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Miss Nellie Black, aged 94, passed away on 5th September. Our dear sister was saved on 18th March, 1948 while attending meetings conducted by brethren Edward Allen and Kerr Duff in Monaghan. She was baptised a few months later and received into the assembly at Templetate in Co. Monaghan. Around the end of 1948 Nellie moved to Belfast and was in fellowship in Parkgate, then in Glengormley, and finally in Adam Street assemblies. In 2003 she moved into Faith House Eventide Home. Throughout her long life our sister was marked by a godly deportment and demeanour that truly adorned the doctrine. She was consistent in the assembly and ever marked by a spirit of contentment right up to the end in Faith House where she was well cared for and loved by the staff. Her ready smile and pleasant conversation will be greatly missed by all who came into contact with her. She has gone to her reward, and to be with Christ which is far better. The funeral service was conducted by brethren W J Nesbitt and Ivan Gordon.

Mrs Irene Dalgliesh, aged 68, was called into the presence of her Lord on 2nd May. Irene was born and brought up to go to the Church of Scotland in Crosshill, Fife. She was saved through her own reading of the Scriptures. She married her husband Bill in 1962. After her son, Andrew, was saved in 1989 and baptised, Irene too was baptised. Many will never forget how the "Church" emptied to see Irene, a deacon in the Kirk, being baptised. After witnessing the "Breaking of Bread" she said she could not go anywhere else. With great exercise she left the Church to which she had been devoted all her adult life and came into fellowship in the assembly at Ballingry in 1990. She had the thrill of seeing her husband Bill saved, baptised and in assembly fellowship as well in recent years. Irene was a lovely sister who bore the graces of Christ. She worked in the local butchers and was very well known and thought of by all in the community. The funeral was large and many bore witness to the quiet, dignified testimony that she had in the locality. Pray for Bill, Andrew, and her daughter Margaret, their spouses and the grandchildren who will have been left with deep spiritual impressions.

Mr Norman James Ervine, was born on 20th December 1931, saved on 8th March, 1979, and called home on 24th August. His illness became apparent in June, 2007, and from then until his death he was never known to make a complaint. He was completely unassuming in manner and his faithful attendance at the assembly meetings in Banbridge (in health and in sickness) was an example to everyone. Although he was not given to public speaking he had a sincere interest in the assembly and just before his death said, "There is nothing else". It might be said that he resembled the great woman of 2 Kings 4.13 in her reply: "I dwell among mine own people". His funeral was large and respectful. At his request some of his brethren conducted the services in the Gospel Hall and at the grave. "The memory of the just is blessed."

Mr Ewan Gibb, aged 91, passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord on 29th June. Our brother had been ill for some time but only took to his bed two days before the Lord called him home. He was saved later in life, aged 59, and was baptised shortly after, along with his wife, son, and daughter. He was among the founder members of the assembly at Luthermuir. Before acquiring the Gospel Hall, the assembly met in his home. He was a quiet and consistent brother over the years, with a good testimony before the world. Over one hundred unsaved were present at his funeral which was conducted by his son-in-law, Mr Dan Gillies, assisted by Mr Eddie Taylor (Aberdeen) and Mr Alex McLean (Peterhead). Prayer is valued for his wife and family. He is sorely missed.

Mrs Ellen McComb, aged 90, passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord on 11th September after a protracted illness patiently borne. She was saved on 17th November, 1932 at meetings in Bleary Gospel Hall conducted by Mr W Johnston and Mr J Hutchinson. Four years later she came into assembly fellowship there. A much loved mother, she was an exemplary, genteel Christian lady whose wisdom and worth were known by all who knew her. Although a widow for 31 years she was given to hospitality, caring for the Lord’s servants and saints. Faithful to the Lord and the assembly and a lover of the Lord and the gospel, her contributions to the Lord’s work at home and abroad are registered in heaven’s annals. She was lovingly cared for by her devoted family until her homecall. The funeral was large and representative and was conducted by John Rodgers, Brian Currie, and Jack Lennox with others sharing in the service. Her passing is mourned by three daughters, two sons-in-law, grandchildren, and the family circle.

Mrs Jenny McLellan, aged 87, called home to be with her Lord very suddenly on 5th June. Saved as a girl in her early years, she lived to prove the reality of her profession of faith. She was a godly woman who manifested the spirit of Christ to all with whom she came into contact, and was held in high regard by all who knew her. For a number of years she and her husband Albert were in fellowship in the Burnbank assembly and then moved to Low Waters assembly where they were in active fellowship for over 30 years. Both Jenny and Albert’s faithfulness to the Lord and His assembly were an example for all to follow, attending every meeting wherever possible and actively participating in the work and fellowship of the assembly. They very rarely were ever seen apart as together they lived and glorified the Lord. She will be greatly missed by her husband Albert, who now resides in Auchlochan, by her family and friends, and by the assembly at Low Waters. Remember in prayer those connected to her.

Mrs Amy Morrison was called home on 1st September, in her 101st year. She was saved in 1938 through the lovely words of "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved". Her husband Samuel, who pre-deceased her in 2004, was saved in 1939 and together they were received into the assembly in Killyleagh, County Down. They loved the Lord, His Word, and His people, witnessing a good confession for almost 70 years. The assembly feels the loss of such devoted members. Amy’s large funeral was from the Gospel Hall, and many of her unsaved neighbours who were present heard the simple gospel and were told of the sure hope they could have for eternity. S Thompson conducted the services in the hall and at the graveside. Amy is survived by two sons and one daughter.

Mrs Agnes Sneddon, aged 88, widow of the late John Sneddon, was called home on 21st June. She was saved in her teens at the Miller Hall Falkirk, and was in fellowship in Maddiston assembly all her married life - firstly in the Templers Hall then in the new Bethesda Hall. She moved to Livingston shortly after her husband’s death, and was in fellowship in Deans assembly until her homecall. She saw her family of 7 saved and in assembly fellowship, and a good number of her grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Please pray for those not saved.


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