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The Cullen assembly would like to thank all who gave faithful support during their gospel series with Jack Hay in October, as well as being grateful for all those who prayed for the effort although unable to attend. Disappointingly, few unbelievers came to hear the gospel which was preached each evening with power, clarity and compassion, but a number of young ones heard the Word night by night. The meetings were held in a public hall in Portknockie and a wide area was covered with tracts and invitations. Also please continue to pray as another gospel effort is purposed with brother Jack, this time in Cullen, during March, 2014, Lord willing.


Further to the visit of Dan Gillies to the assembly at Linwood for gospel meetings, the believers there are rejoicing to report the salvation of two people during this time. The outreach was followed with a special weekend when the assembly was also greatly encouraged to see another three souls profess faith in the Lord Jesus. Many local contacts have been made and will be followed up in the future DV.

Glenburn, Prestwick

The assembly at Glenburn had the joy of seeing one young teenager baptised during October following gospel meetings with Graeme Paterson. The hall was well filled and a good testimony borne to the Lord Jesus.

Lochee, Dundee

In mid-September Stephen Grant was with the assembly at Lochee for four evenings giving gospel messages from answers to some topical questions: Sin in a violent world: do we laugh or cry? Who is Jesus, and is He relevant in today's world? Death: is it an end or a beginning? Does God answer prayer? In spite of extensive advertising in the local paper, by posters, leaflet drops, personal invitations and also a Facebook site, the response to the meetings was very disappointing with only a handful present over the week. The local saints, however, were very encouraged from the teaching.

John Grant conducted a series of meetings at the Gospel Hall, Bay Head, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis from 6th to 10th October. The subject was "Lessons from the life of Abraham - The call of Faith; The conquest of Faith; The compromise of Faith; The continuation of Faith; The climax of Faith". The believers in the small assembly were grateful for the support given by people from local churches, who appreciated the ministry which was most instructive and helpful. The assembly is very isolated being the only such gathering in the Hebrides. The help given by Mr Grant was much valued by the local believers.

End of Year Opportunities

Do remember in prayer and also support the many ways in which individuals and assemblies throughout the country use this month as an extra opportunity to spread the gospel. Many thousands of specially produced tracts and calendars will be delivered - pray that they will be read and not discarded among the mountain of mail which arrives just now. Many Carol Services will be attended by more people than usual on what they see as a special occasion - pray that the real message of the Saviour who came to Bethlehem and to Calvary will enter hearts and minds. Sunday Schools and Children's Clubs will use the season's focus to impress the gospel on young minds - pray that many will receive the greatest gift ever given (2 Cor 9.15).

Kindness and care will be extended further to the homeless, destitute and addicted in our towns and cities - pray that the Good Seed sown along with these good works will yet lead to the salvation of many of them.

And at the year's end, pray that our contacts may be caused to reflect on the passing of life's opportunities and to seek the Lord while He may be found. It is a real challenge to break through cultural traditions and get people to think of their real need of Christ, but the great eternity gets nearer. For the believer it will be heaven with Christ, for the unbeliever hell without Him.

N. Ireland & Eire


Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The assembly held its Annual Conference on 2nd November. The hall was packed and the very large company of believers was stirred by the much appreciated instructive, challenging and helpful ministry given by J Fleck, P McClarty, and W Banks. Mr Banks continued with the assembly until the following Thursday evening with teaching ministry from John 13-17.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings with M Radcliffe and A Steele concluded on 25th October. Numbers were encouraging and people from the town attended, some of whom had never visited before.

Ballysally: W Sherrard and R Plant were kindly granted the use of Ballysally Primary School for a week of children's meetings in September. Numbers averaged around 40, mostly younger children who were enthusiastic and keen to learn the truths of salvation. It was felt that help was given in the meetings and it is hoped that the children's meetings in Coleraine and Portstewart assemblies will benefit from the work done.

Clough Gospel Hall: The annual conference was held on 9th November. Helpful ministry was given by B Currie, S McBride, T Sloan, D Gilliland, R McKeown and W Boyd. The hall was full and good local interest.

