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August 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (6)
J Grant

The First Book of Samuel (3)
J Riddle

The Offerings (4)
J Paton

Eternal Punishment (3)
E W Rogers

Book Review

Be not ignorant (6)
R Catchpole

Question Box

The Lord’s Entry to Jerusalem
J Gibson

Notebook: The Epistle of Jude
J Grant

How People met the Saviour (2)
W Ferguson

Samson (1)
D Parrack

Whose faith follow: Mr David Rea (1845-1916)
J G Hutchinson

Jesus...sat thus on the well (Jn 4.6)
W Alexander

Into All The World: Witnessing (1)
L McHugh

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


The Lord’s Work & Workers

SCOTLAND Forthcoming


Girvan: Stair Park Gospel Hall, Henrietta Street. Annual Conference at 3.00pm. R Cameron, J Harrison, A Sinclair.


Inverurie: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference in the Town Hall at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. S Arbuthnott, R Cargill, W Harrison.

Irvine: Central Gospel Hall, High Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm. W Hannay, S Gillespie, S Jennings. Mr Jennings continues in ministry Monday to Thursday each evening at 7.30pm.

AUGUST 26-27

Kilmarnock: Ayrhire Gospel Outreach meetings to be held in Elim Hall, Cuthbert Place. Friday at 7.30pm. Effective Personal Evangelism, I Robertson. Saturday at 7.30pm. Effective Assembly Evangelism, S Grant.


Bishopton: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference in Bishopton Community Centre at 3.00pm. J R Baker, P Coulson, D Meikle. Mr Coulson continues on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and Monday and Tuesday at 8.00pm.

Dingwall: Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm. J Campbell, I Grant, M Wilkie.


Kinross: Annual Conference (Venue to be arranged) 3.00pm and 6.00pm. D Gilliland, D West, J Baker. Mr Baker continues in ministry Sunday 4th at 3.00pm. (Gospel Hall).

Kirkmuirhill: Gospel Hall, 62 Vere Road. Annual Conference at 3.30pm. A Foster, T Wilson, M Radcliffe. Mr Radcliffe continues Lord’s Day at 3.15pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Portrush: Gospel Hall. Ministry, D West.

AUGUST 26-30

Larne: Craigyhill Gospel Hall. Annual Conference and Bible Readings in Larne Leisure Centre, Tower Road, Larne. Subject for Bible Readings: Concluding and Climactic Chapters of the New Testament (Matt 28, 2 Tim 4, 2 Pet 3 & Rev 22). JR Baker, F Tornaquindici, D Gilliland, J Flanigan. For details of accommodation in Rathmore House contact: Brian Gribben, 14 Drumnadonaghy Road, Larne, BT40 2TD. Tel: 028 2827 7289.


Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry, F Tornaquindici.

Carryduff Gospel Hall: Annual Conference at 7.30pm. Ministry, D W Gooding, J A Kelso.


Ballymena Gospel Hall, Cambridge Avenue: Thanksgiving meeting for Mr Harold Paisley, remembering 60 years service in the Lord’s work, at 7.30pm. All welcome.


Lungs: Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry, D Gilliland.


Portstewart Gospel Hall: Ministry, H S Paisley.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming


Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D West.

Tonbridge: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. A Cundick.


Tooting: London, 146 Longley Road at 7.00pm. D Willis.


Coltishall: Norfolk, Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D Armstrong.


Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. D West.

Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road at 7.30pm. T Ledger.

Treorchy: (Mid Glam). Annual Conference at 2.30pm and 6.00pm in the Junior School, Glyncoli Road. Platform open to ministering brethren.

Wylam: Conference weekend in the Methodist Church Centre, Woodcroft Road at 7.00pm. J Stubbs, I Robertson. Mr Stubbs continues on Lord’s Day in the Old Schools, Woodcroft Road at 6.30pm. Monday, Conference at 3.00pm, J Stubbs, I Robertson (Report).


Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. H Stewart.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D Dalton.

Prescot: Gospel Hall, Evans Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. A Carew, S Baker.

