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Into All The World: News from Tupi Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil

John and Claudette Axford

During our recent short visit to the UK, it was possible to negotiate the purchase of 5,000 good quality Gospels by John from TBS. With a forty percent discount and free carriage to our doorstep in Brazil there is much to thank the Lord for. More so because they arrived before we did in excellent condition, coming through the customs without duty. Now we are placing these portions of the Word of God into the hands of the people He wants to speak to. This requires clear guidance and discretion. Our exercise is to make this a steady, constant practice in Tupi Paulista and neighbouring cities with a special concern for the farming folk. Gospel leaflets and a leaflet giving an introduction to the Gospel by John are accompanying the free distribution. We look to the Lord for the assembly to catch the vision and become involved.

The Lord is having His dealings with Nino. A few weeks ago we made two unsuccessful attempts to visit this farmer. On both occasions he recognised our tyre marks in the sand near his home. He then rang asking us to visit him the next evening. The man was shattered. His closest friend, a cowman like himself, had unexpectedly dropped dead that very day. Nino’s friend from youth had risen early as usual to milk the cows when he was suddenly swept into eternity - unprepared! The visit was very positive and the Lord’s presence real. Claudete and I thought he was going to be saved that evening. Nevertheless, he came for the first time to a meeting in the hall the next evening. The assembly was gathered for prayer and Bible study. He was welcomed and after the usual time of prayer the gospel was once again faithfully preached for him by a visiting speaker. Even so, he does not yet profess to be saved! "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving" (Col 4.2).

On Lord’s Day afternoon we went to visit a family who had lost their father and husband. Country folk usually visit one another on Sunday. There were relatives, friends, and neighbours present. We sang some hymns, prayed with them, and read the Scriptures. The fact that we had taken the interest to visit them was a comfort. There was encouragement from the Word and a clear gospel challenge presented. The door is open for further visits to their farm. Their family surname is "Amador". The farmer left a wife and three children. People from the town were present and also invited us to visit them in their homes. There is so much to do.

The Tupi assembly is showing signs of spiritual progress. Continue to pray for spiritual gift to be exercised and developed. Fellowship is characterised by love, mutual interest, and harmony.

There are several older believers who are being called home. Soon, those gathering will be few. More need to be saved. Two weeks ago a dear sister was called to be with her Lord. This being a tropical climate, interment usually takes place the same day. The body was on display in the public velório. People may freely come and go expressing their condolences. The family had asked us to "do our part". Most of them were following Rome. It was an opportunity for testimony. At an appropriate time hymns were sung, prayers made, and the Scriptures read. The gospel was clearly presented with a warm, loving tone. Many people from Tupi were there, some looking through the open windows. Good conversations were had afterwards. One girl expressed her desire to come to the meetings in the hall.

A lot of people have become real friends. There are loads of great experiences to share. Please turn this into effectual fervent prayer.

We are both well and are thrilled with the safe arrival in late May of Lorena, our first grandchild. Jaqueline and Jonathan are delighted with this beautiful, healthy gift from the Lord.


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