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Isle of Lewis: For a week at the end of May, the assembly in Stornoway arranged a series of meetings advertised as Creation or Evolution? Which was it? Over five evenings Bert Cargill focussed on different aspects of this question using Power Point presentations to show that the facts of science and the statements of Scripture agree in pointing to the doctrine of creation and the greatness of the Creator. There was a clear challenge in the gospel given at the end of each session, the last of which was entitled Does it matter what you believe? Questions asked and one-to-one conversations showed that some individuals were deeply affected by what they heard. Some came every evening, one lady even travelling for up to an hour to get there. In a situation where support from neighbouring assemblies is not feasible (the nearest is about 100 miles away), it was very heartening to the local believers to have between 27 and 39 people in the Gospel Hall over the five nights. Most of them expressed appreciation for what they had heard. Please pray for the small assembly in Stornoway that it will be able to continue its unique testimony for the Lord in an island which is staunchly Presbyterian and deeply religious by tradition (Sunday is still sacrosanct, unlike the rest of the UK), yet has its share of social problems due to excess alcohol consumption.

Perth: The believers at Perth Gospel Hall had two weeks of Gospel Meetings in June, following eight weeks of well-attended Christianity Explored sessions. Forty-six different people came to the meetings, with over 30 coming on more than one occasion, some every night. The gospel was faithfully preached by Blair Martin and local Perth brethren. There were excellent opportunities to speak personally with those who came, and many were touched by the message. It is our prayer that they will be saved.

Further contacts have been made with the toddlers and Sunday School parents through trips and a prizegiving. Teenage boys have also regularly heard the gospel every Monday evening. Many are leading careless lives and urgently need God’s salvation. It is a privilege to have many contacts at present and we pray that hearts will be opened and souls will repent and believe the gospel. Please pray with us.

Cowdenbeath: The Bible Exhibition was again used to good effect in this west Fife town in mid-May. Around 400 children and their teachers from six schools in the vicinity visited, enjoyed the experience, and learned the message of the gospel clearly displayed. Some local people also visited in the evenings. Afterwards, the local brethren visited the schools to present prizes and were warmly received. In addition to this they have been encouraged to receive 11 requests for Bibles as a result of local tract distribution over the past few months. They are praying that God will bless His Word.

Muirhead: Roland Pickering had Gospel Meetings with the assembly, and a number attended to hear the gospel faithfully preached. Roy Marshall assisted in visitation, and the assembly was encouraged. Pray for the good seed sown.

Sanquhar: Dan Gillies had another series of tent meetings in this village and was joined in the work by Aaron Colgan. Over the past few years the tent has been pitched here for two weeks in the month of June in fellowship with the assembly at Kirkconnel. Good interest was again shown with a number coming to hear the gospel.



Ahoghill: D McGarvey, helped by local brethren, held open air meetings around the village during the first two weeks in June.

Ballymena Gospel Hall: This assembly had one week of special children’s meetings held in Galgorm Community Centre from 13th-17th June. Attendance was very good and many parents were present on the last night. Speakers involved young brethren from the Sunday School.

Ballywatermoy: Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Cullybackey with W Martin and D McGarvey concluded on 17th June. The interest, attendance and blessing encouraged the assembly. W Martin followed these meetings with a week of ministry in the Gospel Hall and concluded each evening with a brief gospel message. On the Friday night of this special week a young man confessed Christ as his Saviour.

The assembly had open air meetings at the end of June around the housing areas located close to the Gospel Hall with local brethren presenting the message.

Cloughmills: The Special Gospel Meetings in a tent at Logan’s Fashions, Cloughmills concluded on 26th June. The increase in attendance over the weeks was very encouraging and the gospel was clearly presented by W Boyd and R McKeown.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballymoney: The assembly plans (DV) to have special Gospel Meetings for the month of October in Ballymoney Town Hall (kindly granted). Speakers: A Colgan and T Meekin. Prayer appreciated for this special effort.

Kells: Annual Open Air Meetings in the village are expected to commence at the beginning of August with J Rogers and local brethren giving help.

The assembly is planning (DV) a week of Children’s meetings in a tent at the beginning of August.


Glenanne Gospel Hall: B Currie and S Nelson are in their 6th week of Gospel Meetings at mid-June. A few strangers have come with others from Christian families. Prayer much valued for this country district.

