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Poetry: This Same Jesus

M M Davies

(Acts 1.11)

"This same Jesus", not another,
But the One whose hands have dried
All the teardrops that have fallen
When our hearts were truly tried.
Yes, the same who eased our trouble
As our head lay on His breast,
Is the One upon whose bosom
We shall find eternal rest.

'Tis the One who walks beside us
Now, in all life's weary way.
He shall lead o'er pathway golden
Through the everlasting day.
'Tis the voice that softly whispers
Sweetest comfort mid our woe,
That shall be our endless pleasure
In the home to which we go.

That same heart whose love is planning
Now the best for you, for me,
Is the heart whose love unchanging
We shall prove eternally.
Yes, Himself, and not a stranger,
But our life-long friend - 'tis He,
With His well-known voice shall call us
With Him evermore to be!

- M M Davies


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