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Mrs Margaret Joan Doolan, aged 87 years. On 17th March our sister was called home into the presence of the Lord whom she loved and had faithfully served since her conversion. She was saved in her early teens, baptised, and received into fellowship in Little Hulton, later moving to Blackburn where she was in happy fellowship in the assembly at Victoria Street. She moved to Great Yarmouth with her husband upon his retirement in 1979, enjoying happy fellowship with the saints there. Joan, as she was known, was very active in all aspects of assembly activity especially the children’s work which had been for her a lifetime’s occupation. Even in her early eighties she was to be seen rounding up the children into the mini-bus for the weekly Thursday Class. Our sister exemplified her Master’s example of always showing a gracious concern and compassion for the lost and for the Lord’s people both at home and abroad, and was never heard to say an unkind word about anyone. Remember in prayer her husband John who has truly lost a life’s partner.

Mrs Anna Dryburgh, called into the presence of her Lord on 23rd May. Our dear sister was saved in early years, spent most of her life in the assembly in Glenrothes, and latterly in the assembly in Ballingry, and was a staunch and valued support to her husband Robert in his service for the Lord. She was much given to hospitality while she was able, and was a loving mother to five sons, all of whom she saw in assembly fellowship, although the early death of two of them was a great grief to her. Prayer valued for Bob at this time and some of the grandchildren still not saved.

Mrs Anna Dunning, called to be with her Lord on 5th May, aged 65, after a long illness bravely borne. She was saved as a girl in the then Cruden Hall, Greenock, where later she was baptised and received into fellowship. Upon her marriage, she and her husband Hamish moved to Edinburgh, then to Gourock where they have continued in consistent fellowship for 36 years. Given to much fellowship in the home, she was committed to all the gatherings of the saints and had a good testimony among her neighbours. A devoted wife, mother and grandmother, her husband and family would appreciate your prayers.

Mrs Mary Francey, Clones, Co Monaghan, was called home on 26th June, aged 90 years. She was saved when sixteen years of age and, with her late husband Thomas, came into fellowship with Clones assembly shortly after their marriage. She was a Godly gracious woman who loved the Lord, and was given to much hospitality. She saw her son, four daughters, and most of her grandchildren saved, and in fellowship. Her very large funeral was a token of the respect she had in her home district. As arranged by herself, T McNeill spoke words of comfort and gospel at the funeral service in her home, and W J Nesbitt preached the gospel to a most reverent audience at the graveside, including some members of the Gardai. Prayer valued for her family and unsaved loved ones.

Mr Sam Gilliland. Born in November 1920, and born again in 1954 at tent meetings in Donacloney, after deep exercise before the Lord he was received into the assembly at Lurgan in 1969 where he was very happy, and was there until his homecall on 20th June. Sam was a man of deep conviction, a pleasant countenance, and of sterling character. His passing is mourned by his son David (who serves the Lord in Ireland and other countries), also his daughter Avril, son-in-law Ronald, and daughter-in-law Yvonne. Some brothers and sisters are still alive for whom prayer would be valued. The funeral services, which were very large, were conducted by S Ferguson, M Turkington, W Radcliffe and T McNeill.

Mrs Meta Glendinning, called home on 28th May, aged 78. Meta was saved at tent meetings in Castledawson in 1944 conducted by the late David Leathem and later received into Aughrim assembly. After her marriage she was for a short time in Dunmurry assembly, but for the greater part of her Christian life was in happy fellowship with the Glengormley assembly, although latterly she was unable through illness to attend the meetings. A faithful and quiet sister who was highly esteemed by all who knew her worth. This was evident at her large funeral which was taken by Andrew Kenny and Jack Lennox, with others sharing in the service. Prayer is requested for her saved husband and her family, some not yet saved.

Mrs Elizabeth Kerr, called into the presence of the Lord, whom she loved and served, on 9th March, aged 90 years. Saved at nine, and baptised at thirteen into fellowship at Catrine, Elizabeth and her daughter Margaret transferred to Auchinleck Assembly, where they remained for sixteen years, before moving to Tarbolton Assembly. Latterly, ill health prevented attendance at the meetings. Remember her daughter in prayer, as well as her three sons and their families.

