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Glenburn, Prestwick: During a week of the school Easter holidays a Holiday Club was held for the third year in succession, lasting two hours from Monday to Friday. From 58 children on Monday the number rose to over 80 on a couple of the days, and behaviour was excellent. Local brethren were responsible for the preaching and covered topics from Creation to the Tower of Babel. On the last morning a number of parents and grandparents came for coffee and sat in to listen at the Bible story time. Pray that some may be blessed with salvation and will return to other meetings.

Shetland: During March, Gordon McCracken was in Shetland again and visited eighteen schools in one week, some schools requiring several ferry trips to get to. For some years now he has been visiting schools on the Islands, taking assemblies and R. E. classes. Most schools on Shetland have been happy to receive visits, but some remain closed to the gospel. However, this year the Lord opened the door to two such schools which are now eager for return visits.

The following week he conducted a series of children’s meetings during the Easter school break. Around 70 children attended each day, and on the prizegiving/parents night the hall was packed with between 90 and 100 children and dozens of unbelieving family and friends. The vast majority of the children learned John 3.17 off by heart. Please pray that both the spoken and written Word will bring forth fruit to God’s eternal glory.

Cullen: After his Shetland visit Gordon McCracken was in Cullen for a children’s Holiday Club. Partly because of his visits to two local schools a number of weeks previously, attendance was good from the start. Numbers increased each day from 51 on Monday to 99 on Friday. The gospel was clearly presented, and the text "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Rom 10.13) was stored in the memory of many of the children. On the parents’ night around 120 children attended along with over 100 adults. A number of the children have since started to attend the Sunday School in the Gospel Hall. Prayer is valued that God will bless His Word.

Proposed future meetings: Dan Gillies would value prayer for the following efforts in the gospel tent purposed during this summer, Lord willing.

June - Inchture, Tayside (along with Stuart McGahie)

July - Sanquhar, Dumfries-shire (along with Terry Topley)

July-August - Fort William, Inverness-shire (along with Phil Kennedy)

August - Edzell Woods, Angus.

Culloden: The assembly at Culloden held a Creation Weekend at the end of April with Dr Farid Abou-Rahme as the speaker. There was an excellent level of interest with good numbers attending all four talks. Several believers from other groups attended regularly and some unsaved people were present each night - some showing a real interest in the subject. Brother Abou-Rahme was evidently helped by the Lord in conducting the meetings, faithfully presenting the gospel at the end of each talk. Good contacts were made and conversations held during a coffee morning. The assembly was greatly encouraged and we look to the Lord to bless His Word in the lives of both believers and unbelievers.

Avoch: The assembly held another of its special meetings in Avoch Primary School on Sunday, 25th April, ably conducted by our brother Dr Farid Abou-Rahme who gave his testimony and told of his work in the Middle East. The attendance was very encouraging. At least eight unsaved people were present, including a few who were not known to the local believers. Pray that the small assembly will have a time of rejoicing in seeing precious souls brought to the Lord.



Ahoghill: D McGarvey is expected for open air meetings around the village commencing on 31st May and continuing until 11th June. Pray for interest.

Ballyduff: The Report Conference was held on 1st May with R Pickering reporting on N India, J Rogers reporting on Ireland, and J Baker reporting on Korea and China. Large numbers attended with very good interest.

Ballyduff: On 3rd May there was a ministry meeting with J Baker and J Rogers. Challenging words with encouragement.

Ballywatermoy: D McGarvey is expected for open air meetings from 21st June until 2nd July. Prayer appreciated.

Kells: D McGarvey continues in the gospel with very good numbers attending and with early salvation and blessing. The saints are encouraged and thankful.

Kingsmoss: Gospel meetings commenced on 18th April with W Fenton and P McClarty. All welcome to this new Gospel Hall.

Lisburn: Four assemblies combined for a series of gospel meetings in the Lagan Valley Civic Centre from 25th April to 21st May. The speakers were D Gilliland and D Alves. Prayer much appreciated for this united effort.


Clare Village: J Rogers and R Reynolds commenced gospel meetings in a portable hall on 11th April. There is good support from local assemblies.


Craigavad Gospel Hall: J Rogers and T Armstrong had a most encouraging series in the gospel when good numbers were in attendance nightly. There was liberty in the preaching, and the power of God was in evidence in salvation. The meetings were extended during the Easter week and another soul professed to be saved on the last evening.

Dundonald Gospel Hall: P McCauley concluded 2 weeks of gospel meetings on 23rd April. The area was well visited with invitations and gospel literature, and a welcome response was seen in good numbers of local people attending. The gospel was simply and clearly presented each evening. The assembly was much encouraged.

