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Into All The World: China

J R Baker

In May, 2007, following a period of ministry in Korea, we made a short visit to the city of Jinan in the province of Shandong in China. Brother Earl Ritchie from Vancouver and I went back in December of that year for some ministry meetings. The believers had publicised the meetings, which were held on the top floor of a restaurant, and about forty believers from various provinces came for the whole period. We went through the Acts to show the progression of Christian testimony including the planting of New Testament assemblies. The gospel was also preached each day by brother Earl Ritchie, and a lady doctor professed to be saved. The whole matter is still worthy of prayer that all these people will make continued progress. A Chinese brother from Vancouver was with us to interpret. The fellowship was very good.

I mention all this because the assistance given at that time was of great help especially in view of the dire poverty that many of the saints are in. The little assembly would not have been able to arrange such a venue or even fund the printing of the many gospel leaflets in the local language which were used.

The most recent visit was made late last year. We found the saints in good heart and we were encouraged to meet some additional believers who have been added to the assembly over the past year. It seems they have some twenty-one believers in fellowship now. Their regular meetings are all on the Lord’s Day due to the various problems of travel and employment etc. It was also good to see two men at the breaking of bread who were complete strangers to the company and were there for the first time. I had the privilege at the end of the meeting of explaining publicly what we had done and of preaching the gospel. It is not often that we can preach the gospel in such unique circumstances. Again, during the week we had some meetings for ministry, which were held at a different restaurant and were well attended with about forty to fifty coming. Some came from various "house churches" in the city and would be of differing spiritual persuasions. As you will appreciate, the very circumstances of the "East" present a very different situation from that in the West.


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