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SCOTLAND Forthcoming


Girvan: Stair Park Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm. I Steele, S Jennings, S Gillespie.

Inverurie: Annual Conference in the Town Hall at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. P Coulson, R Stephen, W Stevely.

AUGUST 25-31

Kinross: Gospel Hall, Montgomery St., Friday 25th at 7.30pm. S McDonald, J Wishart. Annual Conference Saturday 26th at 3.00pm. S McDonald, J Wishart, J Riddle at Kirk in Crook of Devon. Sunday 27th-Thursday 31st at 7.30pm. J Riddle - Gospel meetings themed on Prophecy.


Bishopton: Gospel Hall, Annual Conference to be held in the Community Centre at 3.00pm. A Foster, J Grant, T Wilson. Mr Grant continues on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and Monday and Tuesday at 8.00pm.

Dingwall: Gospel Hall, Gladstone Avenue. Annual Conference at 3.00pm. S Banks, B Foreshew, G Robertson.

Forth: Gospel Hall, Manse Road. Conference at 3.30pm. A Sinclair, C Hutchison, W Banks.

Irvine: Central Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.15pm. J McLatchie, G Dunbar, S Grant. Mr Grant continues on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and 8.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Kennoway: Arnot Gospel Hall, Cupar Road. Open air rally at 3.00pm. Ministry and report on India at 7.00pm. I Affleck.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Fintona: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference commencing at 12.30pm.

AUGUST 21-25

Ballymena: Harryville, Children’s meetings at Tullygarley.

Portrush: Gospel Hall. Ministry by R McKeown at 8.00pm.

AUGUST 25-29

Larne: Craigyhill Gospel Hall. Annual Conference and Bible Readings in Larne Leisure Centre, Tower Road, Larne. Subject for Bible Readings: The Epistle to Titus. J Stubbs, S Higgins, D Gilliland. For details of accommodation in Rathmore House contact: Brian Gribben, 14 Drumnadonaghy Road, Larne, BT40 2TD. Tel: 028 2827 7289.


Carryduff: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference, K Kaiser (USA), D Wilson (Kilkenny) at 7.30pm. Mr Kaiser continues in ministry the following week at 8.00pm.


Ballymena: Cambridge Avenue Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. JG Hutchinson – special thanksgiving meeting for 60 years in the Lord’s service. All welcome.


Kells: Gospel Hall. Bible Readings at 8.00pm. S Wells responsible. The "Ships" of Scripture.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming


Tonbridge: Gospel Hall, Bishops Oak Ride at 7.00pm. J Riddle.


Tooting: London, Longley Road Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. D Sampson.


Coltishall: Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. T Ledger.


Blackburn: Gospel Hall, New Wellington Street. Lancashire Missionary Conference at 2.30pm. A Renshaw (Brazil), R Revie (Ethiopia), G Woods (Isle of Man).

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. R Hill.

Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road at 7.30pm. D West.

Treorchy: (Mid Glam), Gospel Hall, Annual Conference in Junior School, Glyncoli Road at 2.30pm and 6.00pm. Platform open to ministering brethren.

Wylam: Wylam Assembly, Annual Conference weekend in The Methodist Church Centre, Woodcroft Road at 7.00pm. J R Baker, J Coltman. Monday at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J R Baker, J Coltman.


Swinton, Manchester: Bethesda Hall. Commendation service of Stephen Baker to full time service in the spread of the gospel. Please note the service will take place at the Pendlebury Evangelical Church, 431 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Swinton, Manchester at 7.30pm. For further details please telephone 0161 7944440.


Deri: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. R Thomson.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. H Stewart.

Prescot: Gospel Hall, Evans Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm. and 6.15pm. A Gamble, G Payne.

Waltham Abbey: Eastbrook Hall, Broomstickhall Road. Conference at 4.00pm and 6.15pm. J Phillips.

Wimborne: Emmanuel Gospel Hall, Welland Road. Conference at 3.30pm and 6.00pm. J Hay. Mr Hay continues on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and Monday at 7.30pm.

N. IRELAND Reports


Ballinaloob: Very good attendance during 6 weeks of gospel meetings which concluded on 11th June.

Ballymena: Cambridge Avenue. Children’s meetings in Galgorm Centre on 26th-30th June. Speaker I McClean; very good interest.

Buckna: Gospel meetings concluded on 25th June. Very good attendance and blessing.

Glengormley: D. Gilliland, Ministry, 26th-30th June.

Larne: Craigyhill, Ministry, J Grant, 26th-29th June.

Whitehouse: Ministry meetings, C Logan, 26th-30th June.


Altnamackin: Gospel series continuing at the end of June in a portable hall with W J Nesbitt and T Wright. Some unsaved attending nightly. Prayer valued.


Annalong Gospel Hall, J Martin and W Martin intend God willing to commence a gospel series on 6th August. Pray for this fishing village.

Bangor: Central Avenue. Annual open air meetings on the sea front commenced on 1st July with two sessions per day for two weeks. Sharing in the preaching are G Davidson, P McCauley and R Pickering.

Cardy: Gospel meetings conducted by T Topley and C Law, with G Davidson sharing in the preaching during the first week, have been most encouraging with good attendance and blessing in salvation. The meetings continue into July, two young men and one lady have professed to be saved giving much joy.

Craigavad: M Radcliffe and B Martin are expected for gospel meetings at the end of July.

Rathfriland: J Martin and W Martin concluded eight weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall approximately one mile from the town, on 2nd July. The attendance and interest has been good with upwards of 30 unsaved persons present nightly. The Word has been preached faithfully with power. The coming day will declare what God has wrought.

Lisburn (Plantation): M Radcliffe and M Turkington continue with good interest and expecting blessing in salvation.

Carryduff: The assembly here have an ongoing work amongst young people each Friday evening over a good number of years. The response is encouraging as many come from homes where the parents are not christians and over recent years some have professed to be saved. At the beginning of April two young men were baptised who since have been received into fellowship. A further three young men were baptised on the last Lords Day of June. On both occasions large numbers of young people along with relations and friends heard the gospel clearly presented and baptism explained. Pray for these young men that they may be preserved and go on to witness for their Lord and that the work may continue to grow.


The assembly at Bloomfield purposes having gospel meetings in a portable hall in Dixon Park, Grand Parade. The meetings commence on 17th September (DV) and the speakers are Malcolm Radcliffe and Willie Fenton. The prayers of the Lord’s people for this effort will be greatly appreciated.

EIRE Reports


Drum Conference. The speakers this year were W Barr, U Crothers, S Harper and J Wishart. Nice number and ministry helpful.

Clones Gospel Hall had two nights of appreciated ministry by I McKee.


A short gospel effort has commenced in this largely unevangelised part of Ireland. The meetings are being held in a community centre and so far the response has been surprising and most encouraging. Some have not missed a night since the start. Do pray for Howard Milliken and Stephen Gilfillan who are the speakers. They have put a lot of effort into visitation with leaflets, texts, Bibles etc.



Birmingham, Aston: The assembly was most heartened by the support for their Annual Conference at Park Lane, and the further evenings of ministry, all taken by E Parmenter. The saints found the ministry to be a great help and blessing.

Burghill: This small assembly near Hereford has had much encouragement over recent years, and this years’ Conference was no exception. R Carnall and C Roberts ministered the Word most profitably. C Roberts stayed on for a number of evenings of ministry, the final meeting being held over the border in Wales at Abergavenny.

Pray for North Staffs Young People’s Camp 29th July-5th August at Pendine, S. Wales with R Revie.


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