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January Conferences. To introduce the year 2010, the long established tradition of New Year Conferences in Scotland was continued in several assemblies from Aberdeen in the north-east, through Fife, Lothians and Lanarkshire, and into Ayrshire in the south-west. A good variety of ministry was given and attendances were very good overall although well above average amounts of snow and well below average temperatures created real difficulties for travel. Some 2 hour journeys took over 4 hours to complete on treacherously icy surfaces, but in the goodness of God no serious accidents were reported. Some invited speakers could not travel at all to reach their conferences on 1st and 2nd January, but others were able to take their places at short notice. The Lord blessed His Word at these seasonal occasions of fellowship and encouragement for His people.

Also, in many assemblies throughout the country this month of March brings to a conclusion winter programmes of monthly ministry meetings on Saturday evenings, regularly advertised in this magazine. These too have brought blessing to many in their own localities as the Scriptures have been opened and expounded by the Lord’s servants. At these meetings it is encouraging especially to smaller assemblies and isolated believers to have the support and fellowship of others who make the effort to travel from a wider area to be with them. Indeed such mutual support of assemblies in any area is a great asset to God’s work in our country. The treasured autonomy of individual local assemblies is balanced with interaction and fellowship from other assemblies nearby as those who "have obtained like precious faith" also share their common and active interest in spiritual things.

"If here it is so blessed, what will it be up there?"

Gospel Weekend with Jack Hay in Culloden and Avoch.

Culloden Assembly held a special Gospel Weekend in January with Jack Hay as the evangelist. Numbers attending from the community were disappointing, but one or two heard the gospel and contacts were made at the Coffee Morning. The assembly appreciated the support of other believers and enjoyed the clear and powerful preaching of the gospel.

The Avoch assembly hired the local primary school, which is more comfortable and has easier access than the Community Hall previously used. Jack wove the Gospel and the New Testament teaching on baptism into a report on his visits to Armenia and Sri Lanka. Nearly half of the fifty or so who came were either not yet saved or not in assembly fellowship.

Please seek the Lord’s blessing on these meetings in prayer.



Antrim: J Wishart and R Pickering commenced in the gospel on 24th January and continue. Prayer would be appreciated.

Bushmills: Bible Readings from 12th-23rd July with R McKeown responsible, considering Ephesians.

Glengormley: J Grant had ministry meetings from 25th-29th January on the book of Judges.

Kells: Gospel Hall. Bible Readings are planned (DV) with R McKeown from 12th-16th April considering Ephesians. All welcome.

Kells: Gospel Hall. D McGarvey plans to commence (DV) in the gospel on 25th April and to continue for a number of weeks.

Kingsmoss: Gospel Meetings are planned (DV) to commence on 18th April with W Fenton and P McClarty. Prayer would be appreciated.

Lisburn: A series of gospel meetings are planned (DV) to commence on 25th April and continue until 21st May in the Lagan Valley Island Centre, Lisburn. The assemblies meeting at Derriaghy, Dunmurry, Plantation and Wallace Avenue Gospel Halls are united in an exercise to reach the people of the city and surrounding areas and have arranged to hire the Island Hall for the meetings. The preachers will be David Alves (Canada) and David Gilliland (Lurgan). A prayerful interest would be much appreciated.


Ballykeel Gospel Hall (Mourne): D McGarvey and F McCauley commenced a series in the gospel in this rural area on 24th January. Prayer would be appreciated.

Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition visited again this year during the last week in January. Some 400 children with their teachers from the local schools came in the afternoons and showed a good interest. The evening sessions saw good numbers of adults. Many were very impressed with what they saw and heard. Pray that the living Word of God may bear fruit in many hearts.

Bangor: Ebenezer Gospel Hall: In mid January A Colgan and P McCauley commenced in the gospel. Please pray for blessing as the town is visited and the life giving message is preached.

Castlewellan: T Wright has returned to this town where he saw some blessing last year and is joined by D McKinley in the preaching of the gospel. A very needy area.

Dromore Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe and W Fenton are sounding out the glorious gospel nightly.

Rathfriland, Drumlough Gospel Hall: Mr Alan Davidson was with the assembly from 25th January until 4th February. He gave very profitable ministry on the Seven Churches and a report of his recent visit to Russia was also given on the concluding night. Good numbers attended and the assembly was greatly encouraged.


Limavady: J Martin and W Martin are in their third week of gospel meetings (end January) with a fair attendance.

Magherafelt: J Rogers and R Kirkpatrick are expected for gospel meetings commencing on 10th February.


Belfast (Lomond Avenue): R Eadie and E Johnston commenced gospel meetings in a Youth Community centre on 24th January. This is a very needy area of the city. Prayer and interest appreciated.

Fintona Gospel Hall: N Coulter and N Fleck commenced gospel meetings in this small town on 24th January.

Newtownstewart Gospel Hall: L Craig and G Woods are conducting gospel meetings. A prayerful interest would be appreciated.


Adamsdown Gospel Hall, Cardiff: The Annual Conference held on the third Saturday in January was well attended despite the weather conditions. W Banks and J Hay gave very helpful, instructive and uplifting teaching from the Epistles of James and First Peter. J Hay continued in gospel and ministry until the Tuesday.

Bicester: Please pray for blessing upon gospel meetings in January with Ian Jackson preaching in a rented Village Hall in the village of Ambrosden near Bicester. At the end of 2009, a man long prayed for told us that he had been saved in the Tent earlier in the year, and this brought much joy to us all.

Hanslope: The assembly hired a local Hall in a nearby village on a Lord’s Day afternoon in December for a meeting led by Farid Abou-Rahme on the subject of creation. A good number of unsaved people came and heard the Word of God.

Basingstoke: In January Malcolm Radcliffe was with the assembly for 10 days of profitable ministry on the subject of The Tabernacle using a chart to illustrate some of the detail.

Northampton: The Missionary Conference at Spencer Bridge Road in January proved a time of blessing. Reports were given on South-East Asia from Michael Browne, Phil Coulson, and Nitish Patel, with a testimony from Mahesh Bandarupalli, a former Hindu guru.

Cheltenham: The Annual Missionary Conference in January brought tremendous challenge and encouragement. The Lord was honoured and magnified by the way His servants described their labours for Him. Brian Howden reported on recent efforts to give help and build up the assemblies in Angola, a place he visits as often as possible to take practical and spiritual support. Martin Baker spoke of his recent visits to Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, and other Eastern European Countries ministering the Word and preaching the gospel, with some being saved and baptised. Harry Reid described his visits to Brazilians in one or two towns in the South of Ireland, and also to Brazil in Santarem and along the Amazon helping believers there. Finally, Wesley Downs gave a stirring report of his work in Manchester among the disadvantaged, many of whom are addicted to harmful substances including alcohol, trying to reach them for Christ and engaging with them in practical matters of employment and use of time. The Conference called for our prayerful and practical support, and it will be a springboard for the assembly as it seeks to spread the gospel around Hesters Way Estate and elsewhere in Cheltenham.


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