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Into All The World: George, South Africa

Robin and Mary Rossouw

In the cottage meetings over a 5 week period we were thrilled when one soul came to the Saviour each week. The first was an elderly lady, Sina de Klerk, aged 68 years, whom we have previously mentioned for prayer. She has since been a witness to her family, so we pray she might soon be able to say, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Josh 24.15). There followed two middle-aged people, a gentleman, Isaac, and a mother, Cinda. They are both in need of much prayer, that they might really take a stand, despite family problems.

Cinda confessed that, prior to her conversion, she had given herself over to serve the devil. Another mother, Elma Patterson, broke down before the Lord. She confessed that her child had been such an example in attending all the services. The question was, "How could she bring up a child as she was no example?". We then thank the Lord for Maryanne (13yrs) for whom we have prayed much. She wonderfully accepted the Saviour and prayed that her own mother would accept Him too. There is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repenteth. Praise the Lord for all these souls, and pray, too, that they might go on to obey the Lord in baptism.

We have been glad to have a few visitors - a local brother, Mr and Mrs David McKillen, and Mr and Mrs Sid Halsband. This has been a real encouragement as they have shared in the gospel and ministry. We were also glad on the one occasion to have the believers from Riversdale join us with David McKillen. We had a really lovely time together.

Over Easter we had a conference in Pacaltsdorp, with neighbouring assemblies i.e. Oudtshoorn, Zoar, Riversdale, Knysna, Lainsburg, and a few visitors from Port Elizabeth. We had a most blessed time and were encouraged by God’s Word once again, remembering that we are labourers together with God.

We have been a bit disappointed at the TB hospital, where we have not been able to do as much craft work with the patients. This is due to so many building renovations going on, as a result of which we do not have an area to work in. We are hoping to at least place a puzzle in the different wards to occupy the patients, which they will be able to then complete and mount and place in their ward, hopefully with a Scripture text. The hospital has also become stricter in separating the different TB patients to ensure that there is no cross infection. Nevertheless, we are so thankful that we can still freely minister to the patients.

We have wonderful opportunities. Do pray that even as they read the tracts the Holy Spirit will work in their lives. The patients were very shocked when one of the staff collapsed in front of them and so passed on to eternity. Sadly this man did not profess to know the Lord. We do pray this will be a voice to many. Another gentleman, Jakobus, told us that he had previously heard the Word and received tracts at the clinic and now was surprised to meet us at the TB hospital. We thank the Lord for His hand of protection over us, working with these TB patients.


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