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June 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (4)
J Grant

The First Book of Samuel (1)
J Riddle

Poetry: The Trial of Your Faith

The Offerings (2)
J Paton

Book Review

Be not ignorant (4)
R Catchpole

Question Box

The First Epistle of John (13)
S Whitmore

Eternal Punishment (1)
E W Rogers

Notebook: Ecclesiastes
J Grant

Whose faith follow: James MacPhie of Cazombo, Angola (1884-1970)
W Halliday

The Lord sat as King at the Flood
W Alexander

Into All The World: Work in Armenia
Toros Pilibosian

Words from the Cross (6)
C Jones

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


The Lord’s Work & Workers

SCOTLAND Forthcoming


Gardenstown: Gospel Hall at 3.00pm. and 6.15pm. C Lacey, D Mowat, S MacDonald.

Lanarkshire Gospel Work: Chapelhall. Prayer at 3.30pm, Open Air at 4.00pm, Tea at 5.15pm, Ministry at 6.00pm. T Wilson.

Mayfield: Gospel Hall, Stone Avenue. Conference Weekend. Friday at 7.30pm. Report Meeting, A McLean (Russia). Saturday, Conference in Combined School at 3.00pm. S Grant, A McLean, J Paterson (snr.). Lord’s Day at 2.30pm. and 6.45pm. A McLean.

Perth: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J McMaster.


Lanarkshire Gospel Work: Overtown. Prayer at 3.30pm, Open Air at 4.00pm, Tea at 5.15pm, Ministry at 6.00pm. H Welsh.


Lanarkshire Gospel Work: Kirkmuirhill. Prayer at 3.30pm, Open Air at 4.00pm, Tea at 5.15pm, Ministry at 6.00pm. I Jackson, R Marshall.


Lanarkshire Gospel Work: Newmains. Prayer at 3.30pm, Open Air at 4.00pm, Tea at 5.15pm, Ministry at 6.00pm. I Steele.

JULY 2-8

Perth: Gospel Hall. Bible Study Week. R McKeown.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Dunmullan: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 1.30pm.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming


Corby: Gospel Hall, Rockingham Road at 7.00pm. D Bandy.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. D West.

London: Brook Street Chapel (next to Haringey Council Offices), Brook Street, High Road, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17 9JG (Ministry & Report) Mr W Downs.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. P Scammell.

Saltash: Gospel Hall, Moorlands Lane. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J Grant, J Holifield. Mr Grant continues in ministry on Lord’s Day at 8.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Tonbridge: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. A Beer.

Westcliff-on-Sea: Carlton Avenue Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. K Totten.


Birmingham: Park Lane Gospel Hall, Aston. Conference at 3.30pm and 6.00pm. S McKenzie. Mr McKenzie continues in ministry Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Chalfont St Peter: Buckinghamshire. The Gospel Hall, The Vale at 3.30pm. Report on the work of Medical Missionary News (David Restall) and Report on the work of the Lord in Loloma, Zambia (Alan Gilbert). Tea provided after the meeting.

Cheshunt: Mill Lane Chapel at 7.00pm. J Lee.

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Church Street at 7.30pm. J Grant.

Hereford: Burghill Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. J Holifield, C Roberts. Mr Roberts continues in ministry Mon - Wed at 7.30pm.

Tooting: London, 146 Longley Road at 7.00pm. D Sampson.


Derby: The Meeting Room, Curzon Street at 7.15pm. J Flanigan. Mr Flanigan continues Mon - Thurs at 7.30pm.

Eastbourne: Marine Hall, 85 Seaside at 7.00pm. P Brandon.

Leicester: York Street Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. J Paterson (snr). Mr Paterson continues in ministry on Monday at 7.30pm.

Lyme Regis: Bethany, Coombe Street at 3.30pm and 6.00pm. P Young.

West Mersea: Assembly Hall, East Road. Conference at 4.00pm and 6.15pm. A Wiseman.


Coltishall: Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. A Carew.

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Upper Hill Street at 7.30pm. P Young.

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. D Hands.

London: Hope Hall, 222 Kilburn Lane. Annual Conference at 3.30pm and 6.15pm. A Wiseman, S Quelch. Mr Quelch will give a report on Brazil in the afternoon session.

Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road at 7.30pm. P Kaye.


Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. M Radcliffe. Mr Radcliffe continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 8.00pm.

Hurst (nr Reading): Gospel Hall at 3.30pm and 6.30pm. D Tinkler and P Keel.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. A Maunder.


A call for help from Lanarkshire. About 25 years ago some active believers were concerned about the spiritual needs of the village where they lived.

