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On Sunday, 23rd August Holburn Gospel Hall held their Gospel Service at the Aberdeen Winter Gardens in the Duthie Park. The service consisted of hymn singing with two short gospel messages given by Douglas Mowat of Culloden. Others distributed tracts as well as leaflets announcing a forthcoming Bible Exhibition to visitors to the Gardens. A number of people paused as they passed by, and some stayed for all or part of the service. We trust that what was heard might have made an impression on hearts and consciences, and we pray that the Word might be blessed of God.

Dreghorn, Ayrshire: Gordon McCracken was with the assembly at Dreghorn for a week’s children’s meetings at the end of September. Between forty and fifty children attended each evening and were challenged with the gospel. Adults and some young people also attended to listen to the Bible answer to questions such as "Who is Jesus Christ?", "Why did He die?", and "Where will you spend eternity?". Pray that those who heard may yet come to trust the Saviour.

Lanarkshire Gospel Work 2009: This year the Gospel Campaign was held in Salsburgh, which is a small village, where only 6 are in fellowship. The assembly were delighted that their area was chosen after much prayer.

Before the commencement of the campaign tracts were distributed throughout the village. During the campaign, Roy Marshall and Blair Martin were responsible for visitation with tracts and preaching, with others joining for children’s meetings each night.

Blair Martin faithfully preached during the three weeks of campaign. The meetings were well supported by surrounding assemblies, with unsaved present each night. Children’s meetings were held prior to the adult meetings; Graeme Paterson, Derek Robertson, and David Bell conducting them with great enthusiasm. Children’s work was a great encouragement, as the local believers are physically unable to do this work. There were 54 children who attended, some being present each night.

Prior to the campaign, the assemblies at Uddingston, Chapelhall, and Greengairs, where evening open air meetings were held, were well supported by visiting assemblies.

As a result of the interest in Salsburgh, the work will continue on first Friday of each month until March 2010 DV.

We look to the Lord to bless this work.

Lossiemouth Gospel Hall: For the past 19 years we have had a young people’s weekend of ministry during the last week end in September. These have proved to be very encouraging and helpful. Since many of our young people are now parents with young families it was decided to change to Focus on the Family. Stuart Mcgahie had a short gospel message to the children after which they were taken to the lower hall, and Sinclair Banks ministered on the pattern and preservation of the family, and relationships and responsibilities in the family. It was encouraging to see the hall full particularly on Saturday evening, and there was a challenge for all from the youngest to the oldest. God willing we hope to continue with this format.

Perth: A few of the assembly members have been able to conduct a Christianity Explored Course which has already been operating for a few weeks. On the first study evening more than twenty unsaved came to hear more of the Person of the Lord Jesus. The second week was very encouraging with twenty unsaved present and some people bringing their families to hear more of the gospel.

Please pray that as the Lord Jesus is clearly presented, sinners will repent and believe the gospel.



Ahoghill: Gospel Hall. Gospel meetings commenced on 4th October with P McCauley and D McGarvey.

Antrim: Children’s meetings were held in the Gospel Hall from 5th-9th October with T Wallace.

Ballymoney: Gospel Meetings in the Town Hall commenced on 29th September and continue DV for four weeks with J Fleck and W Martin.

Broughshane: Special gospel meetings are expected to commence on 25th October with J Martin and W Martin. Interest and prayer appreciated.

Harryville: Ministry meetings are expected to be held from 19th-23rd October with D Gilliland.

Larne (Craigyhill): Gospel meetings commenced in the Gospel Hall on Lord’s Day 20th September and are continuing with T Meekin and J Rogers.

Randalstown, Clonkeen: Well attended children’s meetings were held from 21st-25th September with L Craig. The believers were encouraged.


Clonroot: Gospel meetings commenced in Chapman’s yard on 20th September with N Fleck and A Colgan as the preachers.

Mowhan: S McBride (with others helping) was in the seventh week of a gospel effort at the end of September. The meetings are being held in a portable hall in this country locality outside Markethill. A few locals have come, with some unsaved from the Christian families attending.


Ballynahinch: B Currie and J Palmer concluded six weeks of gospel meetings in the tent on the Lisburn Road. The meetings were well supported by local assemblies and a number of people from the town came to hear the gospel faithfully proclaimed. It was a joy to hear of blessing in the first week and we would pray that the message, clearly and solemnly sounded forth, will yet bear fruit.

Bangor: Ebenezer Gospel Hall. B Martin had a series of ministry meetings in early September on practical truth to the help and encouragement of the assembly.

Carryduff Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference on 5th September was well attended, and Christ exalting and challenging ministry warmed the hearts of the saints. The speakers were D Craig and R Amos. Brother Amos continued in ministry until the 13th speaking on Abram - "The Parent and Pattern of Faith" - using a large chart. The ministry was much appreciated with a good consistent interest.

Growell: D McGarvey and S Wells concluded four weeks in the gospel on 2nd October. The whole area was well visited with invitations and gospel literature and the attendance was good including local people. The Word was faithfully preached nightly.

Newry Gospel Hall: The assembly here along with Christians from other assemblies enjoyed and were helped and challenged by ministry from J Grant during the early part of September.

Newtownards: At a well known landmark, "Six Road Ends", some 3 miles from Newtownards on the Donaghadee Road, the gospel has been faithfully preached in commercial premises for four weeks as at 2nd October. Two brothers, I McKee and A McKee from the assembly at James Street, have enjoyed liberty and power in declaring the message. They have been much encouraged over the period by seeing a good number of locals come and listen attentively, some of whom were hearing the simple clear gospel for the first time. Please pray that the good seed sown will bear much fruit.

Portavogie, Ebenezer Gospel Hall: The two session Annual Conference on 12th September was very well attended with a good representation of believers from other assemblies. The ministry, given by J Flanigan, S Jennings, J G Hutchinson, J Wishart, R Pickering, and T Wallace was profitable and heart searching.

Portavogie, New Road Gospel Hall: Bible Readings were conducted by D Gilliland for 2 weeks on the Colossian Epistle. The assembly was greatly encouraged by the large attendance of believers from neighbouring assemblies. The participation of the brethren and the exposition of the passage by brother Gilliland were of great profit to all with a real sense of the Lord’s presence.


Bellaghy: A Summers had a weekend of teaching on the supremacy of Christ as seen in Colossians. Good attendance.

Killykergan: M Radcliffe was present for two weeks of teaching on the subject of the Tabernacle. The ministry was Christ exalting, and both young and old indicated that they had found the teaching easy to be understood and a blessing.

Tivaconavey: R O’Neill and J Black are in their second week of meetings (end September) in this country area between Garvagh and Kilrea, with some unsaved attending.


Ballygawley (Martry): Gospel meetings are continuing in a portable hall with some local people attending. The speakers are A Wilson and S Nelson.

Moygashel (Dungannon): W Boyd and J Bingham are holding forth in the gospel in this needy area.

Killycurragh Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference on 23rd September was well attended and the ministry was very profitable. The speakers were D Ussher, D Gilliland, A Davidson, U Ussher, D Oliver, and G Woods.


Bloomfield (Dixon Park): The gospel is being clearly and powerfully preached nightly in a portable hall by D Gilliland and D Oliver who are now in the 4th week at the end of September. Good numbers are in attendance and the meetings are well supported by the believers, with a good interest and some locals coming. Please pray for blessing in salvation.


Bicester: 7,000 specially printed booklets on Creation vs. Evolution are being circulated with a view to challenging readers in the area to consider the truth of Genesis during this 2009 Darwin bicentenary.


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