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Aberdeenshire: Graeme Smith is looking forward to starting the Robert Gordon’s S U and the Woodside S U in Aberdeen. Pray that these will go well, along with the planning and preparation that is required. It was an encouragement that many pupils from Robert Gordon’s school attended camp earlier this year - during the S U sessions there will be opportunity (DV) to build on this previous contact. Prayer would also be appreciated for the "Bible Alive" timetable which plans eight one-hour lessons presenting the Bible in various schools in Aberdeenshire.

Fife: Following their Annual Conference at the end of September, the assembly at St Monans had a week of gospel meetings with Blair Martin as the preacher. Specially printed invitations and tracts were distributed beforehand in and around the village. About ten different folk from the area attended, some on up to three occasions, and heard a straightforward presentation of a clear gospel message. Some good contacts were also made as Blair visited homes in various parts of the village and engaged a few people in conversation about spiritual things. The meetings, including the conference, were encouraging to the local believers who trust and pray that God will yet bless some with salvation.

Mid Scotland: Gordon McCracken has been busy with various Holiday Clubs for children in his own assembly at Maryhill, Glasgow, then at Grangemouth and Whitburn. Good numbers of children once again heard the gospel message. For some time now he has been putting together a mobile Bible Exhibition and recently, in the goodness of God, was able to purchase a 7.5t box van for the purpose of transporting and storing the Exhibition. Prayer is requested regarding a suitable place to park the vehicle within reasonable proximity of Glasgow.

Livingston, Dedridge: J Rogers concluded Gospel Meetings on 8th September. Local believers covered a large area around the hall prior to the commencement of the meetings with approximately 4,500 homes being visited. Some came and heard the Gospel. Opportunity arose which enabled the privilege of presenting the Gospel in many homes. Quite a few new contacts were made which the local saints will follow up with a view to having them attend their weekly gospel meeting. God was pleased to bless in salvation. Neighbouring assemblies gave great support which was very much appreciated.

Lockerbie: Special Gospel Meetings are continuing in Ebenezer Hall, Bridge Street, Lockerbie every Lord’s Day at 3.00pm and every Wednesday at 7.30pm. The meetings are to continue until further notice. Speakers: J Ritchie, T Jenkinson. Prayer would be valued.



Ballintoy Gospel Hall: from 12th-16th September N Mellish had a week of interesting ministry meetings on "The Seven Dispensations of Scripture" with good interest.

Ballycastle Gospel Hall: Good numbers attended the special meetings from 19th-23rd September with G Woods, and the ministry on "Bible Words" was enjoyed.

Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel Meetings continue in a portable hall on a site in Galgorm (kindly granted) adjacent to Wrightbus. J Rogers and M Radcliffe are responsible.

Clonkeen Gospel Hall: K Totton had ministry on 3rd and 4th October, and D Alves gave ministry and a report on 17th and 18th October.

Clonkeen Gospel Hall (Randalstown Hall): K Totton spoke at the monthly Gospel Meeting on 5th October.

Kells Gospel Hall: Ministry Meetings were held from 19th-23rd September with J Allen on the subject of "Christ in the Hebrew Letter" which was very much appreciated.

Lisburn (Plantation): B Currie and D McAllister continue in the gospel. Prayer and support appreciated.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): R Plant is expected (DV) for children’s meetings for the week commencing on 23rd January.

Ballymena (Harryville): D Gilliland is expected for ministry (DV) for the week commencing on 16th January.


Armagh Gospel Hall: The assembly held open air meetings from June to September all around the city. Many thousands of homes were visited and tracts distributed.

Drumacanver: The assembly has been greatly encouraged by the large number of local people who attended three weeks of Gospel Meetings in a modern barn in Milford, two miles from Armagh. The gospel was preached by M Campbell and C Law. The believers were greatly encouraged by seeing blessing in salvation.

Markethill Gospel Hall: J Wishart and R Pickering are now in their third week of Gospel Meetings. Many invitations were given out with a few responses.


Longford Gospel Hall: J Rogers is expected to have a short spell of Gospel Meetings in this hall towards the end of November.


Erryroe Gospel Hall: T Meekin and J Preston are expected to start a gospel effort around the end of October.

Monaghan Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings have commenced just outside the town in a community centre. Speakers: S Patterson and T McKinley.


Enniskillen: The saints are looking forward to having two weeks of Gospel Meetings early in November, with brother David McGarvey. Please pray for this needy county.


Martray: Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in this area concluded at the end of September. The meetings were reasonably well received by the local people who did attend - a number of them in a consistent manner. Speakers were S Nelson and N Fleck.

Omagh Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings in connection with this assembly will commence in a portable hall in mid October in the Derry Road area of the town. Speakers D Gilliland and S Gilfillan. Prayer requested.

Lungs Gospel Hall: This rural assembly held their Annual Conference on Saturday, 1st October. Speakers were J Fleck, R McKeown, J Palmer and B Currie.


