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Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter have commenced gospel meetings in the small assembly at Bannockburn at the beginning of February. Visitation work has been undertaken and many invitations distributed to the people of the town. Pray that God may bless in salvation and add to that little company of God's people.

Faskally House, Pitlochry

As another busy year's activities begin again, please remember this work in prayer. Obtained in 1996, and continuously developed since, Faskally has served its purpose well in reaching thousands of children and teenagers with the gospel at summer camps. It has also been a centre for fellowship, Bible teaching and encouragement for families and for hundreds of believers old and young.

In particular pray for blessing on a weekend for young people in mid March with Ian Lewis teaching the Word, and the first of the year's five Midweek Breaks starting at the end of the month with David West leading the Bible studies. (Details available from Colin and Alison Connell on 01796 474411.)

Bible Exhibition Scotland

Many assemblies throughout the UK have been blessed over the years working with the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition which was first set up in that county many years ago. The work of the exhibition continues and is now administered by Bible Exhibition Scotland, the present trustees of which are Graeme Paterson, Plains, Alasdair Baijal, Ballingry and William Deans, Crosshouse.

The trustees would now like to re-establish a team of workers that would be able to travel with the Exhibition or assist when it is on display in their locality. Individuals should have experience of relevant service in their local assembly and have the full backing of their assembly to engage in the work.

Anyone interested please contact Graeme Paterson on 01236 842236, 07721 052007 or gjpaterson@btinternet.com.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Troon on 8th March. For further information call 07827 966798.

N. Ireland & Eire


Ballyclare Gospel Hall: E Fairfield was with the assembly for a week of ministry in late January. He took for his subject "Lessons from Bible Highways", and the ministry was edifying and encouraging. Visitors who attended from other assemblies also spoke of help received from the interesting and fresh presentation of God's Word. There was undoubted blessing for all who were privileged to be present.

Bushmills Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings with S Gilfillan and A Caldwell are continuing at 3rd February.

Clough Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 2nd February with E Fairfield and D Strahan in a dis-used car showroom (kindly granted) on the Cushendall Road. The Broughshane assembly is also involved. Prayer is requested for this new venture.

Craigyhill Gospel Hall: Tom McNeill was with the assembly on 22nd January. It had been 40 years since he was commended by the Craigyhill Assembly to the grace of God for full time service in this country. Of those who signed his letter of commendation only Herbie Miller remains. Tom related his story of conversion and told of his initial exercise to serve the Lord and how he felt God's guidance. He gave a short account of some of his experiences both at home and abroad in gospel work. The meeting was well attended and was both enjoyable and challenging. Given his illness in recent years, it was encouraging to see our dear brother well enough to recall and recount the stories of God's goodness.


Cregagh Street Gospel Hall: P McCauley had ministry meetings from 3rd-7th February. Subject: "Behold the Lamb of God" (John 1.29).

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: The assembly, and visitors, enjoyed five evenings of ministry on "Studies in Joshua" given by J Riddle. The ministry was fresh, instructive and very challenging.

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: A Steele and M Radcliffe commenced Gospel Meetings on 26th January.


Annalong: R Pickering and D Radcliffe are conducting Gospel Meetings in Ballyvea School House near Annalong. Attendance is most encouraging with a good number of unsaved being present each evening. Prayer is requested for blessing in salvation.

Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: The assembly greatly appreciated a week of ministry in early January with D Gilliland. The subject was "Looking at life through Bible Windows", and the practical ministry was both edifying and challenging. The meetings were very well attended and the hall was packed on the final night.

Ballykeel, Lough Road: On two Saturdays during January ministry meetings were held, the speakers being J Fleck, D Gilliland, W Martin and M Radcliffe. These meetings were very helpful and are to be followed by several nights of Gospel Meetings with D Gilliland and R Reynolds.

Ballywalter: Gospel meetings were held with the gospel being clearly preached, and attendance was most encouraging. Prayer requested for blessing in salvation.

Banbridge: M Radcliffe was with the assembly for one week of very profitable and well attended ministry on the subject of the "Garments of the High Priest".

Bangor, Central Hall: S Baker was with the assembly for five nights of very helpful ministry on the theme of encouragement for the next generation.

Dromore: W Boyd conducted Bible readings on the Epistle to the Philippians over two weeks. Both attendance and participation were very encouraging.

Newtownards (James Street): Gospel Meetings commenced on 9th February in a portable hall at the West Winds estate with A Davidson and S Nelson.

Portavogie, New Road: The assembly had one week's very instructive ministry with J Fleck on some of the "first chapters" in the Bible with particular emphases for the benefit of new believers. Attendance and interest were excellent, and following the meetings some have asked to be baptised.


