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Fife: In the Gospel Hall at Tayport, Dan Gillies and Aaron Colgan shared the preaching of the gospel during four weeks in October. Many were invited to the meetings but only a few came during the last week, except for some teenagers who came at times for part of a meeting and gave some attention before leaving. Some good contacts were made during door to door visiting and the assembly in Tayport continues to faithfully make known the gospel.



Ballycastle (Carncullough Hall): Meetings commenced on 23rd November with D McGarvey and B Glendinning and continue with good interest. Visitors have been present each night.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel meetings continue as at 30th November with J Martin and W Martin. Large numbers are attending. There is help to preach the gospel, and there has been blessing.

D Gilliland is expected for ministry from 5th-9th January. It is intended to host a Bible Exhibition from 2nd-6th February with J Brown.

Carnlough: Gospel meetings commenced on 16th November and continue. Speakers: A Colgan and W Fleck. Good numbers are attending.

Kells (Creavery Hall): Meetings are commencing on 11th January. Speakers: W Fenton and C Law.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel meetings are commencing (DV) on 22nd February. Speakers: J Rogers and R Reynolds. Prayer appreciated.

Ballymena (Harryville): P Coulson had ministry from 24th-28th November with good interest.

Ballymoney, Clonkeen, and Kells: R McKeown had helpful ministry meetings for individual weeks with these three assemblies.

Clough: From 1st-11th December M Radcliffe had 2 weeks’ meetings on "The Tabernacle", illustrated by a model and a chart. The assembly also held their annual conference on 8th November. Helpful, challenging ministry from J G Hutchinson, B Currie, S Ferguson, S McBride, J Fleck, T McNeill, and B Glendinning.

Glengormley: J Allen had ministry meetings with the assembly from 24th-28th November.

Larne (Craigyhill): J Hay had ministry meetings from 1st-4th December.


Lisdown Road, Armagh: Gospel meetings in a portable hall concluded after seven and a half weeks. The area was well visited but local support was poor However, a number of Christians came with friends and relatives. The preachers were B Glendinning and N Coulter.

Birches Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings at 17th November were entering their fifth week. Numbers are beginning to improve with a few strangers coming. Speakers: J McCann and S Nelson.

Drumacanver area: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in mid January with D McGarvey and J Bingham. Prayer valued.


Newtownards (James Street): Gospel meetings with B Currie and J Palmer were continuing into the sixth week at the beginning of December. The attendance has been very good with a number of outsiders coming on a regular basis and showing a definite interest. The assembly has been much encouraged along with the preachers who are experiencing the warmth of the presence of God and much liberty in sounding out the gospel. They are expecting blessing in salvation.


Killykergan: J Fleck had a week of well-attended meetings for the ministry of the Word on practical teaching from the Epistle of James.


Erryroe: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in mid January with J Fleck and S Gilfillan. Pray for this needy area.


Lungs: A series of gospel meetings conducted by D McGarvey and S Gilfillan concluded on 21st November. The meetings were most encouraging with quite a few local people in the hall for the first time. The gospel was simply preached with power and the good seed sown in many hearts. There were those who showed concern. The assembly was helped and refreshed.

Newmills: During November M Campbell and W Fenton had a short series in the gospel. Much good seed was sown nightly, and a harvest is awaited.

Omagh: The assembly held their annual conference on 1st November. Christ exalting ministry was given by J Flanigan, A Davidson, R Wilson, W Boyd, R McKeown, and S McBride.


Cregagh Street: The assembly at Cregagh Street convened a gospel series in a portable hall at Millar Street which concluded at the end of November. The evangelists were D Gilliland and J Rogers who worked the large area in that part of East Belfast and saw a response in many locals attending over the six week period. The gospel was simply and powerfully proclaimed. There was blessing in that souls were saved and the believers refreshed and much encouraged. There was good support from other Christians.