Portavogie, New Road: The Annual Conference was held on 27th March. A good company of believers gathered for ministry of the Word on the Pre-eminence of Christ in The Blessed Hope, His Exalted Position, The Value of His Redemptive Work, and His Sympathy in the Suffering of the Saints. A number of the Lord’s servants shared in this ministry: W J Nesbitt, D Gilliland, P Coulson, A Davidson, J McCann, J Fleck, and R McCoubrey. The meeting closed with a great promise from Scripture: "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee".


Lack: J McCann and S Nelson are being encouraged in seeing an interest among the local people with many attending nightly. Pray that the Lord will give the increase in blessing.


Coleraine: A Colgan was present for one week of teaching on the early years of the Lord Jesus as viewed in Matthew’s Gospel.

Moneydig: S Gilfillan and J Fleck are in their third week of gospel meetings (end April). Very good numbers of children are attending each night.


Omagh Gospel Hall: A Paterson and G Woods were continuing in a gospel series at the beginning of May. There is a good interest with numbers from the district attending. The message is being declared in all its fullness.


Redhills: Gospel meetings in a portable hall have just commenced. The preachers are D McGarvey and T Francey. Prayer very much valued.


Bethany Chapel, Lyme Regis: The young mother mentioned in our report in December, 09 has been saved and was baptised on Easter Sunday, witnessed by her parents among the large crowd. The baptism provoked questions by many who had never seen the like of this before. Her husband was also saved a few weeks before, has told his workmates about it, and has asked to be baptised himself. Their confessions of faith are the clearest any of us have heard in many years. They are avidly reading the Scriptures for themselves, and have started the Precious Seed "Footprints for First Steps" nurture course for new believers. They are keen to tell people about their new found faith, and have asked to help us to distribute invitations to our monthly "tea meetings".

We want to thank those who are praying for His work in Lyme, and we ask you to continue. We have still only twelve in fellowship, and while extra feet, hands, and lips will enable us to extend our regular doorstep distribution a little, we feel we are operating at maximum capacity. We visit two care homes monthly, and fetch their people to the gospel meeting most Sundays. We seldom have less than five unsaved people there every week, and when it is a "tea meeting" that normally doubles.

South Wales Easter Conferences: Very helpful and profitable teaching was enjoyed by a large number of saints over the Easter weekend in connection with the assemblies at Caerphilly, The Heath, Cardiff, Port Talbot, and Llanelli. P Andrews, W Banks, E Griffiths, and J Riddle expounded the Scriptures to profit. On the Lord’s Day following Easter the assembly at The Heath had the joy of baptizing a young brother from Malaysia who is studying law in the city. A large number gathered to witness the baptism including many of his friends from the university, most of whom are from other "faiths" and had never witnessed a baptism before. The gospel was faithfully preached and prayer would be valued for the salvation of these young people. Our young brother has now been received into fellowship.

Pamber Heath: In April, Joe Baxter had a week of gospel meetings with around thirty different unbelievers attending, including some new ones. Remember four regular attendees who know the message but have not yet decided.

Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton: A week of gospel meetings in April with Steven Clegg was blessed with over forty different unbelievers attending, mostly brought by believers. Some returned night after night. A man initially contacted at the 2006 Northampton Balloon Festival outreach was gloriously saved and a teenage sister from a denominational background expressed a desire to come into assembly fellowship. We praise God for His goodness, and continue to pray for others contacted. We anticipate further blessing as some continue to attend gospel meetings and others are being followed up personally.

Bicester: 3,500 Seed Sowers texts were delivered in the nearby town of Banbury in April. During the Easter Conference period the assembly was visited by John Dennison and David Alves, both from Mexico. At the end of April a man who was saved in tent meetings last summer was baptized.

A day of extensive tract distribution was held at various locations in Central London on Saturday, 1st May. A dozen believers from assemblies in Northern Ireland, mainly from Harryville Gospel Hall, Ballymena, travelled to London and laboured alongside believers from several London assemblies in distributing approximately 20,000 gospel leaflets specially designed and based on well-known landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge. Tracts emphasising the need to choose Christ were also given out in view of the forthcoming General Election. Prayer for fruit from this outreach effort is much appreciated.

Cheltenham: The final rally of our 2009-10 series was the best attended, with ministry from John Scarsbrook appreciated by friends and visitors present, including some believers from other churches around the town.

The combined Cheltenham & Gloucester Easter Conference was another mountain top experience, well attended by many visitors. Stimulating and stirring reports were given by Nitish Patel about India and Wembley, and an interesting insight into the work in Liverpool and district engaged in by Stephen and Carole Baker. These reports gave some ideas for events to be arranged in celebration of our Golden Jubilee in the near future. The Conference concluded with challenging ministry from Alan Gamble based upon the Epistle to the Galatians, and focusing on the need to keep the local church Christ centered, with the cross our main theme of witness and worship.


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