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Poetry: Nearer, Ever Nearer

Nearer, ever nearer! Saviour to Thy side,
All the homeward journey, let me there abide;
Serving, Lord, or suff’ring, if it please Thee best,
Only in Thy bosom finding still my rest.

Higher, ever higher! Reaching to the goal;
Ev’ry fetter loosened, steadfast keep my soul.
Things behind forgotten, fleeting joy or pain,
For Thyself, Lord Jesus, counting loss but gain.

Deeper, ever deeper! As in lines of light,
On my heart’s affection living precepts write.
Every thought made captive, every impulse Thine,
Wand’ring footsteps guided by a hand divine.

Lower, ever lower! Keep me at Thy feet;
Poor and helpless, only in Thyself complete.
Still Thy blood my title, and Thy grace my plea;
Even in the glory, hiding, Lord, in Thee!

Nearer by the darkness, nearer to the light;
Pressing ever closer, in the thicker fight.
Never, never heeding, if Thy face I see,
Whether cloud or sunshine bring me nearer Thee!



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