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The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was in Viewforth Gospel Hall, Port Seton in September. A total of 320 children from four schools visited the exhibition and went away with a Gospel of John and hopefully a greater insight into God’s Word. Several other young people and adults also visited, and we pray that the Lord will use what was said to His glory and the salvation of not a few. It was a challenging and exhilarating time for all who were involved.

Aberdeen: From 31st August to 5th September Holburn Gospel Hall hosted the Aberdeenshire Bible Exhibition. Over 350 children from 8 schools were conducted through the Exhibition and took part in the associated activities. Generally they listened well, and most of the accompanying adults came round with the pupils. A number of adults visited independently. Two of the teachers who came enquired about obtaining Bible related materials for use in their schools, and several requests have been received for free Bibles, literature, and information about the Postal Bible School. Feedback from the children has been generally encouraging. Please pray that the work done might be blessed by the Lord.



Ahoghill: I Campbell had one week of very well attended children’s meetings during the week commencing 8th September.

Ballycastle: D McGarvey and B Glendinning are commencing gospel meetings at Carncullough Hall in mid November (D.V.). Local interest and prayer would be greatly appreciated.

Ballyclare: Gospel meetings continue, with large numbers, good interest, and blessing in salvation. The preachers are M Radcliffe and M McKillen.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): J Martin and W Martin are expected (DV) to commence gospel meetings on 2nd November. Prayer and interest appreciated.

Ballymena (Harryville): P Coulson is expected for a series of ministry meetings from 24th-28th November.

Ballymoney: Gospel meetings commenced on 5th October in the Town Hall. J Fleck and W Martin are responsible for the preaching during this important venture.

Carnlough: A Colgan is expected to commence gospel meetings on 16th November (DV). A prayerful interest would be appreciated.

Clonkeen (Randalstown Hall): A Moore had one week of well attended children’s meetings from 29th September - 3rd October.

Kingsmoss: Ivan McClean had a week of children’s meetings from 22nd-26th September.

Sandringham: Blair Martin had one week of ministry from 22nd-26th September.


Armagh: The Gospel Hall had an Open Day on Saturday, 13th September. This was Heritage Day throughout Northern Ireland when old listed buildings were open to the public. The response was excellent from both communities, and many Bibles, booklets, and tracts were gladly received.

Armagh (Battleford Road): Gospel meetings commenced in a portable hall on 21st September. Speakers: B Glendinning and N Coulter.

Caledon: J Allen had two weeks of meetings on "Prophecy" in the old Court House. Local interest was exceptional with assembly support also. These meetings were held in connection with Drumacanver Gospel Hall.


Portavogie (Ebenezer Gospel Hall): W Fenton and J Wishart are continuing in the gospel at the beginning of October. The meetings are being well attended and the interest excellent, with the power of God in evidence in the salvation of a number of souls. The assembly has been much encouraged in this time of blessing. Children’s meetings were held in early October with Gary Davidson and an average of 90-100 children were present each evening.


Portstewart: (Pitts Area). J Rogers and S Moore are in their third week of gospel meetings in a portable hall (at the end of September). The meetings are being well advertised, including door to door visitation by the preachers and local Christians. A number of unsaved are attending.


Killycurragh Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference took place on 24th September. The number attending was well up compared with last year and it was considered to be a good meeting with profitable ministry from R Pickering, A Davidson, D Gilliland, B Martin, D Ussher, and T McNeill.


Redhills: B Glendinning had two weeks here proclaiming the gospel. Pray for the seed sown.


Cregagh Street: D Gilliland and J Rogers are expected for gospel meetings from 19th October. Please pray for this large, needy, east side of the city.

Newtownabbey: (Doagh Road): D Gilliland and A Hull are continuing in the gospel at the beginning of October in a portable hall with interest and good attendance. The Word is being faithfully declared.


Morecambe: The assembly here hosted a week of children’s meetings in the Gospel Hall, where a good number of children attended, and we had great support from neighbouring assemblies. The children listened and participated well. Each of the children over the course of the week learned and recited John 3.16. On the Friday evening there was a Parents’ Evening and Prize-giving, where a number of the parents and neighbours attended. All the children received a gift of a Bible, and one of the parents also requested one.

We had a follow up reunion, and again the Lord blessed with a number of children attending from the area, and parents have been asking for this work to continue. God willing we hope to commence a weekly children’s meeting here in Morecambe in the future.

Bicester: Three weeks in a Tent in August saw excellent numbers of unsaved out to hear John Stubbs and Aaron Colgan. Tom West took a week of children’s meetings in the mornings. A middle aged man was baptised shortly afterwards having been saved in gospel meetings with Murray McCandless in April. For 10 days in November the assembly has rented a nearby village hall and expect Eugene Higgins (USA) for gospel meetings. Prayer appreciated for blessing.

Wallingford: The assembly rented a nearby village hall for each Sunday in September and held the gospel meeting there. A few locals attended. David Raggett was with the assembly for a week of children’s meetings in September and new contacts were made.


Coventry: I Jackson conducted a series of ministry meetings in the city in September. The first took place over a number of evenings at Church Street with the concluding meetings at Upper Hill Street. A very profitable and challenging time.

Redditch, Batchley Estate: The Annual Conference was a time of helpful ministry given by C Lacey and J Riddle. The occasion was appreciated by saints who came from a wide area.


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