Glengormley Gospel Hall: P McCaulay and P McClarty finished four weeks of Gospel Meetings at the beginning of October. The assembly was much encouraged by the clear and faithful preaching of the word. A good many people heard the gospel over the weeks, many brought by the Christians, both families and friends. In spite of several thousand invitations and tracts distributed locally, direct response to these was small, but some came. One man professed who had been long prayed for and attended many meetings. We rejoiced at this news and also at the good seed sown, praying that a day of reaping may yet come.


Limavady: S Gilfillan and A Steele have concluded six weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall (end September). The meetings were well attended, the saints were encouraged, and there was blessing in salvation.

Moneydig: J Martin and W Martin had six weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall in the townland of Aghadowey. Every home, over a wide area, was visited twice with invitations and gospel literature, but the response was disappointing with only a few from the neighbourhood coming into the hall. However, the meetings proved very worthwhile in that an encouraging number of the believers’ young people trusted Christ as their personal Saviour.

Portstewart: R Plant had two weeks of children’s meetings with an attendance of between forty and fifty each night. There were some who came for the first time, which was a direct result of his work in the local schools. The meetings concluded with a well attended family service.


Ardmore: The Annual Conference was held on 24th September with encouraging ministry from S Grant, T Wallace and J Rogers.

Ballymagarrick and Newry: Both assemblies had a week of excellent children’s meetings conducted by G Paterson.

Bangor, Central Hall: J Allen conducted a very instructive and well attended week of ministry on the subject of "A world in crisis – the signs of the times".

Bangor, Ebenezer: The assembly enjoyed a very profitable week of ministry with S Harper on the subject of "Joy in Christ from the Epistle to the Philippians".

Kilkeel: On each Friday evening in September, a Gospel Meeting conducted by K Newell and T Wright was held in Kilbroney Lecture Hall, Rostrevor with very good local interest.

Portavogie, Ebenezer: The Annual Conference was well attended with helpful ministry from P McClarty, J Hay, A Colgan and W Martin.

Portavogie, New Road: Gospel Meetings conducted by W Boyd and J Bingham are being held in a portable hall in Main Road, Portavogie with very encouraging local interest.


Adamsdown, Cardiff: Over the past year, and particularly in recent weeks, the assembly has seen much blessing in the work with the children and young people – we have very much to give thanks to the Lord for, and much encouragement to continue in prayer and service.

The assembly has for many years arranged a Holiday Bible Club during the first week of August. This year was a very encouraging but tiring week with the largest number of children that we have ever had. Fifty children attended (more than in the whole year of Sunday school!): fifteen were children we had never seen before. The sessions commenced with crafts and we had sufficient craft activities and materials to occupy them all. After light refreshments the children participated in quizzes and chorus time before listening to a Bible story. The subject this year was "Saved!", and we told five Scripture stories of men who proved that "The Lord saves" (1 Sam 17.47) and taught two appropriate memory verses (Act 16.31 and Eph 2.8). Despite the excitement of the crafts and the quizzes, the children behaved and listened well during the stories and memory verses time. One very encouraging thing was that some parents who had brought their children stayed for the whole session. Some had never been in the hall before, so it was a wonderful opportunity to build bridges.

The assembly has just finished a series of Gospel Meetings with brother David McGarvey from N Ireland. Over 3,000 cards were delivered into the homes around the hall. Though the response was not good, we were encouraged by the folk who did come into the hall for the first time to hear the gospel: some nights we were over seventy. We also had two coffee mornings which gave us the opportunity to gossip the gospel to folk who came in. On the second occasion we had over thirty in who were spoken to and given literature. A number of folk showed great interest in the gospel, two men during the second week professed faith in Christ. Please pray with us that the Lord will still bless the word spoken.

Three teenage lads, who have been coming to the Sunday school and also the gospel meetings for some time, have made professions of faith in the Saviour. One lad was saved after hearing ministry on the "Second Coming" from Eric Parmenter in Deri, the other two, a couple weeks later. They have been away at camp and the Christian experience has done them good. They asked for baptism and we had the joy of baptizing them recently. They brought their parents along and a grandmother and brothers. We had good support from other assemblies, not just from Cardiff but from the valleys and even further afield. It was such a joy to see over eighty attending the meeting. Daniel Voisey took the service and gave a clear gospel message and explained the meaning of Christian Baptism.

Oxfordshire: Two weeks of tent meetings in Bicester during August with Terry Topley and Dan Gillies saw a good interest from the locality. Over 70 adults and children filled the tent on the last evening of the first week, and numerous new contacts have been integrated into the regular weekly meetings since then. In Wallingford during October a week of the Bible Exhibition was followed by a week of children’s meetings with Stephen Baker.

London: Two weeks of gospel meetings in Clifton Gospel Hall, South Norwood saw good numbers of folk brought under the sound of the gospel. Night by night Jonathan Black faithfully preached the message of salvation.


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