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In June, Gareth Edwards and Jack Hay were able to get the use of the WRI Hall in the small town of Comrie for a short series of gospel meetings over nine consecutive nights. A good number from the Strathearn area heard the Word, some for the first time, in addition to a steady stream of unsaved folks, especially younger people, from Perth. Believers from the assembly there were very diligent in ferrying them the 22 miles to the meetings night by night.


For a few years the assembly at Kirkconnel has supported tent meetings in Sanquhar conducted by Dan Gillies. The tent was pitched again during the last two weeks in June and many invitations to the meetings were given. A few came most nights and the gospel was faithfully preached. Children’s meetings were also held each evening, and were very encouraging with around 30 children attending on each occasion. Pray that young and old may be blessed with salvation.

Ayrshire Youth Camp

This camp was held again during the first week of July at Faskally House, Pitlochry. There was a good spread of age groups in the large numbers of children who attended, many with no Christian background. Blair Martin was responsible for the preaching and Bible teaching supported by a willing band of leaders. Many were challenged through the Word of God - pray that salvation will come to many and that the spiritual interest of others will be deepened.



Ballinaloob - In association with the assembly, Walter Boyd and Robin McKeown preached the gospel in a tent at "Logans"(site kindly granted) for 4 weeks in June. Some nights the tent was well filled, and God gave help in the declaration of the message. However, it was difficult to get locals to attend, especially with consistency, notwithstanding the many invitations distributed. Prayers continue for blessing in salvation!

Ballintoy – Gospel Meetings commenced in a tent at Brown’s Country House, 174 Ballybogey Road on 22 July. M Radcliffe and M McKillen* are responsible. All welcome. Prayer appreciated. (* This change is due to Mr W Fenton’s illness.)

Clonkeen - Gospel Meetings conducted by T Topley and L Craig commenced on 6th May and continued for eight weeks.  The district was well visited with many responding to the invitations.  There was a variety of unusual encouragements with blessing in salvation and the strengthening of believers.  To Him be all the praise.  Please pray for many which are connected to the Christians, and who attended well, but yet remain unsaved.

Tract distribution Belfast and Co. Antrim: Young brethren from several assemblies had an exercise to distribute tracts at the Irish Golf Open tournament which was held at Portrush. A number of young believers designed and wrote an appropriate tract for the occasion. 10,000 tracts were distributed over the weekend period. The top three Northern Ireland professionals each received a copy. Also, for the past four years, a number of young believers have distributed tracts at the annual Somme anniversary parade in East Belfast. This year 4,000 tracts were handed out and were well received by marchers, bandsmen and a section of the large crowd of onlookers.


Armagh: Gospel meetings were expected to commence outside Armagh (about 3 miles on the Hamiltonsbawn Road) on 22nd July. Speakers: H Wilson (Brazil) and S McBride.

Keady: The Gospel Hall had five nights of ministry with N Fleck. The meetings were helpful, with support from surrounding assemblies.

Portadown Gospel Hall: J Fleck was with the assembly for three nights of ministry meetings which were considered to be to profit with a well filled hall nightly.


Martray: The Annual Conference was held on 9th June. A large company of believers gathered to hear ministry by G Woods, M Radcliffe, B Glendinning, B Smyth, S McBride and W J Nesbitt.

Sion Mills: The Annual Conference was held on 30th June. A hall filled to capacity heard ministry from M Radcliffe, G Woods, W Martin and J Griffith.

Newtownstewart: J Fleck and S Gilfillan were expected to commence gospel tent meetings on 22nd July on the Lislaferty Road, just outside the town. Prayer and support appreciated.


Central Hall, Bangor: J Riddle was with the assembly for five nights of most profitable ministry on Psalms 26-29.  The meetings were well attended and very encouraging.

Kilkeel: J Fleck was with the assembly for a week of very encouraging ministry on "The Life of Abraham".

