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Poetry: "Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women"

(2 Sam 1.26)


If, when we have laid down the sword and trowel of strife and service,
Christ can engrave such words upon our headstone we may count life well-spent!

Thy love to me was wonderful! O Saviour, can it be
That thou shouldst ever utter such wondrous words of me?
May I so love Thee, Master, as praise like this to win,
I who Thy grace resisted, and lived so long in sin.

What though of all I strip me, my girdle and my bow,
The sword so dearly trusted, and all on Thee bestow;
What are they worth, Lord Jesus? What are they worth to Thee
That Thou shouldst ever utter such wondrous words of me?

O wonderful, most wonderful, is Thy great love to me,
So deep, so broad, so vast, so high, so boundless and so free!
O, let it now, Lord Jesus, so knit my heart to Thine
That Thou may’st see Thy wondrous love reflected back in mine.




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