Lisburn (Plantation): Gospel Meetings commenced on 22nd September and continue with J Fleck and S Gilfillan. Prayer appreciated. The saints rejoice in blessing.

Portrush: The assembly had a week of children's meetings at the end of October conducted by R Plant. Despite an absence of a children's work in the assembly of several years the saints worked hard and just short of thirty children attended nightly to hear the way of salvation brought before them. Please pray for further fruit from this work, and especially for another week planned for February DV.

"If the Lord will…"

Bushmills Gospel Hall: It is expected to commence Gospel Meetings in early January, 2014 with S Gilfillan and A Caldwell.


The Birches Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced at the end of October. Speakers: W Martin and M Turkington.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballyshiel Gospel Hall: I Gordon (Glengormley) and J Rogers (Newry) are expected for Gospel Meetings (DV) at the beginning of January, 2014.


Ballymagarrick: B Martin was with the assembly for five nights of challenging Ministry on the subject of "Five men who had life-changing encounters with God". The meetings were well attended and very helpful.

Dromore: M Hunter and C Beresford are continuing the Gospel Meetings. There have been many local people who have attended and the assembly is looking to the Lord for blessing in salvation.

Gransha: R Pickering was with the assembly for one week of helpful Ministry on "The Life of Moses".

Kilkeel: N Fleck and A Wilson commenced Gospel Meetings with the assembly on 13th October.

Portavogie: The Gospel Meetings with D Gilliland and J Rogers are continuing. There has been blessing in salvation and much encouragement by the attendance of quite a few people who had former connections with the assembly.


Ardstraw: Gospel Meetings commenced in the Gospel Hall on 10th November with D McGarvey and G Woods.

Cookstown Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings concluded on 1st November with D McGarvey. The Lord blessed in salvation.

Donemana: The assembly had a week of children's meetings in October with R Plant.

Donemana: On 17th October, a number of believers gathered for the Annual Conference to hear ministry given by R Pickering, D McAllister, B Smyth, D Morgan and B Glendinning.

Lungs Gospel Hall: On 5th October, believers gathered for the Annual Conference. Those who spoke were S Gilfillan, D Gilliland, D McAllister and D Radcliffe. Helpful Ministry was given.

Omagh Conference: On 2nd November a large company of believers gathered for the Annual Conference and heard profitable ministry from R McKeown, A Summers, T Sloan, W Boyd, and W J Nesbitt. The general theme of the conference was "Suffering Saints at Home and Abroad". After the conference, missionary report meetings were conducted between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. The speakers were T Sloan, A Davidson and N Fleck.


Bloomfield Gospel Hall: Paul McCauley and David Williamson have concluded five weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall in Dixon Park. The area was visited very faithfully with some good contacts being made, resulting in a few attending who had not done so before. A number of unsaved were present each evening and help was given to preach the gospel clearly and simply. God was honoured and Christ exalted. We wait to hear that some professed faith in Christ as a result.

Cregagh Street Gospel Hall: The assembly had an evening of Praise and Thanksgiving on Saturday, 2nd November to mark 75 years of Assembly Fellowship in the current hall, built in 1938. Over 110 attended, including many "original" members of the assembly. After a short history of the inception of the Hall was read by Tommy Adamson, challenging ministry was given by John Rogers (Newry). A very uplifting, happy evening was had by all.


Aughrim: N Emerson has commenced a three week series of Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall at the beginning of November.

Coleraine: At the beginning of November J Palmer and B Currie are in their fourth week of Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall. A small number of people from the town have responded to the invitations they received; some of the relations of Christians in the assembly have also attended, but not with any consistency.

Lisachrin: M McKillen and E Fairfield have just finished three and a half weeks of Gospel Meetings at the end of October. There was a full hall every night, with good support from neighbouring assemblies, and a "good feeling" in the meetings. The surrounding locality was well visited, both by the preachers and members of the assembly, and it was felt that a number of good contacts were made.


The National Ploughing Championships were held in September this year in County Laois with over 228,000 people in attendance. Matthew and Andrew Shanks were joined by believers from across Ireland and the UK and were able to distribute 19,000 shopping bags with John 3.16 on them as well as thousands of other items containing God's Word. They have been encouraged by the number of people who have made contact to request Bibles, literature, and CDs and expectantly leave all the seed sown in the hands of God.