Newry: The assembly had a week of encouraging open-air meetings with J Rogers.  A total of 11 meetings were held and many homes visited.

Ballykeel: The Annual Conference was held on 28th June with helpful ministry from T McNeill, A Davidson, E Fairfield, B Glendinning, J Rogers, and J Kelso.

Cardy: D Gilliland was unable to be with the assembly as planned on Saturday, 16th June.  The ministry was shared instead by P McClarty, C Davidson and P McAuley.


Limavady: D McGarvey and C Law have finished six weeks of gospel meetings conducted in a portable hall in the neighbouring village of Ballykelly. The district was visited with invitations and gospel literature. The Christians also made a personal effort to invite people whom they knew. The result was that the attendance by local people was the best seen by the Limavady assembly in many years. Eclipsing the encouraging attendance was the salvation of a number of precious souls.

Bridgetown: G Stewart and D McAllister are in their third week of gospel meetings (early July) in Leghawny Community Centre which is approximately four miles from Donegal town. This is a district where the gospel has not been preached before: people from the area have a desire to come in and listen to what is being preached, but are afraid of local opinion. D McAllister is also conducting a week of children’s meetings in Bridgetown Gospel Hall. A very encouraging number of children are attending, some of whom have never previously been inside the hall.

Portstewart: Open air gospel meetings have commenced at "The Pits" 8.30pm each Lord’s Day.



On 23rd June the small assembly held their second "Evangelism Day" assisted by Stephen Baker, with 20 young people from across East Midlands gathering with them for prayer before going out into the streets. Favourable weather enabled them to have an open air testimony in the town centre where the presence of a new supermarket has increased the use of the pedestrian precinct and made the witness worthwhile. Tracts and invitations were distributed, and those passing and waiting heard the message preached by some of the younger men. After a lunch break, when there was a short downpour, the afternoon was spent tracting, particularly in areas of the town not normally covered, with around 2,000 tracts distributed. The believers were encouraged by the continuing support of the young people, the fervency of prayer, and the faithfulness of their labours. It is hoped to hold another day of evangelism in October DV.


Regular gospel outreach work throughout the year was complemented by a Holiday Bible Club at the February half-term conducted by Gary Woods. Good interest was shown by the children, with an attendance of about 20 each day. The message of the gospel was presented clearly and the activities were tied into it. During May, 5,000 leaflets were distributed in advance of a Gospel Tent campaign held for 4 weeks in June with Ian Jackson as the evangelist for the adult meetings. Unbelievers were present every evening, many were challenged, some were obviously concerned, and one young man confessed Christ. Graeme Paterson conducted 2 weeks of children’s meetings in the Tent and a total of 45 different children attended with about 20 present each evening. The assembly has been encouraged and is especially grateful to brethren who sacrifice much to help in the work of the Lord. Since September, 2011 the Bromborough Bible Exhibition has been well used and well received in 19 different schools. Please pray for this work as arrangements are now being made for the 2012-13 academic year.


Stephen Baker was with the assembly for 2 weeks, beginning with a regular "Friends and Neighbours" tea to which two new people came. Four local schools were visited on two or three occasions each, with an open door for the gospel, sometimes for a whole school assembly, and in the senior school to specific classes. About 30 people came to the "Parents and Toddlers", two new ladies came to the Coffee Morning, and there were children’s meetings on Thursdays and Fridays with around 40 children each night including about 10 new ones. There was very little response in the evening adult gospel meetings, but on the last night about 50 people came, including a good number of teenagers who listened well.

Another avenue used to good effect both this year and last was a "Personal Invite" evening when an unsaved friend, neighbour, work colleague, etc. was brought along by one of the believers. After supper provided by the sisters, sitting round tables in groups, there was a talk for 20-25 minutes on a gospel subject, this time, "What if death is not the end?". Afterwards there was a question time and literature to take away. The head of RE at the local school came and brought seven of his students adding to the eight other guests. We pray for God’s blessing on the seed sown.


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