Portadown: Gospel Meetings continue into a 6th week at mid-June. There has been some encouragement to date with many others showing interest. Good numbers of strangers are attending, as are many Christian families. Speakers: J Rogers and J Fleck.


Arva: B Glendinning and H Milligan intend having some Gospel Meetings in Arva at the end of June. Prayer would be much needed for this part of Ireland.


Enniskillen: The assembly in Enniskillen values prayer for their open air outreach in a local park each Sunday afternoon during the summer, and for a special week of open air meetings, when they visit two local housing estates each evening. Brother Roly Pickering is to be the speaker.


Cookstown: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in a tent on 24th July. Speakers: S Maze and G Maze. Prayer requested.

Martray: On 11th June this rural assembly had their usual large Annual Conference at which the following spoke: W J Nesbitt, G Woods, I McKee, B Glendinning, and B Smyth.

Sion Mills: A well-filled hall of Christians gathered for the Annual Conference on 25th June. Those who took part were J G Hutchinson, R McKeown, G Woods, W Boyd, B Glendinning, and T McNeill.


Limavady: D Gilliland was present for teaching on the subject of The Bible, the Book of our Faith. Included in the teaching was interesting background information about the translation and impact of the Authorised Version of the Scriptures.


Ballkeel, South Down: The Conference on 30th June was well-attended with very profitable ministry given by J Wishart, J Allen, A Davidson, M Radcliffe, and G Woods.

Bangor; Central Hall: S Jennings had eight nights of greatly appreciated and encouraging ministry on The Visions of Zechariah.

R Plant and M Shanks are assisting the assembly with special Open Air Meetings on the sea front in July. There is a good interest among locals and those on holiday. Gospel tracts are being freely distributed.

Craigavad: J Allen conducted a week of very instructive and profitable Bible Readings on Genesis 1-11.

T Topley and S Barr have commenced Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Blackskull.

Growell Assembly: L Craig and P McAuley have concluded Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Kinallan. Blessing was seen in salvation. L Craig continued in ministry for three nights with the assembly.


Whitehouse: G Woods and D Williamson commenced Gospel Meetings on 29th May. Encouraging attendance has resulted in the meetings continuing.


Postal Bible School: - Staffordshire County Show. For the fourteenth year the Postal Bible School was presented by a team of eight at the Birmingham and Staffordshire Agricultural Show on 1st and 2nd June. There was steady interest throughout both days, which resulted in about 70 young people filling out the quiz and taking away a plastic bag containing a Bible bookmark, a text for colouring, a Mars bar, and, not least, an application form. Opportunity was taken during quiz time to talk with parents, and to explain the Postal Bible School scheme. People came from several districts, including Milton Keynes, Shrewsbury, Cheadle, and Scunthorpe, and a Radio Stoke reporter included an item on the PBS on the following Sunday morning programme.

In conversation, many examples of various barriers to the gospel were met, such as denial of an "after-life", the snare of false doctrine, traditionalism, complete ignorance that the Christian message presents the way of a personal salvation, and the excuse, "You mustn’t be too serious about it". In contrast was a West Indian young lady employed as doorkeeper for one of the sponsoring organisations of the Show. She had been there in 2010 and, while speaking with her then, reference had been made to Psalm 84 and the rather special importance of a "doorkeeper" role. What a thrill it was when she came looking for the Postal Bible School stall, greeted us with a smile, and told us that she had gone home after the conversation, looked up the verse in a Bible and had started to think again about spiritual things. During the year she had also started to go to church. Two of the team were able to explain to her the way of salvation before she returned to her "door-keeping", taking some helpful literature.

The team was encouraged by the number of passers-by who graciously accepted literature, parents who accepted application forms for their children, and by Christian visitors to the stall who clearly understood the importance of reaching out to young people with the Scriptures.

Corby: During two weeks of Gospel Meetings held in June with Dan Gillies in this assembly in Northamptonshire, good numbers of unsaved heard the word faithfully preached.

Bristol: Norman Mellish held two weeks of Gospel Meetings in June, which were blessed with souls hearing the gospel.

Wembley: Nitish Patel is labouring in this area for a month in gospel work during June/July. A few souls have been saved in recent years in this area, bringing much joy.


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