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North of Scotland: The assembly at Culloden arranged a Special Gospel Weekend at the end of March. Stephen Clegg from Killamarsh took up the theme for the weekend of "God’s Power in Prison", preaching the gospel powerfully with illustrations of real-life conversions. It was thrilling to hear of the power of God transforming lives. The assembly was encouraged to see a number of visitors from the locality attending and look to the Lord to bless the Seed sown. The climax of the weekend was a special meeting in the village of Avoch. The community centre was filled and around 20 visitors from the village were present. The small assembly at Avoch has held a number of special meetings in the community centre and the response has been excellent. Further meetings are planned and prayer would be appreciated for this outreach.



Ahoghill: The Annual Missionary Conference took place on 3rd April. Reports were given by T Thompson, N Patell and T Sloan.

Ballinaloob: D Gilliland had ministry meetings from 6th-8th April.

Ballycastle: S Jennings had ministry meetings from 6th-10th April.

Ballymoney: A Colgan is to have ministry meetings from 27th April to 1st May.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings are continuing with large numbers attending and many strangers.

Buckna: P Harding had ministry meetings from 6th-10th April.

Kingsmoss: Gospel Meetings commenced on 1st March and are continuing with W Fenton and P McCauley. God has been pleased to bless. Continue to pray.

Lisburn: T Bentley had ministry meetings from 6th-10th April on 2nd Timothy.

Rasharkin: B Currie had ministry meetings from 30th March to 3rd April.


Killylea: A gospel series was continuing into the tenth week at the end of March in a farmer’s hall with D McGarvey and J Bingham. Attendance by local people has been quite remarkable and sustained. A number have professed to be saved.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: W J Nesbitt and his son Andrew concluded ten weeks in the gospel on 22nd March with blessing in salvation.


Cardy Gospel Hall: C Davidson and G Davidson will commence gospel meetings (God willing) on 3rd May. A prayerful interest would be appreciated. The Bible Exhibition is to take place during the last week of April.

Dromore Gospel Hall: T Wright and J Fleck commenced gospel meetings in mid March. Good numbers are attending.

Lisburn: P Fairley and M Callaghan, two young men from the assembly at Plantation, have had five weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall sited on the Ballynahinch Road. The meetings were encouraging with blessing in salvation.

T Bentley had ministry meetings from 6th-10th April on 2nd Timothy.


Aughrim: The hall was filled to capacity for the annual conference. Extra seating was required, and there was a good representation from other assemblies. J Kelso and U Crothers gave searching, challenging and Christ exalting ministry.

Bridgetown: T Bentley had well-attended and encouraging meetings in Bridgetown, Co Donegal, speaking on the Levitical Offerings.

Coleraine: L Craig and A Colgan are commencing their sixth week of meetings in the Gospel Hall (end March). The surrounding area has been visited with invitations and subsequent ongoing door to door work by the two preachers, but the response has proved disappointing.

Letterkenny: S Patterson and G Stewart intend commencing gospel meetings in a portable hall in the country district of Glenmaquin near Letterkenny at the end of April.

Magheracorran: There was an encouraging number present for the annual conference. A variety of teaching was given by D Gilliland, S McBride, R Wilson, T Bentley, D Ussher and S Nelson.

Magherafelt: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan are to commence gospel meetings on 19th April.


Strabane Gospel Hall: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan concluded a three week series on 22nd March. Some local people from the town attended the faithful preaching of the gospel.


Monaghan Conference: A large number gathered for the annual conference on the 17th March in a local school. Timely ministry was given by T McNeil, A Davidson, F McCauley, R McKeown, and D Armstrong.


Glenburn Gospel Hall: R McKeown conducted a series in the gospel during March and into April with some interest.


On 18th December the believers at Pallion, Sunderland had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of a young man of 12 years who had given a clear testimony to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus. He had been exercised over baptism and it was obvious that he desired to be obedient to the Lord Jesus in that regard. He has since asked to be received and has again given a clear statement of his understanding of the privileges and responsibility of fellowship. The believers rejoice to be able to receive him.

The Home Workers Conference, an annual event in the North East, was held on 10th January in the Gospel Hall at Coach Lane, North Shields. Mr Stephen Clegg ministered on Luke 2, Revelation 2 and Hebrews 13. He developed thoughts and teaching around "But they, supposing him to have been in the company", "I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love", and "He hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee". Mr Clegg gave a report which stirred in many cases to tears, and encouraged in as much as he described the power of God unto salvation. There can be no doubt that the report gave material for abundant thanksgiving and for much prayer.

At Jarrow the Bible readings and ministry have continued and concluded. On 4th January Mr Colin Lacey led the reading in James 4 and gave edifying ministry on the gates of Jerusalem in Nehemiah 3. He was followed on 7th February by Mr Tom Wilson when the reading was in James 5. He ministered on Matthew 14 and spoke of a Man at God’s right hand who ever liveth to make intercession. Mr Roy Hill was with the believers on 7th March. In the Bible reading the Epistle of Jude was under consideration and Mr Hill ministered on Time Marks in the Epistle to the Ephesians.

For the first time in February the believers at Pallion held a holiday club for children between the ages of 5 and 11. An average of 25 attended on each of the weekdays. Craft activities were based on Scriptures that were taught and the children learned a memory verse.

Bicester: A week of children’s meetings and School visiting with Robert Plant in March proved fruitful and encouraging.

A Seed Sowers effort by the Bicester assembly in early April covered the nearby town of Brackley (4,000 homes) in Northamptonshire.

Basingstoke: In March, a week of excellent ministry by Ian Jackson on the truths of the gospel generated good interest.

Harrow: Harrow missionary conference in March heard reports on Europe and Asia from Martin Baker and Phil Coulson. News of a fledgling assembly work in Burma generated special interest.


Redditch, Batchley Estate: A Carew spent a weekend with the assembly and gave challenging ministry on the responsibility of preaching the gospel.

Stourbridge, Wollaston: The monthly Friday Focus Bible Teaching meetings have continued through the winter. C Lacey has worked hard at helping the saints. He has also taken a series at Broadwas on Teme.


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