The Sunday school in their home had outgrown the space, so a hall was built and for many years children’s and young people’s work has prospered. Indeed, the first convert, a girl, has for some years been serving the Lord as a missionary doctor in Pakistan. A good number have been converted over the years.

Now, sadly, ill-health and advancing years have meant that the workers can no longer carry on. The appeal is now for some to hear the call of God to fill this gap.

The hall is there. The opportunity is now. Should this appeal move you to step forward you would have a free hand and strong prayer support.

Further details from David Kinnaird, ‘Maranatha’, Chapelton, Strathaven. Tel: 01357 300353.

North East Scotland: During April, the assembly at Peterhead had three weeks of Gospel meetings with Ian Jackson. There was a very real sense of the presence of God in every meeting, as the Gospel was preached powerfully night by night at York Street Hall. There were also three Saturday evening meetings in the Community Centre, which were well attended by many strangers who listened to our brother preach on What is Man?, Why am I here?, and Where am I going? The emptiness and despair of atheism and evolutionary thinking was contrasted vividly with the believers’ joy in past sins forgiven, present purpose in life, and glorious future in Heaven. Three precious souls were saved; a lady who had attended for the last year, an old gentleman of 92, and a young lad of believing parents. The assembly was greatly encouraged by those trusting Christ and by the wholehearted enthusiasm of our brother Jackson. These meetings will live long in the memories of those who were there.

Preparations are well in hand for the regular summer tract work undertaken by the Forres assembly. Once again, DV, the surrounding towns and villages will be visited with the Gospel message, using the tract Here is a Summary of the News. Please pray that souls will be saved, as many are again contacted through the printed page. Sam Matthews reports that encouraging letters and telephone calls continue to come from those who have received the Words of Comfort booklet. Pray for this work also.

The Cullen assembly has been encouraged by sustained interest in the special meetings being held (approximately monthly) in the village of Portknockie. Nine believers have been baptised over the past few months, three adults and the rest in their teens. Another teenager was also baptised in Portessie. Bible Class work has greatly contributed to these young peoples’ step of obedience to the Lord. Prayer is appreciated for the furtherance of the gospel, both in the immediate locality and in the wider area covered during the summer tract work, and that all who have been baptised will continue to grow in grace.

Shetland: The Brae assembly had gospel meetings during the last two weeks of April with Stephen Grant. The consistent attendance of unsaved people from the locality was good, with most of them having attended Gospel meetings toward the end of last year. Some showed real interest in the Gospel and the assembly was encouraged in their ongoing work. Frank Lonney also had childrens’ meetings in Hillswick, a small rural community in the north of Shetland, with encouraging numbers of children and adults attending the meetings. On the last night there were 22 children and 20 adults present, which is an excellent attendance from that scattered community.

N. IRELAND Reports


Annaghmore: J Martin and his son Wesley have just concluded twelve weeks of gospel meetings and three nights of ministry. These meetings were in a portable hall and were marked by a very real sense of the Lord’s presence. Large numbers of local people from the surrounding country community attended, many on a very regular basis. A number of these, including some who were connected to the local assemblies, have professed faith in Christ, bringing real cheer and rejoicing over this whole area.

Kilmore: S McBride and J Meekim have finished ten weeks in the gospel in this new gospel hall. Quite a number of unsaved attended but sadly none as yet have professed salvation.

Newtownhamilton: T Wright and B Currie continue (into the third week) in the gospel. Some locals have come, and a number of unsaved family members of the believers are attending. Prayer valued.

Poyntzpass: J Rogers is preaching the gospel in a portable hall and getting nice numbers. Brother Albert Aiken was to be with our brother but took very ill just prior to commencing. Prayer very much valued for brother Albert (who is progressing slowly), and also for John who has the responsibility each night on his own.


Groomsport: G Davidson and P McCauley had four weeks of gospel meetings during April in a portable hall, and were encouraged to see good numbers, including locals, attend. The gospel was simply and sincerely presented. The Lord of the harvest watches over the seed sown. Pray for blessing.


Currien: D McGarvey and N Woods have commenced in the gospel in this small assembly and are being encouraged with support from Enniskillen and other assemblies. Pray for blessing.


Killykergan: W Fenton and M McKillen are in this third week of meetings. Good numbers are attending, with a few from the district.


Bloomfield: D Gilliland and J Fleck are preaching nightly in a portable hall in the east of the city, and God is blessing in salvation. Continue to pray for an outpouring of the Spirit’s power where in recent years there has been much apathy to the message of the gospel.

Maranatha (Sandy Row): WJ Nesbitt with his son Andrew commenced a series in the gospel here on 24th April. The assembly is small but active in the gospel. There has been a friendly reception during visitation of the surrounding area, helped by local brethren and sisters. Pray that as the Word is preached there may be a time of blessing.

