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Usually summer is a quieter time for Michael Cordiner in his work among the homeless and addicted, but not this year with many new faces coming along to the soup kitchen. Some people and situations to pray about are: Pete who has heard the gospel many times and has been known at the Trust for years, but something is holding him back from giving his life to the Lord. Pray that these barriers will be broken down by the Holy Spirit and that he will came to salvation. Ricky also is close to salvation yet the world keeps him in its thrall. David keeps falling into temptation with alcohol. Bob is a confessed non-believer even though he has been hugely influenced in his life by Christians. Gavin took a book of testimonies of some ordinary people from varied backgrounds, read it in one night and told how deeply it had affected him. Pray that he will take the same step as those he read about.


The assembly at Elim Hall enjoyed running their children’s Super Club with Gordon McCracken during the last week in July. Around 60 children came along each day and heard messages with an Olympic theme through which the gospel was made plain. Good numbers of parents and friends attended the Friday evening prize-giving as well, where they heard the children recite the gospel text they had learned and the way of salvation clearly presented.


Graeme Smith tells of a lovely letter from a pupil who attended the Bible Exhibition at Inverurie Gospel Hall. She read the booklet she was given and wanted to be "forgiven of her sin and start to live as a Christian". She has been given a Bible and a set of Discovery Bible Reading Notes to help her understand more of the Christian faith.

The Holiday Bible Club at Inverurie was well attended with around 30 children each evening and over 90 at the final evening BBQ, giving a great opportunity to meet the parents and build bridges with them. One young lad was asking very searching questions about heaven and salvation. Please pray that he may find the Saviour. One very young girl was asking about heaven. Pray for her too that she may understand the glorious gospel and be saved.

Fife and district

Children’s Holiday Clubs have also been held during the week at the end of July into August at Lochee, Dundee; Abbott Hall, Dunfermline; and St Monans, where more children were once again reached with the gospel message and some more parents too came to listen and to see what went on. In addition, in June, in this and several other areas, special Diamond Jubilee New Testaments were widely distributed by believers and gladly received by many. It was reported that 750,000 copies of this New Testament were printed and distributed - approximately one for every ten people in the UK. Pray that this sowing of the seed of the Word of God may truly take root and bear fruit.



Ballintoy: Special Gospel Meetings were conducted by M Radcliffe and M McKillen in a marquee at Ballywatt. As at 2nd August the meetings were being well attended and there was a good interest with unsaved locals. We look for continued blessing.

Ballybollan Gospel Hall: The annual meetings of believers in the large building maintained for the purpose of the conference was held on 12th July. Helpful and practical ministry was given by M Radcliffe, A Davidson, J Hay, L Craig, B Lavery, and B Smyth.

Ballynashee: Gospel Meetings commenced on 22nd July and continue in a tent located in a field on the Braepark Road convenient to the hall. Speakers: B Currie and J Palmer.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 12th August with G Woods responsible. All welcome as these meetings continue (DV).

Bushmills Gospel Hall: Very large numbers attended the Bible Readings nightly including many young people, and the large assembly hall in the school was packed. R McKeown led in consideration of 1 Timothy 5 & 6. A very practical time.

Portrush Gospel Hall: J Hay had very large numbers at ministry meetings from 23rd-26th July. The messages were helpful and challenging and greatly enjoyed by local assemblies and many visitors to Portrush.


Bleary: The Conference was well supported, and Bible Readings were conducted by J Fleck with ministry to follow. Speakers were T McNeill, W Martin, S McBride and W J Nesbitt.

Gospel Meetings (3 miles from Armagh) in the old Wastelands school are now in their first week. The speakers are H Wilson (Brazil) and S McBride.

Gospel Meetings commenced on 6th August in a Community Centre near Mohill in Co Leitrim. Speakers: B Glendinning and H Milliken.


Dungannon: D McGarvey and K Irwin are expected in mid August for Gospel Meetings in the Enterprise Centre. Prayer appreciated for this needy neglected area.

Dunmullan Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held in a marquee on 12th July. A large gathering of believers heard very helpful ministry by S Jennings, S Nelson, U Ussher, W J Nesbitt, J Wishart, and T McNeill.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 25th July. A full hall of believers gathered to hear practical ministry from A Davidson, B Glendinning, T Wright, W J Nesbitt, S Nelson, and B Smyth.

Kingsmills Gospel Hall: The annual meeting of believers was held in a tent on 12th July. Saints were encouraged by a good company gathered, and helpful and practical ministry was given by B Glendinning, G Woods, D Gilliland, A Wilson, and J Rogers.