Newtownbreda (Gospel Hall): R Eadie and E Johnston concluded a most encouraging gospel series on the 30th November after six weeks of preaching to a well-filled hall nightly. Many unsaved local people over the period heard the message of Life and Salvation simply and clearly told forth with the power of God. The preachers along with the assembly had much joy when they heard of two people being saved. The Christians were refreshed with the warm-hearted presentation of Christ in the gospel. ENGLAND & WALES


With the oncoming of the autumn months there has been a good deal of activity in the assemblies in the North East of England. The Wylam conference was held over the August Bank Holiday weekend with excellent ministry from Mr A Gamble and Mr R McKeown. The meetings held on Saturday evening and Monday afternoon and evening were well-attended with good interest and happy fellowship enjoyed.

Like remarks can be made in respect of the Harton conference held on Saturday 13th September when the speakers were Mr John Grant and Mr Colin Hutchison. Mr Grant continued with the believers until 17th September and gave ministry on the Lord’s Day and on each of the other evenings.

The following weekend, 19th-22nd September, saw the 65th North East Missionary Weekend. Mr Martin Baker, Mr Brian Howden, and Mr Noel McMeekin visited assemblies on the Tyne, Tees, and Wear on each of those days, and informative and encouraging reports calling for prayer and thanksgiving were given in respect of the Lord’s work in Eastern Europe, Angola, and Ireland.

On 4th October the winter series of Bible Readings and Ministry meetings recommenced at Jarrow. The readings are to consider the Epistles of James and Jude and Mr Eric Hughes led the first of the readings in James ch.1 and ministered on 1st Corinthians. On 1st November Mr Bill Stevely led the reading in James ch.2 and ministered on 1st Peter 4.

From 6th-10th October there was a series of children’s meetings at Harton under the ministry of Ian Campbell. There was good interest and participation by the children.

Two believers from the Harton assembly distribute literature most Saturdays in South Shields and in the shopping centre in the vicinity of the hall.

On 11th October the assembly at Pallion held its annual conference and Mr Robert Miller and Mr Stephen Grant were with the believers for that conference. Rich ministry was given by each of the brethren and greatly appreciated by all of the believers. Mr Grant continued until 16th October giving ministry on each of the evenings from Monday to Thursday. Those meetings were well supported by believers from Pallion and other local assemblies.

Other ministry meetings have been arranged by the assembly at Redcar and, continuing through the winter months, by assemblies at Thornley and North Shields.

As a new venture, the assembly at Pallion has commenced a Thursday evening Bible Study class with youngsters who have shown an interest in the Scriptures. Only a small number attend, but those coming appear to be committed to the class and prayers for their salvation and commitment to Christ are sought.

There have been two baptisms in the area. On 26th September a young man was baptised at Jarrow, and on 29th October a young sister, Grace Tan, who was saved in Malaysia and who is studying at Newcastle University, was baptised at Bensham. The public testimonies of these two were witnessed by a good number including believers from other assemblies in the area. Prayer is requested that these examples may be followed by many more.


During October, Ian Jackson held a week of ministry in Coventry on "Assembly Principles".

Also during October, Ian Jackson held a week of ministry in Bicester on "Future Events" using a chart. There was a good interest, and good numbers attended nightly.

Gene Higgins (USA) was with the assembly in Bicester for 8 days of gospel meetings in a nearby rented Village Hall in the village of Ambrosden. Over 60 unsaved attended and one young lad professed to be saved. This is the third series in this village in recent years.

John Grant was with the saints in Wallingford in November for a week of ministry on "Marriage and the Family".

The 13th residential Yorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby with Phil Coulson as speaker this year. Bible Readings on Titus were held each morning and ministry on Joel in the evenings. The group of over 100 believers from all over the country appreciated the sound teaching and warm fellowship.

Airedale, West Yorkshire: The assembly held a week of children’s meetings conducted by P Kaye. Over 20 children attended each evening with good attention paid to the Word of God. The results are left with the Lord.

Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire: John Grant conducted several nights of ministry on Romans which was a real blessing to the saints. The assembly has also been encouraged recently with the baptism of a young sister.


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