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August 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (6)
J Grant

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J Riddle

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E W Rogers

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J Gibson

Notebook: The Epistle of Jude
J Grant

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W Ferguson

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D Parrack

Whose faith follow: Mr David Rea (1845-1916)
J G Hutchinson

Jesus...sat thus on the well (Jn 4.6)
W Alexander

Into All The World: Witnessing (1)
L McHugh

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Book Review

Seeds of Destiny, by Warren Henderson; published by Gospel Folio Press; price £15.95. Available from John Ritchie Ltd.

In his preface Warren Henderson describes Seeds of Destiny as a "commentary style devotional which upholds the glories of Christ while exploring Genesis from the whole of Scripture". The book certainly lives up to this description. It is a fresh and different approach to Genesis, faithful to the text and soundly expositional, devotional and very practical.

The book contains 382 pages and is divided into over 100 brief chapters commenting in some detail on every chapter in Genesis. Extensive use is made of quotations from eminent writers, most of them well known to readers of the Believer’s Magazine, and suitable hymn verses are also freely quoted that will warm the hearts of readers; these quotations enrich the narrative. All quotations are indexed and sources indicated. There are also two appendices entitled "Viewpoints on Creation (Gen 1)", and "The Four Hundred Year Prophecy (Gen 15)". The structure and style enables the book to be used as a daily devotional for meditation, but it is also a mine of information and resource for the preacher and teacher of the Word.

The importance of Genesis as the "seed plot" of the Bible is emphasised. The first mention (and meanings) of words, principles and doctrines are helpfully traced through the Scriptures. The reader is constantly challenged with practical considerations, as well as being encouraged from "things written aforetime". The personalities in Genesis are handled with spiritual insight; the author picks up details and hints in the narrative casting light on characters and events. He succeeds in keeping the person of Christ before the reader, and his comments on the patriarchal family relationships are particularly illuminating and relevant. He also touches on matters relating to the "House of God" (Bethel) and staunchly upholds New Testament church principles.

The author’s passion for Scripture and devotion to Christ surfaces constantly; he writes, "although men come and go, the Father has maintained a steady ‘resemblance’ and ‘remembrance’ of His Son before us in Genesis". Seeds of Destiny is not an easy read, the style is a little awkward at times, and some of the author’s conclusions need careful thought and may not always be acceptable. The book is interesting, informative, and thought provoking; a useful and recommended addition to a Bible student’s library.


Soldier Sailor Live or Die, by Noel Davidson, published by Ambassador; price £6.99. Available from John Ritchie Ltd.

Soldier Sailor Live or Die is a journey through the life of a man called Jackie Dickie. It is a gripping story by Noel Davidson who has written several other testimony books.

What is most evident in this book is that readers are able to trace the gracious hand of God upon the life of Jackie and his wife Mandy, making it a story which brings much glory to His Name.

Jackie grew up in a close family in Belfast knowing the love of a grandmother and the influence of the Boys’ Brigade. He joined the Navy at 16 determined to see the world. In this environment he learned to drink and became an almost virtual alcoholic, not only seeing the world but enjoying its pleasures. Even when Jackie was oblivious of His presence, God was providing protection for him from accidents at sea, bombs in Belfast and also when Jackie tried to take his own life.

The book dwells on what God has done and magnifies His gracious work in the life of two individuals as well as His provision as they experience joys and sorrows along the Christian pathway.

It is a refreshing and challenging book, and a testimony to the fact that those who trust in Christ irrespective of background or circumstances can become new creations in Christ Jesus.

An excellent read for teenagers and for those a bit older too!



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