EIRE Reports

Dublin: Rathmines Gospel Hall. The assembly was encouraged by the ministry of our brother David Gilliland speaking from Acts 8 on April 1st. The ministry was followed by the baptism of a young believer who had been saved at a gospel meeting conducted by our brother in December, 2003. A large number were present, many of whom were unsaved, and some who had never heard the gospel before. Prayer would be valued as we look to the Lord for His continued blessing.


Bethel, Appledore, N. Devon: The small company has been much encouraged by the addition of a brother moving into the area last autumn, and since then his fellowship has been a real help. A late afternoon meeting for the study of the Scriptures on the Lord’s Day has commenced as a result. The children’s midweek meeting – the One Way Club – continues, now in its 10th year. We go through the Bible systematically, and we are now on the second time round, having reached 1 Samuel. Around a dozen children come regularly. Likewise our Holiday Bible Club is due (DV) to take place during the last week of July. Prayer would be valued for this. Our Saturday ministry meetings have continued over the winter and again we have appreciated the support of a number of believers, some travelling quite a distance to be with us, and the exercise of ministering brothers also travelling to help us. We have sought to give opportunity for "younger" believers to minister the Scriptures, and have been encouraged recently by P Squires from Saltash and, at our Easter Conference, by J Gibson from Derby. The conference had one of the largest attendances for some years: about 55 were present.

Tonbridge: At our Easter Sunday Service we had our Wednesday Club prize giving; a good number of children attended and 4 parents and a grandmother came. After the Gospel had been preached and the meeting over, a young girl of ten with her Dad came and spoke to me. The Dad said, "My daughter wants to be baptized". When asked why, the reply from the ten year old was, "I love the Lord Jesus, He is my Saviour and I want to please Him". Please pray for her, her dad and mum. They are not saved but are asking a lot of questions and are showing an interest in things of the Bible. Please pray for these dear folk that they will be saved very soon.

In early April our brother Robert Plant from Harrogate came for Ministry on the Saturday night; a very good message was given. Gospel Gems meetings were held over the next two weeks and were well attended, with 69 children overall coming from a wide age range. We praise the Lord for this and trust that in the days that lie ahead the Lord would be pleased to save these dear children for his glory. Please pray for two mums that came and listened, but who one night took their children out, because, they said, they did not like being told that their children were sinners. Robert was speaking on sin, and that one sin would keep us out of heaven. Please pray for these two dear ladies, that we will still be able to speak to them and that the Lord will save them.


Coventry, Church Street: The assembly held a special weekend with the theme "Creation versus Evolution". It commenced with an open air meeting at which speakers presented the truth of creation to shoppers and passers-by in the city centre. A series of lectures followed in the Gospel Hall given by S Burgess, F Abou-Rahme, and P Whitehead. On the Saturday evening there were quite a number of strangers present, including university students. Appropriate literature was freely taken and one or two people have attended the gospel meeting since. In addition, the assembly held its Annual Conference on Easter Monday. A profitable time was had, with help from A Carew and D Hands.

Crowle: J Grant and C Lacey ministered the Word at the Annual Conference, with J Grant continuing in ministry for three nights. The help given was appreciated.

Solihull: C Hutchison spent a weekend with the saints at Lode Lane in April, ministering the Word. The ministry gave help to both the local saints and those visiting.


Easter Conferences: Good numbers attended the various local assembly conferences held over the Easter weekend with a variety of teaching to help, encourage, and challenge individual believers as well as the local assemblies in the South Wales area. The speakers at Caerphilly on Good Friday were N Mellish and I Rees. At the Heath assembly in Cardiff on the Saturday, J Riddle and T Wilson were responsible and at Port Talbot on the Monday, A Maunder and T Wilson ministered the Word. Our brother T Wilson continued during the week at Port Talbot and Treorchy continuing with the teaching from 1 Corinthians which he had commenced over the weekend.

Friday Night Focus, Caerphilly: After a one year break, the assembly at Caerphilly held another series of teaching during the winter and early spring. Although primarily aimed at young believers, all ages are encouraged and quite a number of older believers were also present. Numbers attending were very encouraging. The format was the same as in previous sessions with the subject being dealt with by the invited speaker, a break for refreshments, followed by a question session when the speaker dealt with the questions submitted during the break. A variety of subjects was handled by brethren from the South Wales assemblies as well as those from further afield. These included "Purity and Fidelity", "Is it all right to join any church?", "I’m saved what should I do next?", "What happens when a person dies?", and "Witnessing – how can we do it?".


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