Mrs Agnes McCauley, called home on 27th June, in her 101st year. She was saved in 1922 at meetings conducted by the late Dr Matthews. Except for a short time in Apsley St assembly, she was a valued member of the Shanagan assembly during her long life. Given to hospitality and exercised about the work of the Lord at home and abroad, her busy hands provided many garments for the mission field. She was loved and respected, as evidenced by the large funeral conducted by M Radcliffe and J Lennox. Prayer valued for her saved family.

Mrs Mary Elizabeth McFarland, called home on 1st July, aged 96 years. Saved while attending meetings conducted by the late brethren Creighton and Stevenson in Creduff in 1926, she was received into fellowship at Creduff, was later at Ardstraw, and then for many years was in fellowship in the Newtownstewart assembly. A widow for almost forty years, she was a good woman who loved the Lord and His people, and was a good supporter of all the meetings while health permitted. As arranged by herself, the funeral was from the Gospel Hall, with T McNeill speaking words of comfort and gospel, and at the graveside J Lennox preached the gospel. Local brethren, J Monteith, R Wilson, and S Gilfillan assisted with hymns and prayer. Prayer valued for the large family circle, some still in need of salvation.

Mrs Elizabeth Margretta McIlwaine, on May 13th, in a Nursing Home in Castlederg, after a lengthy illness. Born in 1919, born again in 1943, she was in Corrick Assembly since 1961. A godly woman who loved the Lord, the gospel, the assembly and her family, she had the joy of seeing most of her family saved. The very large funeral was conducted at the home by S Gilfillan and Wesley Martin, and by James Martin and D McGarvey at the grave. Prayer valued for her husband, who is in failing health, and for some family members not saved.

Mrs Annie O’Neil, on 7th July, in her 85th year, was called home into the presence of her Lord, whom she loved. Saved in her teens, she was baptised and received into fellowship in Bethany Hall assembly, Blantyre, was a faithful attender at all the assembly gatherings, and was in happy fellowship there till the hall closed fifty-seven years later. She and her husband then went into fellowship at Low Waters assembly, Hamilton where they enjoyed happy fellowship for six years. Owing to her poor health they moved to Auchlochan and were received into fellowship at Hope Hall, Lesmahagow. The large gathering at the service testified to the esteem in which she was held, and was conducted by brethren S MacDonald, E Collington, and W Robertson, with others sharing in the service.

Mr David S Rogers, on 4th June, very suddenly, aged 55. He was saved when he was 13 and ever since was in the assembly at Newry. He, early in life, was called upon to accept care in the assembly and for twenty-seven years did this. Deeply interested in all assembly activities and with a real love for the children’s work, he also had the joy of seeing his family saved and, like himself, having an interest in the work and ways of God. Only the Lord knows how much he will be missed. Prayer is valued for his wife, who was in hospital for surgery and just able to get out in time for his funeral. His mother is aged and needs our prayers, as do his sister and brothers, all in assembly fellowship. His funeral in Newry Gospel Hall was one of the largest seen for a long time. Messrs J G Hutchinson and W Martin were responsible for the services, when the gospel was heard by many not familiar with it. Words of appreciation and comfort were also given, with a suitable tribute from his son.

Mrs Annie Wright, aged 91, called home to be with the Lord on 23rd May. She was saved at the aged of nineteen while reading The Traveller’s Guide in the family home, was baptised in Mourne Street, Belfast, and was received into fellowship in Crossgar. On her marriage to John she moved to Ballynahinch, where she remained for sixty-three years. Her life was marked by devotion to the Lord and a deep interest in the assembly. She was present at both meetings on the Lord’s Day prior to her homecall, having been blessed with good health and clarity of mind. She saw both grandchildren saved and in assembly fellowship. Her large funeral was conducted by Jim Flanigan, Brian Glendinning, and John Rogers assisted by local brethren.


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