searching and challenging to all. The Gospel was preached by R Millar and D Gilliland with power and feeling. A number of visitors in the audience with some "long prayed for".

Portrush Gospel Hall: S Jennings held a week of well attended Ministry Meetings from 12th–16th August on "The Feasts of Jehovah".

Co Londonderry and Co Donegal

Portstewart: During the months of July and August, the annual drive-in open-air meetings were held each Sunday evening in an area between Portstewart and Portrush, known as the "The Pitts". Some 90-150 cars were in the car park each evening. It was known that some of the people were not accustomed to hearing the gospel.

Co Cavan

Stonewall Gospel Hall: B Glendinning and H Milliken had a week of Gospel Meetings and visited the area with tracts.

Co Tyrone

Dunmullan: Gospel Meetings are being conducted by J Fleck and S Gilfillan in a tent erected in Baxter's yard. A good number are attending every evening including many young people. There has been blessing in salvation and much prayer is ascending for further conversions.

Fintona Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 21st August. A full hall heard ministry from W J Nesbitt, J Black, B Currie, J Palmer and B Smith.

Martray: Gospel Meetings conducted by N Fleck and S Nelson are continuing in a portable hall at the Ballygawley roundabout. Some locals are attending. Much prayer is needed for this very difficult district.


Gorey: During August three weeks of gospel activity took place including a Holiday Bible Club for children each weekday morning and door to door work in the afternoons. Although the majority of the boys and girls attending were local children already known to Matthew and Shirley Shanks, a significant number were in Riverchapel on holiday and quite possibly will never hear the gospel at any other time of the year. On average 75 children attended each morning. They learned Scripture verses, sang Bible choruses, and were taught the gospel through Bible stories. Several good contacts were made on the doors. Pease pray for quite a number of people who have said they are interested in attending an evangelistic Bible study starting early September D.V.

England & Wales


Two weeks of gospel tent meetings in a park in Bicester took place in August. E Higgins (USA) and T West were the preachers. Over 80 different lost ones came out to the meetings, some attending regularly. We look the Lord to save, especially those who have long been prayed for.


Wesley and Alison Downs have raised the following prayer points regarding their work.

Please pray for the city centre homeless drop-in that recommences this month after a break over August. Robbie and Steve run this outreach which contacts good numbers with the gospel each week. Please pray that the regulars will return, that new contacts will be made, and that those who hear the gospel will respond to the message.

Please pray for D a homeless contact who has been at the mill and in the accommodation a couple of times before. He is an alcoholic whose addiction is worsening and we are seeing the damage that is being done to his body. Recently he has wanted to come back to the Mill and the accommodation but has not turned up for our arranged meetings. We believe a real battle is going on and we recognise that it is only the Lord that can set him free. Please pray particularly this month for D whom we love and we would love to see him saved.

Please pray for N a 21 year old lad who came from Moorland prison in Doncaster through Steve Clegg. He has a drug using and dealing background and has a sad story to tell of his early years. These have left their mark on him. He has been with us for nearly 2 months staying in our basement accommodation. Please pray that as he hears the gospel and reads the Bible that God will work in his life to bring Life in Christ.

Currently we have a gospel based Bible study on a Sunday afternoon with those who are staying in the accommodation. In coming months we plan to extend this outreach to contacts that we have in Stockport through the Mill. We would value your prayers in this matter as we invite people to attend. We have seen the need for this for some time and have been much exercised about it over the years. Please pray that this will result in more hearing the gospel and the salvation of souls.

"To the Jew first..." (Romans 1.16)

The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures was founded on 12th January, 1940 by Mr Joseph Yoelson-Taffen, a Jewish believer who, for the previous 20 years, had been a missionary with the Mildmay Mission to the Jews. Mr Yoelson-Taffen was in fellowship at Woodcroft Hall, Burnt Oak until his home-call in 1977, and some readers may remember Mr Mark Kagan, who was a Council member of the Society from 1940 until 1986 when he could no longer attend the meetings.

The work was founded upon four principles: 1. The Scriptures were to be presented primarily in the Hebrew language alongside another language appropriate to the recipient. 2. All Scriptures were to be hard-back, quality publications, reflecting the value placed on the Word of God received through the Jewish people. 3. All Scriptures were to be given free of charge. 4. No appeals for funds were to be made. These four principles continue to the present day. The Lord has faithfully provided for His work through the Society, and the Scriptures go out daily from our offices.

The first publication in 1942 was a Hebrew-English New Testament, and as demand grew other languages followed in bilingual form. Today there are 23 editions of hard-back Scriptures in 12 languages, 18 bilingual Scripture booklets in 14 languages, and a CD with the whole Bible in 18 languages. In addition the Scriptures are available to download on three websites plus an App for a mobile phone. All are available free of charge to or for Jewish people.

The Society has depots in France, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Suriname, USA and Canada.

What is the response? Excellent! In the past 20 years or so there has been a sea-change in the attitude of Jewish people to receiving the Scriptures, and today the take-up on being offered them is over 90%, for which we thank the Lord.

The Society's magazine, Lamp & Light, giving news of the work, personal accounts of distribution, and other relevant matters is published bi-monthly free of charge.

"Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts" (Jeremiah 15.16).

(Eric Browning, General Secretary, The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures)


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