Limavady: R McKeown and D Gilliland were the preachers for three weeks of gospel meetings. These were held in a modern auditorium within the precincts of Limavady town hall - the facilities were excellent! The meetings were marked by consistent attendance by people from the town and surrounding area. Also, Christians not associated with the assembly came and brought others with them. The average nightly attendance was 150 and on the final night approximately 180 were present. The assembly worked hard in distributing topical and well produced invitations. They, and the preachers, have been greatly encouraged by a man from the locality, in his fifties, confessing that he had trusted Christ as his Saviour.


Kilmore Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in the first week in February with evangelists W Martin and J Fleck. The assembly have requested prayer for blessing.

Lungs Gospel Hall: G Woods and D McGarvey commenced a series of Gospel Meetings on 12th January. To date, numbers attending have been most encouraging including children of the local believers.


Ballyshiel Gospel Hall: I Gordon and J Rogers have finished a third week in a gospel series. Numbers have increased, with quite a few unsaved attending. Prayer valued as the meetings continue.

Drumacanver Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are in their third week with good interest and quite a few strangers from the area attending. Speakers: T Meekin and J Bingham.


Postal Bible School

Noel and Liza McMeekin have been busy organizing annual prize-givings, purchasing prizes and arranging venues all over the Republic of Ireland. Last year well over 4,200 people attended at 48 venues. Most who come will have had no other contact with the gospel and there have been many good conversations with people who show a genuine interest in the message. In the past 22 years we know of two who have trusted the Saviour at the prize-giving meeting. The Postal Bible School lessons go out across the 26 counties in the Republic and reach almost 5,000 students in total. A couple of months ago there was a great response after making known the need for extra volunteers to help with marking the lessons, and now there are sufficient teachers supporting the work. Prayer is valued that those receiving the lessons will be blessed and that God will guide the continuity of the work.

England & Wales


Ian Campbell, supported by others, continues preaching in the towns in his area. In Newcastle he asked an old man inspecting the literature display if he could tell him the way to heaven. The 80 year old spoke of his regular church attendance and was shocked when told that this wasn't the way. After 20 minutes speaking about the seriousness of sin he appeared genuinely concerned, accepted a Gospel and shook hands before leaving. Four teenage boys from Hexham briefly discussed "evolution". Three of them left but one stayed to chat further and accepted John Blanchard's booklet on evolution. Another time an architecture student from Cyprus brought up in a Greek Orthodox Church admitted he had only nominal association with it and engaged in profitable discussion and accepted literature. A young Indian lady approached as tracts were being handed out. Brought up in a "Catholic" home she was challenged by the words, "Ye must be born again". She accepted a Gospel of John and contact details. Another young lady listened and chatted for a good while. Her boyfriend's parents seem to be Christians and had witnessed to her regularly. She said speaking about hell was a scare tactic, and thought the Bible was just a book written by men. However she did accept a Gospel. Another couple listened to the gospel message preached and later conversation showed they were open to the gospel. They accepted a John's Gospel and Ultimate Questions.

While in York three Moslem young men on a brief visit from Mecca spent a good time talking. One accepted a New Testament and also the booklet Can God have a Son? This topic is a stumbling block to Moslems. It is good to know that a copy of the New Testament will be taken into Saudi, the great bastion of Islam.

In Sunderland after the preaching a mother and daughter stood looking at the illustrations on the display board. They were noticeably challenged by the gospel after a long conversation. They too accepted a Gospel and a copy of Ultimate Questions.

In South Shields, a man in his late 40s stopped to chat. He had some mental health issues - one of his pastimes was collecting KJV Bibles. Sadly he never read any of them. He was given details of the meetings at the Hall. An older man stopped briefly to listen. He said that he was a Roman Catholic but when quizzed said he had serious doubts about the doctrines of that Church. Another, a young farmer, felt that there was a God. He said he prayed morning and evening saying "The Lord's Prayer" before going to sleep. He was puzzled, as was Nicodemus, when told about being born again. The uniqueness of Christ and the importance of the cross were brought before him. At first he refused a Gospel but later accepted it and promised to read it.


Nitish and Ellen Patel have been encouraged in the work with the Children's Special. Well over 60 attend most Saturdays and the total number of children is now over 110. Most are Gujarati children from Hindu families, along with a couple with Moslem and some with Buddhist backgrounds. The parents of one boy come regularly to listen and to help their son with the activity sheets. With numbers increasing week by week the good problem is how to accommodate them all! So now there are two meetings every Saturday with older ones coming in the afternoon. They are grateful for those who help in this work, but ask for prayer that the Lord of the harvest would send more labourers, and also would give much needed wisdom in every aspect of the work.


Robert Plant was with the assembly in January for a week of children's meetings and school visits.


The Missionary Conference at Spencer Bridge Road in January with S Harper, A Shanks, S Buckeridge and S Clegg was a profitable time for all.


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