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The assembly in Perth recently began a community newsletter called The Signpost. It is edited by Gareth Edwards and produced every two months, then distributed to 2,000 homes around the Gospel Hall, and circulated electronically to about 100 other individuals. Some contacts have been made as a result. The believers also ran a computer class for five evenings in November. This was aimed at older people in the community, with some of the older believers also attending. The objective was to introduce people to Christianity as well as to computers. Each evening ended with an epilogue focussed on gospel truths.

The Christmas period again gave many opportunities to tell of the Saviour who came into the world, including carol services, visits to several places to sing carols, and calendar/card distribution. In Comrie, larger premises proved necessary for the Christmas Eve Service following visits made to the whole village with literature.

Some special activities are planned for the coming months and prayer for these would be welcome. Gordon McCracken plans a two-week period of school visits and an evening Superclub, Gareth Edwards and Alasdair Baijal have an exercise to conduct a series of gospel services in the Gospel Hall, and in April the Bible Exhibition will again be hosted, with a number of school groups already booked to attend.

Towards the end of 2015 Dan and Gwen Gillies spent time in Shetland with the small assembly in Selivoe. During the day they visited the many crofts and small villages in the west of the islands, distributing calendars and tracts. Ministry and Gospel meetings were held in the evenings in Selivoe, Scalloway and Sound.

In Aberdeenshire, Graeme Smith is in regular contact with hundreds of school children through Bible Clubs, for example in Newmachar, a Scripture Union group in Robert Gordon's School with around 50 attending, and a smaller group at Woodside Scripture Union. This is in addition to regular visits to many primary schools which are well received and appreciated by staff and pupils, reaching around 1,000 other children. Prayer is requested for 'Bible Alive' programmes in the New Testament planned for Primary 6 pupils for three weeks in April and May, following those completed in the Old Testament.

In South-West Scotland Alan Smith has been continuing door-to-door work in towns and villages near the southern part of the M74, and more recently in the village of Ecclefechan where he has found some good interest in the gospel. Tracts and John's Gospels have been well received.

The assembly at Prestwick Road, Ayr had two weeks of gospel meetings in February conducted by Blair Martin, assisted in door-to-door work by Alan Smith and Robert Revie. There was excellent support from surrounding assemblies, and unbelievers were present every evening. All heard the gospel presented powerfully and faithfully. We trust that even now the Lord may bless some with salvation.

"If the Lord will ..."

Prayer is requested for Gospel Meetings to be held in Anniesland Hall, Glasgow, commencing on 31 March, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday - weekdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 6pm; Youth work each weekday 4-15 March. The speakers expected are Jamie McIlree and Paul Jenkinson.



Ballymoney: From 8-11 February the assembly enjoyed four edifying nights of ministry by R McKeown on the subject of 'Lessons from the Life of Joseph'.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: The assembly had W Boyd for four nights of ministry on 'The Tabernacle'. The ministry was most interesting and instructive, emphasising the privilege of God's presence amongst His people. The meetings were well supported by neighbouring assemblies.

Kells Gospel Hall: S Wells was with the assembly from 1-4 February for ministry on 'Four Bible Mountains'. A good interest was shown by members of the assembly and also by other local assemblies. The ministry was considered to be helpful and practical.


Glengormley Gospel Hall: A Steele and J Rogers are continuing with Gospel Meetings, working with the saints around the local estates. There has been some response with a few neighbours attending.

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: The assembly and visitors enjoyed a week of ministry by Robin McKeown on the subject of 'The Judgment Seat of Christ'. He was given much help to expound with clarity the Scriptures dealing with this very important subject. The ministry was interesting, instructive and most challenging.


Ballymagarrick: The assembly had Ian Jackson for their February Saturday night Ministry Meeting and had a packed hall. He continued from Monday to Friday, with good numbers, on the subject of 'Living on the other side of Jordan'. The ministry was both challenging and searching.

Ballywalter: A Steele and J Rogers have concluded five weeks of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in N Trimble's yard. There was a good, steady attendance of local people during the period and the saints were greatly encouraged with the large numbers. Prayer is requested that fruit will soon be seen from the good seed sown.

Drumlough Gospel Hall: G Woods was with the assembly for one week of ministry on the subject of 'Finding Christ in all the Scriptures'. Christ was magnified, the believers were encouraged, and good numbers attended.


Bleary Gospel Hall: The assembly greatly enjoyed three nights of interesting, instructive and challenging ministry on 'The Temple of Herod' by D Gilliland. It was gratifying to see the interest of young believers in this subject.

Portadown Gospel Hall: The assembly had five weeks of well supported Gospel Meetings in a portable hall, with a number of local people attending. The speakers were J Fleck and D Strahan.


Clones Gospel Hall: The assembly have commenced a gospel effort with G Woods and A Colgan. Prayer will be valued.


Magherafelt: L Craig gave five nights of teaching on the subject of 'God in the midst of His people'. The ministry was both profitable and interesting, and the meetings were well attended by believers from surrounding assemblies.


In November, Aaron Colgan and Dan Gillies had a series of Gospel Meetings in Bristol in fellowship with the assembly in Bedminster Road. They used the local Community Centre in West Knowle housing estate, but only a few came from that area which is in quite a deprived part of Bristol. Visits round the doors were better received, and some unsaved folk attended the meetings each evening.

Wesley and Alison Downs have been able to recommence their drop-in facility in Manchester City Centre each Sunday afternoon, where they provide food and drinks and present the gospel. This is a difficult part of the city - the 'gay village' is nearby. At The Mill in Stockport, 13 long-term unemployed people are now coming four days a week, and the gospel is preached to over 20 people most mornings. Prayer is requested for M who started coming recently and brought a well-used Bible owned by a relative from war years; for N who professes faith and says the Bible times help him; and for A who has been coming for years and is now showing a growing interest in spiritual things.

Stephen Baker makes regular visits to around ten schools in Liverpool and Warrington most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and has the thrill of hearing children praising the name of the Saviour. The majority of them are not saved, but God still can bring praise to the name of His dear Son through their singing. Please pray for their salvation and that of their teachers, some of whom show an interest, and pray that these doors will stay open. In February he was in Coleford, Somerset for a week's Holiday Bible Club. The numbers were very encouraging, with over 40 children attending most days and 90 at the Prizegiving. Numerous individuals are being reached through Stephen's open air preaching in Liverpool City Centre. Also, through www.seekthetruth.org.uk many thousands are exposed to the gospel each month. Many make online contact; some hostile, but others seeking. Prayer is requested for all this work.


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