Killygar: B Glendinning and S Nelson had Gospel Meetings from 7th-18th October in an Orange Hall. There have been no meetings in this area for 20 years.

England & Wales

Gateshead and Newcastle

Most of Jim McMaster's gospel activity is face-to-face on the streets of the city distributing suitable literature and engaging in personal testimony. Every effort is also made to bring as many as possible to hear a formal presentation of the gospel. Over recent months the Lord has graciously blessed this effort and regularly 15 to 20 local people are in the hall to hear the gospel, both street contacts and some from prison work. Several are deeply interested in talking about the gospel after the meetings and sometimes it is difficult to have enough believers to talk to each one. Pray especially for N who lives near the hall. He was contacted many years ago in prison and on the streets as a high level drugs dealer. It seems he has now broken with that lifestyle and he has come to hear the gospel several times. Two weeks ago he came to say that he had knelt by his bed and cried to the Lord to show Himself. But he fears that many of his past activities are too bad to be forgiven and struggles to see how the Lord could save a man like him.


Wesley and Alison Downs' Newsletter asks prayer for some needy cases. Please continue to pray for Mark in the busy role that he has at the Mill and in the street work on Sunday evening. He stayed at the house to help out while we were away. Pray for S who attends the City Centre Drop-in regularly. She comes from an addictive background and lives a chaotic life having been brought up in care and with many other problems. Recently she told Robbie her life story and was very open to the gospel. Thank God that Robbie can relate to her story, and that it was from him that she heard the gospel. Pray for Robbie as he goes out to preach the gospel in other assemblies that the Lord will use him for God's glory. Pray for the marriage of one of our residents which broke down some years ago. He longs to be back with his wife knowing that this is right before God. This whole matter weighs very heavily on him. Pray that as he communicates with her that her heart will be changed towards him. A is not saved but has faithfully come to the Mill for a few years now. He hears the gospel each week but says very little about it. He and his partner with 6 children live quite close to the Mill. Recently he had to deliver their last baby daughter as the ambulance did not arrive on time! He has just lost his job - bad timing with Christmas so near. Please pray for him and his family that they will be saved. Please pray for K who came to us some years ago from Steve Clegg. He went back to prison but was then moved to an open prison which allows him to make community visits. On one of these visits he sent me a text of Scripture and we have arranged to meet up again.

Hanslope, Buckinghamshire

The assembly held two weeks of gospel meetings in October with Norman Mellish. This was a time of rejoicing and God was pleased to bless with the salvation of a young man.

Upper Hill Street, Coventry

A week of Children's Meetings and Gospel Meetings took place in October with Mervyn Hall. It was encouraging to see some new people in the Hall and some showing an interest.

The 18th residential Yorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby, with 85 people from all parts of the UK in attendance, plus a family of 5 from Australia. Ian Jackson led Bible Readings on 1 John 3 & 4 and gave ministry on "The Ascended Christ." The sound teaching and warm fellowship was much appreciated.


For two weeks in October Blair Martin was with the assembly in Pantyffynnon. The assembly had distributed invitations over the whole area and invested in a large banner to advertise the meetings. The weather was reasonable with only one day unsuitable for visiting. The Gospel Campaign was based on "Life's Big Questions" and this seemed to generate some interest. Local unsaved people were present each night; one man attending twice said he was a follower of the Bahai religion and was interested in the subject of, "Do All Religions Lead to God?". The believers were heartened with the response to invitations, especially when some unsaved relatives attended for the first time. The results are in the hand of our sovereign God.

David Morgan, Llanelli, is grateful for the help of the Lord to raise the Gospel Tent in four different places this past summer. Some of these were areas where he had never worked before. It was a cause for thanksgiving to have the opportunity to work in these places in West Wales since permission to put up the tent is increasingly difficult to get. A total of over 70 souls came into the tent, some for the first time, some coming every night and showing good interest. This has opened many doors which can be visited in days to come DV. It was also profitable to stand again this year outside the Royal Welsh Show with tracts and banners, preaching as people went in and out.


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