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Livingstone, Zambia

David McAllister

At present, we are in a series of gospel meetings at a marketplace in Libbuyu Township at the edge of the city. Although it is not as busy a place as some others where we have held meetings, there are still good numbers of people around and passing by, and we have been able to give out a lot of tracts, as well as to hold conversations with individuals. A number of the brethren from the assembly are helping in the preaching, and it is encouraging to see their interest in telling out the glorious message of the gospel.

There is a large boarding school here in Livingstone where we get an invitation, about once a year on average, to go and preach to the whole school. We were invited again for last Lord’s Day evening, and it was good to be back there to present the message of salvation. Several hundred pupils listened to the preaching. We also gave out a copy of the "Via" magazine to each of the pupils. For a number of years that door has been closed, but we are thankful that the present authorities are more open to us than the previous ones were.

Brother Evaristo Yamboto and I have been doing visitation in the villages to the west of Livingstone. In that area life is still very traditional with small villages of mud huts and wooden cattle kraals. There is no running water or electricity. Having said that, it is amazing how many of the houses have a satellite dish on the roof, presumably powered by car batteries! We simply sit with the people, read the Scriptures to them in their own language, present a short gospel message, seek to answer any questions that they have, give them some tracts, and then walk on to the next place. Most of these people are religious, but ignorant of the true gospel.

The weekly assembly meetings continue, as do the children’s meetings, hospital gospel meetings, and school Scripture classes. There are now over 30 in fellowship in the assembly, and we are thankful to God for their faithful continuance in the things of the Lord.

It is amazing how quickly the months have gone. At Easter we held some meetings at the assembly over the holiday weekend and also gave out tracts in the city centre about the death and resurrection of the Lord, along with an A4 gospel text.


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