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Poetry: Three Scenes

W Blane

Acts 9.5

From amid the dazzling glory,
Brighter far than day,
Hark! the words of Saul of Tarsus,
Stricken on the way.
"Who are Thou, Lord?" was the question,
And the answer came:
"I am Jesus!" and his spirit
Bowed to that blessed name.

Philippians 3.10

Years have passed. A Roman dungeon
And a felon’s chain,
Suffering, care and broken friendships
All his present gain.
Failure all to sight! But nothing
Faith’s clear eye can dim;
"All is loss," he calmly reckons,
"That I may know Him."

2 Timothy 1.12

Lo! The faithful, aged apostle
Nears a martyr’s death;
Only Luke to stand beside him
As he yields his breath.
Asia all has turned against him,
Brethren have deceived!
Still, "I know," we hear him saying,
"Whom I have believed."


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