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Building Your Library (vi): Paul’s Letter to the Romans

David Newell

Please note: although titles with an asterisk are specially recommended, the most important volume in the Christian’s library is the Bible. All other books, however highly esteemed or recommended, must be checked against the one infallible book.

Albert Barnes Notes on the New Testament Explanatory and Practical: Romans, nd

H Bell and P Parsons The Epistle to the Romans (duplicated notes of Eastbourne Bible Readings from 1953 – excellent, if you can find a copy!)

*F F Bruce The Epistle of Paul to the Romans: An Introduction and Commentary, Tyndale Press, 1963 (full of crisp, keen insights)

John Calvin The Epistles of Paul to the Romans and Thessalonians, 1540, translated Ross Mackenzie, Oliver and Boyd, 1961

Conybeare & Howson Life and Epistles of St Paul, reprinted 1976 (detailed and informative overview of the apostle’s ministry)

J M Davies The Christian’s Statue of Liberty: An Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, John Ritchie, 1969

C R Erdman Romans, Westminster Press, 1925 (brief but valuable)

F L Godet Commentary on Romans, 1883, reprinted Kregel, 1977 (classic but technical)

Robert Haldane The Epistle to the Romans, 1835-39, reprinted Banner, 1958 (heavy-going)

Norman B Harrison His Salvation as set forth in the Book of Romans, Harrison Service, 1924

William Hendriksen Romans, Banner, 1980-81 (very useful on chapters 1-8)

F B Hole Paul’s Epistles, volume 2, Central Bible Hammond Trust, nd (Hole’s writings are a model of readable, reliable exposition)

I L Jensen Romans: A Self-Study Guide, Moody, 1969 (packed with charts and diagrams)

Alan F Johnson The Freedom Letter: a Contemporary Analysis of Paul’s Roman Letter, Moody, 1974, 2000 (very good on the first half of the letter)

William Kelly Notes on the Epistle to the Romans, 1873, reprinted BTP, nd

*Alva McClain Romans: The Gospel of God’s Grace, BMH Books, 1973 (seminary lecture notes, ideal for beginners)

*Alva McClain The Jewish Problem and its Divine Solution, BMH Books, 1944 (incisive account of the argument of Romans 9 to 11)

William Macdonald Justification by Faith: Paul’s Letter to the Christians at Rome, Walterick, 1981 (an easy-to-read but doctrinally solid account of the letter)

*H C G Moule Studies in Romans, Kregel 1977 (useful reprint of the 1892 Cambridge Bible for Schools volume)

William Newell Romans Verse by Verse, Moody, 1938 (exhilarating and exhortatory)

Stuart Olyott The Gospel as it Really is: Romans Simply Explained, Evangelical Press, 1979 (good on gospel basics, but not on chapter 11)

John Phillips Exploring Romans, Moody, 1969 (simple expository outlines)

Arthur Pridham Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Romans, 1864, reprinted Kregel, 1977 (rather stodgy but full of positive matter, especially on the law)

John Ritchie Notes on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, reprinted in Assembly Writers Library, vol 7, Gospel Tract Publications, 1982 (good starter guide)

Thomas Robinson Studies in Romans, Expository and Homiletical, 1878, reprinted Kregel, 1982

*James Stifler The Epistle to the Romans, Moody, 1960 (superb opening up of the letter’s logical argument, paragraph by paragraph)

C E Stuart An Outline of St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, E Marlborough & Co, 1889

W H Griffith Thomas Commentary on Romans, 1946, reprinted Kregel, 1996

W E Vine The Epistle to the Romans: Doctrine, Precept, Practice, Oliphants, 1948 (concise and reliable but short on detail)

*Warren Wiersbe Be Right: An Expository Study of Romans, Victor, 1977 (one of the best brief, simple accounts)

G B Wilson Romans: A Digest of Reformed Comment, Banner, 1977 (helpful collection of citations from a range of reformed writers)


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