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George Meikle and Roy Marshall are continuing to hold gospel meetings in the Community Centre in Carnock, near Dunfermline on Monday evenings. These meetings began in mid October, and at first were only attended by local believers, but latterly in December two ladies from the village began to attend. One of those was the caretaker, who asked her sister-in-law to take her. After the Christmas/New Year break it was encouraging to see the interest continuing, with some evenings more than a dozen believers, and more than one unbeliever present. George and Roy intend to continue indefinitely, and look to the Lord to bless His Word in the salvation of souls. Please pray for these meetings.

St Andrews: Nine students accepted an invitation to supper followed by a Bible talk given by Dr Bert Cargill (St Monans) in the Gospel Hall. The Hall was open the next morning for coffee and tea when again a number of conversations took place both in the Hall and on the street and contacts were established. Gospel literature was also available.



Ballycastle: Gospel meetings continue with S Maze and R Eadie. A difficult area, but there is interest. Prayer appreciated.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel meetings are commencing (dv) in mid April at Slaght in a portable hall. Speakers: W Fenton and M McKillen. Pray for help and blessing.

Ballywatermoy: Gospel meetings commenced here on 4th February. M Radcliffe and J Rogers are the preachers. Pray for blessing.

Ballybollan: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan commenced a series of gospel meetings on 4th February in a portable hall at "Nelson’s Yard". A very good site. Prayer requested.

Larne (Craigyhill): A series in the gospel commenced on 28th January with J Martin and W Martin. Prayer requested for J Martin’s health and the blessing of the Lord in the gospel.

Portrush: Gospel meetings commence (dv) on 4th March with D Scott and I McClean.

Antrim: The assembly appreciated very much the ministry of J Flanigan during the last week of January on the subject of "The High Priestly work of the Lord Jesus Christ".

Ballymoney: S Grant had a week of ministry in mid January. Challenging words with good interest.

Buckna: D Gilliland had ministry for one week at the end of January.

Burnside: M Radcliffe was with the assembly here with ministry at the end of January.

Crosskeys: S Jennings conducted a week of ministry commencing at the end of January on "Studies in 1 Samuel".


Armagh: Gospel Hall. Gospel meetings are into the third week at 21st January with very good interest and much to encourage. The meetings are being well attended including many strangers, some who have never been in the hall before. Speakers are W Fenton and M Campbell.

Glenanne: Gospel Hall. J Fleck was due to commence a week of ministry meetings at the end of January.


Ashfield (Dromore area): R Pickering and T Wallace commenced gospel meetings on 14th January in a portable hall on the site where they had a fruitful spell some two years ago. The interest is building up with a good number of locals attending and there is a sense of the presence of the Lord being experienced in the preaching.

Ballywalter (Innasharkie Road): A Colgan and C Law are being encouraged along with the Christians in seeing a number of locals attending the meetings being held in the portable hall at N Trimble’s farm. The gospel is being clearly preached.

Newtownards (James Street): J Armstrong and L Carsewell are conducting a series in the gospel and are encouraged with unsaved people attending. Pray for blessing on the good seed of the Word being sown.


Killykergan: S Ferguson was present for one week of ministry based on 1 John. The teaching was warm hearted and Christ exalting with corresponding practical lessons for the believers. The assembly was greatly encouraged.


Fintona: Gospel Hall. Gospel meetings commenced in mid January with N Fleck and A Wilson. The meetings are being well attended by local people.

Lungs: J Fleck and S Wells are expected for gospel meetings on 18th March. A prayerful interest would be appreciated. J Fleck had profitable ministry here in mid December.

Dungannon: D Gilliland had ministry for three evenings at the beginning of the year. The meetings were well attended.

Newtownstewart: The annual New Year’s Day Conference was well attended. The Bible Reading was conducted by J Fleck. The ministry was given by S Ferguson, JG Hutchinson, S McBride, WJ Nesbitt and W Martin. A profitable day.

Omagh: Large numbers attended ministry meetings conducted by J Fleck during the first week in January.


Glenburn Gospel Hall: B Currie and J Palmer are conducting a series of gospel meetings which commenced in early January.

Windsor: Gospel Hall. Gospel meetings are commencing in late February, possibly in a portable hall on the Lisburn Road, with W Fenton and M McKillen as the preachers. A prayerful interest appreciated.


Dublin: Rathmines Gospel Hall. Robin McKeown conducted a short series of gospel meetings in Dublin during January. The meetings were well attended with a number hearing the gospel for the first time and some appearing to be interested in salvation. Prayer is valued that fruit may abound.


Longford: S Patterson was present for two weeks of gospel meetings in November in the Gospel Hall. The small assembly was encouraged by the effort and the good local interest that was shown.


Adamsdown Gospel Hall, Cardiff. The assembly held their Annual Conference on 20th January. Mr John Grant and Mr John Riddle gave ministry that was practical, challenging and appreciated by all. Mr Grant continued on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The weekend was a time of rich blessing and the assembly was greatly encouraged by the support and interest shown by believers from other assemblies in South Wales and, in some cases, even further afield.

This was the third year since the Adamsdown conference moved to a morning and afternoon session, an arrangement that works well at this time of year, as the saints can now leave in daylight. With over 140 in attendance at each session, extra chairs had to be put in the aisle. Praise God there is still a thirst for the Word of God.


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