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Aberdeen Area

Graeme Smith continues to sow the good seed of the Word of God in the hearts of children in this area. Easter time gives the opportunity in the Bible Alive sessions to present the Lord’s miracles, His cross and His resurrection, and the change He can make in a person’s life. It is amazing to see pupils understanding this for the first time. There are 6 classes each week with good attention from the pupils.

It was a bit of a shock to hear recently that 2 young people who heard the gospel at camp and one who went through the Bible Alive programme last year were involved in the chair lift accident at the Lecht Ski Centre. Thankfully the Lord spared their lives and we hope and pray that they come to know the Saviour.


Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter conducted gospel meetings in the assembly at Gorgie at the beginning of March. A few came to hear the gospel. One man who was contacted last year and who has been visited and received letters from Joe showed a measure of conviction. Pray that those who heard the faithful preaching will yet respond and trust in Christ for salvation.


Over the winter, Plains assembly has made many new contacts locally through an open-air witness each Lord’s Day evening, a monthly Gospel Meeting in the Seniors’ Home, a weekly Children’s Meeting and the regular weekly Gospel Meeting. In addition, ongoing work in local schools by Graeme Paterson and others means that there is contact with school staff and parents as well as pupils. Once again the school used the Gospel Hall for their Christmas Service, which is in essence the largest Gospel meeting each year, attended by the children, school staff, parents and other villagers. The year-end Parents’ Day followed, with many villagers attending and hearing the gospel. During February, a week with the Bible Exhibition brought over 400 children into the hall and a good number of adults on one of the open evenings. This was followed by a series of Gospel Meetings with villagers in most nights, some attending regularly to hear Graeme preaching. Many unbelievers also came and heard the gospel at the Parents’ Day at the end of the Children’s Meeting session. As an encouragement to all who work with children, Graeme tells of recently meeting a new teacher in a school who told him that she had trusted the Saviour only a few weeks previously. She had first heard the gospel at a Children’s Meeting in Plains some 25 years ago!

Prayer is valued for on-going work through the summer, God willing. In June, July and August, in addition to the usual Gospel Meeting open-air meetings are planned for each Lord’s Day afternoon at three or four locations through the village. In addition there will be a week of Children’s Meetings, now an annual event, and for the first time permission has been granted to have a presence at the local Gala Day in June to distribute Gospel literature using Graeme’s bus as a base.


Two weeks’ Gospel Meetings were conducted by Blair Martin at the beginning of March with the little company of God’s people at Prestwick Road. They appreciated the support given by other assemblies both for the distribution of tracts and invitations prior to the campaign and also during the meetings. Around 15 unbelievers came and heard the gospel, and also some who need restoration heard again the claims of Christ. We trust that even now the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of those who heard.


During the first week of the Easter holidays around 70 children came to the Holiday Club at the Glenburn assembly for two hours each morning. The theme this year was based on the 200th anniversary of David Livingstone’s birth. The interest shown has been great, and some parents stayed on to help and hear the messages. On Friday morning all parents are invited to come for coffee and we trust that they with their children will respond in faith to the message preached.

This is typical of Easter work now going on in many assemblies and we pray that God will bless all the efforts made with many trusting the Lord Jesus for salvation.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Monkton and St Quivox. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Ahoghill: The assembly at Ahoghill hosted its 35th Annual Missionary Conference on 5th April to a full hall including large numbers of young believers. Interesting, encouraging and challenging reports were given by R Plant (UK), C Davidson (Nepal) and R Revie (Ethiopia).

Buckna Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings with J Fleck and J Rogers concluded on 2nd April after 91/2 weeks. Large numbers attended from the beginning right to the close of the meetings. There was much support from local assemblies together with their loved ones and some local people for whom it was their first time in the hall. It was evident that God was working in many hearts and quite a number were saved as a result of the gospel being preached. To God be all the glory.

Ballyclare Gospel Hall: B Currie had Ministry Meetings from 8th-12th April on "Studies in the lives of the Judges". Well attended with profitable ministry.

Carnlough Gospel Hall: A Colgan conducted a week of Ministry Meetings from 8th-12th April on the book of Revelation, illustrated by a large chart.

Kells Gospel Hall: D McGarvey (helped by local brethren) is expected for 3 weeks of Gospel Meetings commencing Lord’s Day 14th April.


The Annual Conference Meeting was held in a hotel with large numbers attending. Speakers: S McBride, J McCann, B Glendinning, G Woods, E Fairfield and T McNeill.


Tullyroan: The small assembly at Tullyroan have concluded 6 weeks of very encouraging meetings in a portable hall with D Gilliland and M Campbell. Many from the district came in to hear the gospel for the first time. The Lord’s presence was evident throughout the meetings and blessing was experienced in salvation. The assembly appreciated the support from all surrounding assemblies and request prayer for further blessing.

"If the Lord will…"

Markethill: Gospel Meetings are planned to start in early May outside Markethill in a tent. Speakers: T Wright and E Fairfield.


Sixmilecross and the area surrounding it have not been noted for gospel activity. S Nelson and J McCann (jnr), realising a definite need, had an exercise to commence gospel meetings in a portable hall early in March. Unfortunately, to date the local people generally have not attended well. This may be due partly to the very inclement weather being experienced at present.


