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Ballyclare: Gospel Meetings are to commence on 7th September with M Radcliffe and M McKillen responsible. Interest and prayer would be greatly appreciated.

Ballymoney: Gospel Meetings are to be conducted in the recently refurbished Town Hall commencing, God willing, on 5th October. The preachers - W Martin and J Fleck. Prayer valued.

Ballwatermoy: Gospel Meetings commenced on 10th August with J Martin and W Martin. Prayer valued.

Buckna: Gospel Meetings commenced on 27th July. The speakers J Fleck and S Gilfillan. Pray for blessing in salvation.

Ballybollan: Annual Conference on 12th July. A large meeting, and the saints were thankful for the very good support. Helpful and challenging ministry from M Radcliffe, J Hay, S Ferguson, J Stubbs, B Currie, R McKeown.

Bushmills Bible Readings: July 14-25. Largest gathering on record and the number of young people attending was encouraging. The School assembly hall was packed. R McKeown was responsible,  supported by visiting and local brethren. Considering 1 Thessalonians 4. Very helpful and challenging teaching. Good Open Air meetings for the same period in Portballintrae and Portrush.

Portrush Gospel Hall: D Gilliland conducted ministry meetings during the last week in July considering "Standing on the Banks of Bible Rivers".


Bleary: The Annual Conference was held on 5th July. Fair numbers present and the speakers were S McBride, A Davidson, J Hutchinson, D Williamson, B Glendinning and B Hull.

Caledon: J Allen is expected for a series of ministry meetings from 1st-11th September to be held in the Community Centre at 8.00pm each evening.


Annalong: Tent meetings commenced on 27th July with B Currie and J Palmer on a good site convenient to the village. Prayer appreciated.

Ballymagarrick: The assembly here convened one week of meetings for children in a local primary school conducted by R Plant. Good numbers attended and the Word was faithfully sown.

The Annual Believer’s meeting was held on 14th July, when some 400 believers came together - the largest ever at this venue. A profitable time over the two sessions with edifying ministry on the person of Christ, correction, challenge and practical teaching on every- day Christian living. Speakers were J Flanigan, W Banks, J Allen, S Grant, J Hay, M Radcliffe.

Cardy: In the nearby village of Carrowdore S Grant conducted children’s meetings for one week. A very encouraging number came each evening and heard the simple message of salvation.

Castlewellan: J Martin and W Martin were further encouraged on the last evening of an eight week series at the end of June when a husband and wife got saved.

Closkelt: Tent meetings continued in this country area for five weeks concluding on 13th July. The meetings were well attended and a number professed faith in Christ giving joy to the supporting believers and to the preachers M Radcliffe and W Fenton.

Newcastle (Northfield): The annual two weeks for Bible Teaching and the preaching of the gospel in the large tent concluded on 27th July.

The morning sessions during the first week were conducted by P Young (Wales). The evening meetings were for the preaching of the gospel with J Reese (Canada). Large numbers attended all meetings with an estimate of 1,300 people present on the Sunday evenings when the adjoining prayer tent was filled to capacity and many listening outside. A great cross-section of people from all walks of life came, many of whom were completely new to the gospel. There were a number of known conversions and the convenors also had joy in hearing from some for the first time that they had been saved at the annual meetings five years ago. A feature of the back-up was that a team of young people led by S Moore worked hard every day in Newcastle and area inviting people and in some instances arranging transport.

After each evening meeting an open air meeting was held on the promenade and many heard the gospel.

In conjunction with the above, C Sheldon held meetings daily for children at two of the large Caravan Parks where the Word was faithfully sown.

The Coming Day will reveal all that God hath wrought. To Him be the glory.

Portavogie (Ebenezer): Gospel meetings are commencing on 7th September (DV). Speakers: W Fenton, J Wishart. Prayer valued.


Aughrim Gospel Hall: R Pickering and N Emerson are expected (God willing) for gospel meetings commencing on 28th September. Prayer valued.

Portstewart: Gospel meetings are commencing on 7th September at the "Pits" in a portable hall for a number of weeks (DV). Speakers are S Moore and J Rogers.


Dunmullan: The Annual Conference was held in a tent on 12th July. Speakers were W J Nesbitt, J G Hutchinson, A Davidson, S Jennings, R Wilson, S Nelson.

Kingsmills: The Annual Believer’s Meeting was held on 12th July. A good company gathered, and helpful ministry was given by D Gilliland, N McKeown, R Pickering, R Eadie and S Gilfillan.


Rathmines Gospel Hall, Dublin: Brother Malcolm Radcliffe visited the assembly in August with his chart on the tabernacle. Those who attended were uplifted by the heart-warming ministry which exalted the name, person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Sydenham: 7th-28th September, with Joe Baxter.


Birmingham, Aston: R Revie was the speaker at this year’s Conference at Park Lane. It was a precious time for the saints, who had the benefit of a series of ministry meetings over the following week as well.

Northfield: The saints were very encouraged by the baptism of a young woman in July. Recently saved, her reading of the Scriptures and asking questions brought spiritual growth with a strong conviction that she must be baptised. She has made such progress, which is so evident in her life.

Broadwas on Teme: This year’s Conference saw J Grant and B Osborne minister the Word for the good of the saints who gathered. J Grant stayed on for a couple of nights ministering from 1 Peter.

Burghill: J Coltman and C Roberts spoke at a very profitable Annual Conference. C Roberts continued for a number of evenings with helpful ministry before concluding his visit at Abergavenny on the final evening.

Coventry, Upper Hill Street: J Holifield visited the assembly for a Saturday evening ministry meeting in June. Most helpful ministry for all who gathered.


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