"If the Lord will…"

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: L Craig and D Williamson are expected to commence a series of Gospel Meetings.


Bridgetown: The assembly enjoyed a very encouraging and profitable weekend of ministry (end July). The meetings were marked by large attendances, including many young believers. The teaching given by M Turkington, B Lavery, M Sweetnam, T McNeill, and D Gilliland was much appreciated. A large number of the visiting young believers stayed in the district for the following four nights of ministry by D Gilliland – again very much appreciated.

Limavady: J Rogers, helped by the assembly, had a week of open airs during July. Quite a few new contacts were made. The saints were encouraged.

Portstewart: The "Drive-in" gospel meetings continue each Lord’s Day at 8.30 pm in "The Pits", an area between Portstewart and Portrush. Over 100 cars are in the car park each evening, with an average of three people per car. Whilst many attending are Christians, a very encouraging number of unbelievers have responded to the advertising and personal invitations.

"If the Lord will…"

Coleraine Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are scheduled for mid September (DV) with T Wright and S Gilfillan. Further information later. Prayer appreciated with regards to all the arrangements and interest valued.


Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference on 13th July was well attended with profitable ministry from D Gilliland, J Hay, P McCauley, B Lavery, L Craig, and T McNeill. The assembly also had a very encouraging week of children’s meetings in Carryduff Primary School conducted by J Rogers. Approximately 200 children attended and a large number of parents were present on the last night.

Bangor, Central Hall: The assembly held its annual open air meetings in the Marine Gardens during the first fortnight of July, with R Plant and J Rogers. The poor weather meant there were fewer passers-by, but many heard the gospel faithfully presented.

Cardy: The summer week of children’s meetings was held in Carrowdore School from 23rd-27th July. G Paterson was the speaker and many children from the surrounding area attended.

Rostrevor: David Williamson and K Newell held two weeks of gospel meetings in a guest house in Killowen just outside Rostrevor. Attendance and local interest were most encouraging.

"If the Lord will…"

Newry Gospel Hall: D Gilliland and J Rogers are expected for Gospel Meetings at the end of October. Prayer requested for blessing and salvation in this needy area.


Currien: T Wright and S Nelson commenced a series of Gospel Meetings in the Hall at Currien on Sunday, 22nd July. Pray for the Seed sown in this needy rural area.



The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, and the Para-Olympics, have provided special opportunities for extensive leaflet distribution as a result of which Jonathan Black has had several requests for Bibles. A special tract for the Olympics was written in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi, giving the opportunity to put the message of the gospel into the hands of people from countries where the gospel is not preached publicly and Christians cannot distribute literature on the street. Pray that the contacts made through this distribution and the open air preaching may result in the salvation of many precious souls.


Nitish Patel has been busy with a 3-month long Gospel Campaign from June to August. Meetings are held only at weekends when crowds of shoppers are outside, whilst weekdays are used to give out literature and engage in conversation. This summer’s wet weather has much hindered open air work but we know this cannot hinder the work of the Spirit of God. So far several unsaved people have attended including several Roman Catholics and Hindus. Two Afghan lads who were seeking came in at the end of a meeting to ask many questions. We gave them a Bible and a booklet with the testimony of a Moslem who was saved. We pray they will keep in touch by e-mail. We keep sowing day by day and wait for the Lord to work.


The gospel was preached in Mayow Road Hall, Sydenham for 4 weeks in June-July with Jonathan Black and Kevin Oh sharing each night. Four or five came each night from the area, one night 10 who had no assembly connections at all, with more than 30 different ones over the 4 weeks. Local assemblies supported the meetings, but particularly pleasing was the attendance of believers from denominations keen to hear "the Word" being preached in simplicity. Ministry has now been arranged on a Wednesday to teach these interested believers, and prayer would be appreciated for this work. During extensive door to door work many good conversations were held and contacts established to follow up. There is an ear for the gospel in this area and it would be good to see assembly testimony established again. An invitation has been received from a local Nursing Home once a month, and to provide residents with Bibles.


In July, W Martin had two weeks of well-attended Tent meetings on a housing estate in the town. The gospel was powerfully preached with up to 20 unsaved people present some nights. P Cartwright conducted encouraging children’s meetings during the first week. Pray that God will bless His Word, and also that the assembly will again see a good interest in a series of three talks being advertised widely that Bert Cargill is due to give during 7th-9th September entitled, "Serious Obstacles to Atheism".


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