Aughrim: The Annual Conference was well attended, and M Wishart and J McQuoid gave challenging and encouraging teaching.

Gortade: Local brethren preached the gospel for just over three weeks in a community building in the village of Upperlands. A sixteen year old girl, who was brought to the meetings by a school friend, professed faith in Christ.

Magheracorran: The attendance at the Annual Conference was smaller than usual. The teaching was given by R McKeown, J Fleck, W Martin and D McAllister and the theme of the meeting was "Assembly Principles".


Ballyhay: The assembly enjoyed a week of helpful ministry on "Aspects of Service from the Book of Acts" with B Currie.

Ballykeel, Lough Road: Very good numbers attended the Gospel Meetings conducted by W Martin and E Fairfield with several professing to be saved.

Banbridge: D Gilliland was with the assembly from Monday 18th-Thursday 20th March on the subject of "Solomon’s Temple". The well-attended meetings were most instructive and encouraging.

Bangor, Central Hall: David West was with the assembly for 3 nights of challenging and well-attended ministry on the subject "The Believer and the Gospel, the World and the Flesh".

Crossgar: B Currie was with the assembly for a week of profitable and well supported meetings on the "Life of Solomon".

Growell: The Gospel meetings conducted by B Glendinning and H Milligan in Dromara Orange Hall concluded after 5 weeks with very good local interest. Prayer requested for salvation.

Mullaghfernaghan: R Pickering and T Wallace continue the Gospel Meetings in Ashfield. Local people are attending most nights and some show interest in salvation.


Ballinamallard: Prayer is requested for gospel meetings in June (DV) with D McGarvey.


The Belfast Easter Conference this year was well attended and seemed to be enjoyed by those who were present. We had the help of visiting brethren Colin Hutchison (Kinross, Scotland) and Gordon Williams (Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada) who, together with local brethren, had been invited to share in the ministry. Two other brethren who were visiting in Belfast at this time also gave help, - Brethren Bobby Cameron (Scotland) and Ken Totton (Cambridge, England). The help of all our dear brethren was much appreciated. The Home Workers’ Report meeting was shared by brethren Gary Woods, Leslie Craig and John Rogers who all labour in the North of Ireland. Those who took part in the Foreign Workers’ Report meeting were John McCann (Brazil), Stephen Harper (Malawi), Gordon Williams (Canada) and Elton Fairfield (Japan). All of the above gave a most interesting and edifying report of the Lord’s Work in which they are engaged. The closing Gospel meeting on the Wednesday evening was taken this year by brother John Fleck (Buckna) who gave a clear and challenging presentation of the gospel to a well-filled hall. The convenors greatly appreciate all who willingly helped in both the providing and serving of refreshments over the conference period and to the many ushers who greeted and seated people every day. We look for results both from the gospel preached and the ministry and reports given.

Ballysillan Assembly: During February, brother N Emerson had three weeks of special gospel mission. Many unsaved came in each evening including work colleagues and family friends. It was estimated that an average of 20% of those present each night were unsaved. Thanks be to the Lord.

Holywood Gospel Hall: During the months of February and March, a concerted effort was made in conjunction with the small Holywood assembly to evangelise the Holywood area. Paul McCauley and David Williamson with others carried out door to door visitation throughout February. At the commencement of March, Bobby Eadie and Sammy Maze set up the Belmont Bible Exhibition in the Gospel Hall for one week, then Paul and David had three weeks of Gospel Meetings. All were greatly encouraged to hear of blessing in salvation. To God be the glory.



Andy and Janelle Mullan have recently been commended from the Quarry Lane and Hope Chapel assemblies to serve the Lord in the city of Birmingham. A coffee morning in Hope Chapel has been a great encouragement, providing an opportunity in the gospel each Tuesday. Following this, time is spent on the High Street in King’s Heath. "F" is a young Muslim in his early thirties who came to speak to Andy after receiving a tract. He is thoughtful and reads the Bible, and contact has been maintained through text messages. "N" is a middle aged Sikh man in desperate circumstances, going through his second marriage break up. He came seeking help and it was wonderful to point him to the Lord Jesus. After a long conversation he took away a John’s Gospel and was urged to seek the Lord.

Andy wants to spend more time in the city centre work. The other Saturday he was joined by four others from different assemblies for open-air preaching, and some people engaged in one to one conversations. "L" was just passing through but was very honest in acknowledging his sin and realized, perhaps for the first time, his danger being "condemned already". He left with literature and contact details. "N" had some Christian background, owned a Bible but had limited understanding of the gospel. He showed some interest, asking thoughtful questions then was given some references to read later. During January Andy visited door to door around the Northfield area near Quarry Lane Gospel Hall, and this was followed up again before Easter. As a result two ladies have just started to come to the hall on Sundays. After waiting upon God to gain access into schools, the first firm date has been given in the middle of April at Andy’s old school. Prayer would be greatly valued in support of this work for the Lord.

"If the Lord will…"

Prayer is requested for a series of gospel meetings each Sunday during May at Hebron Hall, Red Row, Northumberland. The theme is to be "Future Events".


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