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Apocalypse Facts & Fantasies: Truths Tested & Errors Exposed by God’s Gracious Guarantees to Israel

Author: Donald C B Cameron
Published by: Two Edged Sword Publications
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This is not a book for the faint hearted. It is not written for bed time reading. Its fundamental thesis is that God has a guaranteed future for the nation of Israel. All prophetic matters are considered within this perspective.

There are two main parts to the book. In the first part the author establishes his main argument based on a comprehensive look at the prophetic Scriptures (mainly the Old Testament) dealing with his subject but in particular with the "untils" relating to the nation. Some of these "untils" will be familiar to most of the readers of this magazine. For example that of Matthew 23.39 is well known "…till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord". Others less familiar are examined comprehensively with the author coming to the very sound conclusion that there is certainly a future for the nation of Israel.

In the context of this future for Israel he deals helpfully although briefly with the main Covenants associated with the nation. In addition some of the proof texts of "Replacement Theology" which would see the church taking the place of Israel are dealt with helpfully and scripturally, leading him to refute this idea.

The second part of the book deals mainly with the current thinking associated with amillennialism, post-millennialism and what he calls neo-post-millennialism. These are all examined in the context of a future for Israel and all shown to be false approaches to the prophetic Scriptures. In his chapter on neo-post-millennialism he gives a devastating indictment of "Mission Praise". This book with its "unity seeking" and emphasis on "kingship" ("Worship His Majesty") is shown to have been introduced against a "backdrop of increasing liberalism". There is a clear desire within this publication to do away with the rapture of the church and to seek an enforcement of the christianisation of the world through the development of gospel preaching. Any who think the introduction of new hymn books of this nature is progress would do well to read this chapter in detail. It is shown to be a travesty of true Christian worship.

Recent prophetic movements like "Restorationism", "Dominion Theology", "Manifest Sons of God", "Latter Rain" and the "Human Potential" movement are all shown to be foreign to true exegeses in relation to prophetic matters. Certainly, readers of this magazine would be appalled at some of the developments taking place within a number of these schools. It is a pity that during his counter arguments the author has to aver that it is becoming "deeply unfashionable to deal with any matter which is seen as being divisive" even when refuting teaching which is patently contrary to the Word. "Contending for the faith (Jude v.3)" he continues "has apparently become an activity in which one may participate, only if it be guaranteed not to be offensive or cause disquiet to any individual".

Overall the book is very well written. Throughout it uses the New King James Version but, interestingly, on many occasions the Authorised Version is quoted for greater accuracy and clarity! It does seem unnecessary to introduce the NKJV especially when its publication (with over 100,000 changes to the AV text!) was evidently more than an updating of terminology and taken a good step further than its supposed initial raison d’etre.

The author does give both at the beginning and end of the book an excellent outline of the terms used in prophetic matters and also a chronological outline of how he sees developments towards the end times. While not all will agree with all the details, the general presentation and definition are very much in line with the ethos of this magazine. The book is well researched with extensive references and is undoubtedly the fruit of many many years of detailed study. It is a pity that an index has not been provided. It would have been helpful for further reference.

Anyone with a particular interest in the future of the nation of Israel, or with an interest in prophetic matters generally, would find this book quite fascinating and enlightening as well as thoroughly Scripturally based.



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