Teignmouth: Gospel Hall, St James Precinct. Annual Conference at 10.30am. I Rees.


Aberdeen: During the month of May the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition visited the Assembly at Woodside in Aberdeen. We had the joy of seeing some 365 children from P6 and P7, along with their teachers, from eight schools in the area visit the exhibition. The teachers said that they were impressed, and the children were well behaved and enthusiastic in answering the questions. The workers and those who helped during the week were all very encouraged. One school took the time to get the children to write about their visit to the exhibition and sent a board with the children’s work on it for the assembly to see. One read, "Thanks for helping me learn and remember how important Christ the Lord is, I really enjoyed looking and reading about the commandments and am grateful". We trust and pray that the Lord will continue to bless His Word.

Fife: The assembly at Kennoway had the first of their summer outreach weekends in late June, with open air meetings in the town on Saturday and Lord’s Day afternoons, and Bert Cargill giving three seminar type talks in the Gospel Hall on Creation/Evolution. These were entitled, "Time to look at the Evidence", "Time to consider the Alternatives", and "Time to choose for yourself". All contained a serious gospel emphasis, and the assembly was encouraged by the very good attendance on each of the three evenings, with many from the district there to listen, including some unsaved folk. Free literature was provided and taken, and opportunities were given for questions and some personal discussions during refreshments at the end of each session.

N. IRELAND Reports


Ahoghill: The assembly intend having gospel meetings in early September. Prayer valued.

Ballintoy: M Radcliffe gave helpful ministry for one week in June. Considered a good time.

Ballywatermoy: The assembly in this rural area keep active in the gospel and had two weeks of open air meetings in various places. D McGarvey visited the area with gospel tracts during the day and shared in the preaching each evening.

Kilnock: Gospel meetings in a tent concluded after seven weeks at end of June. Good numbers attended nightly, including locals. There were no known cases of conversion.


Drumacanver: The assembly here hope to start a gospel effort early September with T Meekin and J Bingham.

Portadown: D Gilliland had a week of profitable ministry.

Poyntzpass: Meetings have just closed after ten weeks of gospel preaching by J Rogers and J Black. A number professed salvation, bringing great joy.


Stonewall: T Topley and D Armstrong had six weeks of gospel meetings here with encouragement in the salvation of two people.


Drumlough, Rathfriland: The Annual Conference was held on 18th May when a good company of believers heard helpful ministry by W J Nesbitt, A Davidson, D Kane, B Glendinning and S McBride.


Gresslough: S Patterson and G Stewart are in their third week of meetings in a mobile hall (end June). A few unsaved from the district are attending the meetings.


Cookstown: B Glendinning and A Redpath commenced a gospel series in this area in mid June.

Dungannon: Gospel meetings conducted by T Topley and C Law were continuing at the end of June.

Martry: Annual meeting for believers on 11th June. Bible Readings on Ephesians ch.6 were conducted by S McBride. Ministry was given by W J Nesbitt, B Glendinning, S Ferguson, J McCann (Brazil) and G McKinley.

Sion Mills: Annual Conference on 25th June. Ministry was given by D Ussher, D Gilliland, S Maze, J G Hutchinson, R Gault, T McNeill.


Newtownbreda: S Grant and P McAuley had two weeks of gospel meetings in mid June. Good numbers, including locals attended. The gospel was simply presented nightly.



Birmingham, Aston: After speaking at the neighbouring assembly of Small Heath, S McKenzie came a week later to the conference at Park Lane. The saints were encouraged by the ministry and the good number who supported the conference. Mr McKenzie also stayed on to give further help over the following week.

Burghill: The assembly, which lies outside Hereford, continues to experience encouragement. The Annual Conference was a time of help and blessing with ministry from J Holifield and C Roberts. Further help was given by C Roberts through the following week. The assembly appreciated both the spiritual help and the support of saints from other assemblies, some travelling a considerable distance.

Coventry, Church Street: J Grant spent some days with the assembly ministering the Word. Well supported meetings with a good number of visiting believers.


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