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Into All The World: Update on Armenia

Toros and Virginia Pilibosian

The summer children’s camps ended two weeks ago and we were blessed with the salvation of two teen girls, Goharig and Hasmig. Our prayer is that they will grow in the Lord Jesus. This year was different from other years in that we were able to lease the campsite from the government for 50 years. We did a lot of work on it before the commencement of the camps. With the encouragement and support of the Lord’s people we were able to put fencing around the area with barbed wire. The brethren from the Gyumri assembly helped with the labour work but we also had to hire a couple of men for the construction work. We now have a washing area, a shower and store room which allows us to leave most of the camp stuff (tents, tables, chairs, kitchen appliances etc.) there. We thank the Lord for all this provision and protection to run the camps once again this year. We have named the camp "Logos Camp". We have had to hire a family to stay at the camp site during the months that we will not be there.

A few of the teenagers from our Bible Class were with us during the camps and were very helpful in many ways. One of the boys, Kevork, will be going to the army soon. Please pray for him that he will be preserved during his two years of service. His mother Sousan, who is in fellowship, was with us during the summer to help in the kitchen. She is a widow and things are not always easy for her but she is cheerful and loves the Lord.

We had a baptism service recently where four teenagers from the Bible Class obeyed the Lord. They are faithfully coming to the meetings and observing at the Lord’s Supper. Hovig, one of Roupen’s classmates from Grade 1, had been observing for the last year and has asked to be received into fellowship. He is a very helpful brother.

We have been giving out the Armenian Good Seed Gospel calendar in book form for the last 18 years. We pray that this year we will be able to print the gospel wall calendars again. Last year we were able to publish and distribute 35,000 copies. Although we are forbidden by the Orthodox Church and the government to give out tracts from door to door and do open air meetings, these wall calendars with the gospel verses are well received and highly demanded. It is interesting to see them up on the walls in government offices, schools, hospitals, shops and homes ("...but the word of our God shall stand forever" - Is 40.8). We are working on translating another book by William MacDonald: Here is the Difference.

Just two weeks ago we received the sad news that Toros’ mother went to be with the Lord. She had had cancer a year ago and had been treated but it seems the cancer had spread and she deteriorated very quickly at the end. She had professed to be saved some years back. Please pray for his two sisters and their families who are not saved. Toros had a good opportunity to speak of the Lord and the blessed hope of being with Him to the family and friends. Brother Misha’s family have had the joy of the birth of a son after three daughters. They have named him Levon. We pray that he will receive the Lord at an early age. Virginia, Roupen, and Gayane are back in Cyprus to continue their education at Logos School.


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